How to Write an Analytical Essay in Human Resources Management? This Guide Will Help You!

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Posted on September 18, 2020

Most students are just crazy about having an essay. And when they also hear that it needs to be analytical, they begin to specifically panic. Someone thinks that he will spend sleepless nights over textbooks, someone does not understand how to write an analytical essay in Human Resources Management and someone leaves everything to the last minutes, and as a result, gets a bad mark.

But such opinions do not mean at all that it is impossible to complete this academic task. If you need to write an essay on such a discipline as HR management, then you will learn all about this in our guide.

Now you will no longer have doubts that it is impossible, difficult or very long to complete this task. Let’s not waste time, and begin to familiarize yourself with the complete guide on how to write an analytical essay in Human Resources Management.

How to Write an Analytical Essay in Human Resources Management: What Is the Peculiarity of Such a Task?

HR management is a very interesting discipline that cannot be classified as a boring subject. Moreover, since you need to write an essay on this discipline, then it is your core subject. Therefore, do not be upset that you need to complete an essay on management. Moreover, you will know how to do it.

Let’s start by defining what management is. We will not go deep into terminology. We simply outline the main thing. The objective of such management is to facilitate the achievement of goals by the organization by managing personnel and achieving the goals of management. The main task of such a manager is to build management in such a way as to satisfy not only the CEO but also the staff at an equal level. Only with this approach, the goals of the organization can be achieved. Remember that HR management is not about love for people, it is about strong managerial skills.
As for this type of essay as analytical, here it is necessary to give an analysis of the argument of the object that you will analyze. In fact, everything is very simple and you will see this thanks to our guide.

How to Choose a Topic to Achieve Success?

A lot depends on the choice of topic. Therefore, the solution to this problem should be taken seriously. If you have a specific topic, then you have to work on what is. And if you have the freedom to choose, here are some tips to help you choose the relevant topic:

  • Choose a direction that will come in handy in the future in your professional activity.
  • Choose a direction that you are interested in studying or useful for further academic tasks.
  • Select an area in HR management in which you are well versed. If you have previously worked on a topic, you can use a similar topic to paraphrase it. This is especially true if you have little time to complete the task.

If you still don’t know which one to choose, then we have prepared a couple of ideas that may interest you. Or they will give you inspiration and understanding in which direction you want to do the analysis.

  1. Technology for managing conflicts and stress in the workplace. What tools are able to minimize stressful situations.
  2. Emotional leadership: Tools for managing people based on emotional intelligence. Why can such an approach be effective?
  3. How international communications influence the development of the corporate culture of a corporation.
  4. What is the difference between motivation and manipulation?
  5. HR analytics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution.
  6. A comparative analysis of the advantages of weak and strong organizational culture.
  7. The relationship between the development of professional knowledge and career growth in modern conditions of the labor market.

Now you have some ideas to help you choose the right direction for your essay. As you can see, there are a lot of directions in the field of HR management and for sure you will find exactly what you will like.

Where to Start Writing: These Recommendations Will Help You Organize Your Time

Before you start writing the text, you need to prepare correctly to complete an essay not only of high quality but also with less time. Let’s get started.

Ensure Understanding of an Assignment

Before you begin, you must clearly understand what is required of you. If you do not understand how to write an analytical essay in Human Resources Management, then read our recommendations to the end and after that, you can start writing. Otherwise, you may not succeed. Remember that this type of essay requires an analysis of the argument. Therefore, after choosing a topic, choose immediately what you will analyze in your topic and then you can move on.

Set Deadlines

If you do not have time limits, there is a risk that you will postpone the task until the last minute. This is characteristic not only of students but also of all people. Therefore, it is important to learn self-discipline and to correctly allocate time even at a student age. Indeed, if HR management will be your area of professional activity, then you cannot do without the skill of self-organization. It will be optimal to divide the writing of the text into three tasks.

  • Choice of topics, selection of sources, study and analysis of information;
  • Preparation of notes, making a template and writing all the text;
  • Checking and editing of the text.

Now set the time frame for each stage, depending on your abilities. Always set the time with a margin. It will not be bad if you set aside 2-3 days. Accordingly, the more days you set aside, the less time you spend writing.

