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Posted on October 7, 2019

What is A Cause and Effect Essay in Healthcare?

To begin with, the aim of a cause and effect essay on any topic is to provide an explanation of the order and links between various situations, events, or trends. In other words, such an essay has to answer the question: “What is the chain of events?” However, there are different subtypes of this essay, such as cause essay or effect essay. Considering the peculiarities and variety of cause and effect essays, it is essential to consider not only the type of essay but also the specificity of the chosen subject area and topic. In the case of Healthcare, it is crucial to write the paper in a comprehensible manner so that the audience is not confused by the complexity of medical terms. Moreover, despite the type of essay, you have to explain the causes and/or effects sufficiently as well as answer the required question to the fullest. With these concepts in mind, you can proceed to the cause and effect essay writing on any topic in the Healthcare area.

Choosing a Topic for a Cause and Effect Essay in Healthcare

Choosing a topic might seem an easy task; however, in order to present an effective one, it is crucial to understand your assignment. Sometimes you may be given a topic by the instructor but usually choosing a topic depends on the student. Thus, any topic for a cause and effect essay is a fundamental step to successful academic writing. Another critical moment connected with the choosing of a topic is narrowing down the issue you are going to research. Moreover, you should be interested in the issues you are going to research, so a topic has to be appealing to you. Among the most captivating Healthcare areas that can be chosen for a topic selection are connected with diseases, reproduction, and health protection. Therefore, the examples of your cause and effect essay in Healthcare can be the following:

  • What is the Central Cause of HIV/AIDS Spreading?
  • What Effect Does Abortion Have on a Woman’s Reproduction System?
  • What Are the Causes and Effects of Inadequate Medical Insurance in Developing Countries?
  • What Effect Does Cardiovascular Disease Have on the General State of the Human Body?
  • What Are the Causes of the Development of Innovative Medical Cures?
  • What Effect Does Overwork Have on the Human Nervous System?
  • What Are the Cause and Effect of Vaccination Avoidance for Children?

Pre-Writing Tips

Having identified the topic, you can proceed with planning your cause and effect essay in Healthcare. Carefully read the assignment details once again and make sure that you understand all the requirements. Should you have any issues and the task is complicated, consult the instructor and clarify all uncertainties. After that, you are ready to plan your cause and effect essay.

As the field of Healthcare is especially complicated, you have to ensure that you get enough knowledge about your topic. You should understand that it is crucial to provide evidential support to all claims in a paper; thus, you have to search for sources that will be used to strengthen your essay. The most common way of finding information on Healthcare is looking on the Internet. However, not all websites are credible, and you have to be aware of source reliability. Several platforms that grant acceptable Healthcare sources are Google Scholar, sites focused on healthcare news, and medical journals. Apart from online sources, you can find relevant data at your college or school library. However, you should always check whether all sources are not outdated and provide you with the information necessary for research.

Furthermore, before writing your cause and effect essay, think about how you will appeal to the audience. In particular, you should consider three modes of persuasion, namely ethos, pathos, and logos. Use these devices to build your arguments logically, appeal to the readers’ emotions, as well as consider moral values. By successful implementation of the rhetorical triangle, you will impress the audience, and your essay will be perceived better. Therefore, planning your modes of persuasion usage is essential before and during the cause and effect essay writing.

Lastly, one of the most important steps before the essay writing is the creation of an outline. This process requires the extraction of central ideas of your essay as well as the step-by-step development of the structure. An outline provides you with the core data, and you can expand your essay on it without getting lost in a massive amount of information. Hence, divide your paper into introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion as well as consider possible hook and topic sentences. Writing an outline cannot be ignored as it provides you with the understanding of an essay structure, links your ideas together, and lays a basis for successful development of your cause and effect paper.

Structure of a Cause and Effect Essay in Healthcare

Like any other cause and effect essay, a paper in Healthcare has to comply with the general academic writing peculiarities. Taking this into account, your essay has to grab readers’ attention and present the topic in the introductory paragraph, write an effective thesis statement and convince the audience in body paragraphs as well as summarize an essay and make a strong impression in conclusion. The number of paragraphs in your essay may vary depending on the topic and word-count limitations, but the most common structure of such a paper is a five-paragraph essay. Despite the length, you have to always present the strong sides of your cause and effect ideas as well as support your claims with relevant evidence. An effective approach is to refer to your outline and follow the structure and expand on the topic sentences that you have already composed.


First and foremost, your cause and effect essay has to present the topic and catch the attention of the audience in the effective introduction. Depending on the aspect you want to describe, you can use different approaches to introduce your subject. As an example, if you want to dwell upon the effect of abortion on a woman’s reproduction system, you can present an interesting description of the issue and highlight the topicality of this problem in contemporary circumstances. As for the cause, you can provide relevant statistics and examples of current events. The successful opening of your essay will instantly attract the audience, thus making your essay enjoyable to read.

