How to Write a High School Essay

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Posted on January 28, 2008

In High School, students esquire theoretical information for the subject and learn a particular skill to succeed in class. You will not have a lot of writing assignments during your studying in High School. Teachers prefer giving tests and quizzes to check their knowledge.

A high school essay usually covers a small amount of material and checks your ability to reproduce learned during the class. You will need to answer concrete questions that have a little variety of answers.

The form of a writing assignment may vary. It can be an essay, term paper, research paper, thesis, report, speech, or review. Writing a report is a rare assignment for High School students because it concerns not only facts but also complicated analysis of findings.

In the High School essay, you will need to repeat what you were taught during the class, to show that you listened in the class, made notes, and then learned the material. You will rarely find thoughtful questions, which require expressing a personal opinion or finding additional information on the topic. For high-school students, such questions are presented in the pure form that involves only their own experience and acquired knowledge. Another type of writing assignment that you can get during your studying is solving the kinds of problems you were already taught how to solve. Such a model is common in the science disciplines. Such assignments can very easily evaluate the student’s knowledge. Each issue has only one answer. While open questions can have broader answers and variations, in scientific issues you should use concrete formulas. There is only one way how you solve the problem, and the answer is just one, too.

Studying in High School is much more comfortable than in College. Teachers are always ready to help you and are your friends during your education. They eagerly explain how to write a high school essay. They are interested in the good grades of their students. Therefore, they offer extra credit assignments to help you to raise your grade, remind you about incomplete work and assign makeup tests and essays to help you pass the class and receive a reasonable degree. Their primary task is to teach you fundamentals, but not to set obstacles and make you break them down. They want you to know the material, which is much more comfortable, than creating it. If you are asked to create something in your class, it is more fun than difficult. An exception can be literature classes, where you can be asked to compose an essay individually and creatively.

To complete a successful high school essay, you should:

  1. Listen attentively in the class
  2. Make notes
  3. Read all the assigned material
  4. Learn information
  5. Answer assigned questions as completely as possible
  6. Answer all questions
  7. Reread your replies
  8. Revise if necessary
  9. Return your essay on time

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Tips on Writing a Great High School Essay

We want to help all students with all kinds of learning issues they face. Right now, our experts share their rich and successful experiences with high schoolers. They offer smart tips on high school essay writing.

  1. Choose the right topic
  2. Research it
  3. Make an outline
  4. Start to draft
  5. Revise and submit

We will clarify all these points in more detail. You should start by choosing the main question of your essay. It is supposed to be something trending and relatively new. Check various spheres if the subject is for selection. Learn what other people are interested in and think about the way you can cover that trouble. You may even use some popular and old topics. If you have some fresh and creative ideas that can review an old topic from a new angle, feel free to use that topic.

You ought to be sure that you will have enough data to disclose the selected topic properly. Find official proofs of the theory to suggest in your paper. Thus, you make it trustworthy. In case you cover a non-scientific topic, skip this stage.

It is vital to create at least a short outline. Many students underestimate its importance and usefulness and so commit a mistake. It helps to organize your notes and makes you disciplined. By having a quick look at your outline, you instantly realize what must be done, in what way, and how much time should it take.

The next step is to start drafting. You are to write at least 2 drafts to be sure everything runs smoothly. The first draft may be a real mess, which is a simple flow of all the concepts you intend to use in your paper. The second one unites all the ideas into a logical sequence of events. Be sure to write the main sections properly.

  • Introduction – provides general facts, the hook, and a thesis statement.
  • Main body – develops the thesis and offers convincing examples.
  • Conclusion – sums up the entire paper, provides outcomes, their interpretation, and your opinion.

If you think that the writing stage is the last lap, you are wrong. Many students tend to skip the revision stage and afterward suffer bitterly. They miss a lot of mistakes that could be fixed if they did not skip this important stage. Do not repeat their mistake! Revise your paper at least twice, applying various methods of revision:

  • Read in the head and aloud;
  • Ask other people to read your essay;
  • Read it from the last line to the first one;
  • Use special checking apps to define more mistakes.

Summing Up
It is not that hard to write high school essays when you are “armed” with the right information. Use our smart tips because they are effective and universal. No matter what topic you have opted for, they will suit any issue you disclose. Thus, you will surely earn the highest grades.

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