Collect Enough Sources

You will need time to select relevant sources, because many of them may not carry valuable information. Read similar work on your topics, get acquainted with research and statistics. When you analyze the literature do not forget to mark those sources that will help you in writing the text. In order not to get confused later, mark the pages and the name of the sources. Then you will just find the information that you read.

Take Notes

As soon as you find something useful, instantly write in a draft. Also, do not forget to note from which source you took the material so that later you would have a list of references if the professor put forward such requirements. Moreover, writing out useful materials will then contribute to the rapid writing of the main text of the essay. So do not skip such an important point.

Create a Draft

When you are finished working on notes, it’s time to put together a good draft of notes. Read the notes and think about how they will help you create the whole work. Start creating a clean draft, so to speak, which you can then edit in accordance with the structure and requirements.

How Should the Body Text Look?

When you have a draft, it’s time to make the full text of it. Next, you will get acquainted with the recommendations and requirements of how it should look.


It is recommended to start with a sentence that will immediately grab the reader’s attention. Take the first sentence with special care. It should be bright and to the point. As for your thesis, it should be held for the last sentence. Also do not forget that you should not use too many words.

Main Part

As for this half, it is here that you need to provide your analysis. Remember that you should have a sentence that explains your topic, an argument that you analyze and evidence-based supporting statements to prove that your argument/claim is not subjective words but it is based on real analysis and research. Only with this approach can you create a truly correct analytical essay.


In this section, you need to briefly summarize what you wrote above. You should not put forward new ideas and considerations that you did not mention in the text. Make a conclusion only about what you analyzed. Try to make a conclusion in such a way that the topic you were considering was finished. Otherwise, the reader will think that you have not fully figured out the topic.

Useful Tips That Will Help with The Main Part

  • Thesis: Your thesis should be brief and only in essence. Use no more than two sentences to clarify what will be discussed in your essay. You should not use obvious phrases for the thesis. For example, a phrase such as ‘HR management is very important for the organization.’ This is already obvious, otherwise, such a direction would not have been created. But if you write that ‘The importance of HR management is determined by such and such …’, it will be much better.
  • Argument or claim: You can use real-life examples, facts, or statistics to support an argument. Otherwise, everything will look subjective.
  • What time to write: It is recommended to write your work in the present tense.
  • Do not forget to correctly rephrase the title of your essay so that it arouses interest and a desire to get acquainted with the work.
  • Follow a specific format: Most likely, your professor has presented you with a specific format that you should follow. So be sure to consider these requirements in order not to get a low mark.

How to Edit Your Text

It would seem that when the whole text was written, it was all over. But you need to edit your text so that the professor does not doubt that you are worthy of a high mark. In order not to give a chance to the annoying professor to lower your mark, you must subtract the essay to each letter, dot, and comma. To do this, use our recommendations.

Take a Break Before Checking

Before you start checking your text, you need to relax. The longer this vacation will be, the better. You need a fresh head to notice minor mistakes.

Read Text Aloud

This approach allows you to identify stylistic errors and increase the readability of the text. When you start reading the text out loud, you can immediately identify all the errors and complexity of the sentences in order to make the text convenient and enjoyable for the reader. Unfortunately, all the flaws can be identified only by reading the text aloud.

Use Apps

Today, there are many applications in the free access that will allow you to check the text for errors and make it more readable. This is especially true if you are not a native speaker. In this case, Grammarly will help you make the text without errors.


Make sure you haven’t forgotten about the format. Check your work on this item. Most professors do not like it when their recommendations are not followed and ‘generously’ lower the mark for this. So it’s not worth the risk, it’s better to check it all again.

Final Check

After you have completed all of the above recommendations, it is time to do a final check. To do this, again you need to postpone your text for a while. Relax, have a coffee or chat with friends. After that, you can safely return to your text, and check it again. Only after this can you be calm that your essay is ready. It’s better to check your work a couple of times, and then you won’t have any worries about whether you did everything you need or not.

It’s Time to Summarize

Now, are you convinced that an analytical essay is simple? We are sure that yes because this guide on how to write an analytical essay in Human Resources Management answered all your questions. Success lies in understanding what is required of you when completing this academic assignment. You have a clear plan of how to proceed. So writing an essay will no longer cause you resentment and difficulty.

All that remains for you is to use our guide in the essay. Follow all the recommendations and then you will not spend much time and effort to get a good mark!

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