Contrary to other types of academic essay, cause and effect paper does not provide a thesis statement in the introduction. However, the first paragraph has to end with a question regarding your selected topic. Considering the aforementioned issue of abortion, the last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be the following: ‘What effect does abortion has on a woman’s reproduction system?’ Hence, restating the question of your topic is a general requirement for any cause and effect essay.

Body Paragraphs

Compared to other types of academic essay, cause and effect paper has specific peculiarities of its body paragraphs. One of the central aspects that differentiate cause and effect essay from other ones is a thesis statement. Even though you can present a thesis in the introductory paragraph as per the assignment’s requirements, the most common way to write a thesis is to provide it as the first sentence of your body paragraph.

When it comes to the content of your thesis statement, it should answer the question of a selected topic and represent your reasoning of the issue. You should provide a well-developed thesis in order to clarify your position and captivate the audience. For instance, do not generalize the problem as in the following thesis statement concerning the topic of abortion:

‘Abortion causes a detrimental effect on a woman’s reproductive system as it can cause future infertility.’

Such a thesis statement provides general information with no actual reasoning of the issue. In a thesis, you should present a detailed answer to the topic question so as it is more appealing to the audience and demonstrates your comprehension of the subject. As an example, a correct thesis statement for the topic of abortion and reproduction system can be the following:

‘Depending on the type of abortion, a woman’s reproductive system may become prone to various complications, including premature delivery of a child in the future, low birth weight of a baby, and dysfunctions of women reproductive organs.’

Considering the aforementioned thesis statement, it is evident that you have done research on the selected topic and presented a detailed explanation of specific effects on a woman’s reproduction system. Furthermore, this thesis demonstrates what to expect from your essay, and you can use it as a guide throughout the whole writing process. Thus, such a thesis statement has all necessary elements and can be considered as a strong thesis for your cause and effect essay in Healthcare.

The next part of the essay’s body has to provide support to all thesis claims. You should dedicate one paragraph per each point and strengthen your opinion with credible and relevant scientific evidence. Each of the paragraphs has to start with a topic sentence that highlights the peculiarities of a particular claim of your thesis statement. As an example of a topic sentence regarding the damage to a woman’s reproductive organs, you can indicate that abortion influences future pregnancies and results in critical dysfunctions, such as womb damage and vaginal bleeding. After that, you can refer to the sources to support your claim, thus making your cause and effect essay appealing to readers.

Finally, you should remember the peculiarities of the body-paragraph organization. Firstly, introduce your claims in a logical order. Secondly, surprise a reader by mentioning predictable causes or effects but also do not make them central for your essay. Thirdly, remember the distinction between effects and causes. Cause refers to something that happens before, and effect to something that happens after. By taking these pieces of advice into account, you can create an easy-to-read paper that will clarify the issues and represent your competence in the subject area.


The concluding paragraph of your cause and effect essay in Healthcare creates a final impression on the audience. This section summarizes the whole paper and should persuade your readers that your opinion on the issue is the best. However, you can also admit that one can review the problem from other perspectives.

In order to assure the audience about the strengths of your ideas, you should consider several aspects. To begin with, briefly restate your claims and explain why you reject the other opinions. Next, underline that not always the most popular causes or effects are the best and speculate whether there are more reasonable approaches to the problem. Finally, develop counterarguments that would tackle the readers’ objections. These steps will help you to not only build a strong position but convince the audience in the validity of your ideas.

Post-Writing Tips

Do not think that the work on your cause and effect essay in Healthcare ends when you write the last sentence of it. First and foremost, you should proofread a paper and correct all irregularities, such as punctuation, stylistic, and grammar mistakes. In addition, check whether all pieces of evidence are from credible sources, and you have cited them properly. These simple actions will hone the quality of your essay.

When proofreading your paper, you also have to consider the peculiarities of cause and effect essay. In particular, make sure that your essay presents your ideas clearly and effectively. Such type of an academic essay implies that you have to persuade the audience in the reasonability of your claims and support them with relevant evidence. Having ensured that your essay complies with these requirements, review the structure of your paper. To do so, ensure that an introduction grabs the readers’ attention and ends with the question on the selected topic; that body part contains a strong thesis statement as well as capable topic sentences; that conclusion summarizes the paper and appeals to the audience. If you spot any discrepancy, revise the paper in order to make it professional and captivating.

Lastly, review your use of modes of persuasion. Once again, your essay has to present the information in a logical order, appeal to the readers’ emotions, as well as consider moral values. These aspects will contribute to the appreciation of the readers and help you to receive a full grade. Hence, the aforementioned tips will improve your cause and effect essay in Healthcare and enhance its quality.

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