A Stellar Compare and Contrast Essay: How to Master Your Health Care Topic

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Posted on October 3, 2019

With the beginning of the new educational semester, students are hardly ever looking forward to receiving a list of essays. It encompasses students who skipped previous year on having fun, and as of now who have no idea how to write a paper. All these factors may contribute to bad grades and expulsion from the college or university. Let’s deal with the tips on writing a stellar Health Care essay and get all doubts cleared in terms of its requirements.

What Is Compare and Contrast Essay and Its Basic Requirements

Many professors like to turn to comparative methods of teaching to help students memorize the information better. Here, compare and contrast essay takes place. Such type of essay deals with two or sometimes more subjects to compare by describing the similarities and to contrast by their differences. Traditionally, those two subjects should refer to one category of field, but some students risk to compare unrelated to each other topics. For example, Literature and Cinematography are considered to be two separate lines, but a student may try to research the features that let them intersect each other.

The Health Care topic can also cross paths with other fields. The point is to show the relevance of the theme covered. A writer should provide the readers with a clean-cut scheme of theses and to explain why it is worth comparing these or those features. As an example, it is better to avoid such contrasting and comparing as of Health Care in New York City with Health Care in Washington. Because, as far as these cities are related to one country, and are one of the biggest business centers of the world, they both boast complete similarities rather than contrast. Thus, the essay will not be researched, and it will look like speaking of well-known facts. To attract the reader’s attention and show the importance of such an essay, a student had better choose two contrary subjects of one field, like Free Health Care and Paid Health Care. Check the other helpful topics to write the essay.

How to Choose a Noteworthy Topic on Health Care?

Usually, a course or degree a student is enrolled predetermine the essay. This fact saves the time which he can spend on writing. In case a professor allows his college undergraduates to choose a topic on their own, it may result in uncertainty due to plenty of choices. Let’s give examples of the Health Care topics a student can turn to.

● Canadian Health Care and American Health Care

Here, a student can research the matter of price, the fast response in case of emergency, the packages, and the educational requirements to apply to this industry.

● Free Health Care and Paid Health Care

Compare the benefits in terms of quality if turning to free and paid health care. Contrast the packages and medical staff attitude towards the visitors who need first aid for free or on a paying basis.

● Non Conventional Medicine and Traditional one

Compare the approaches applied in folk medicine and standard practice one. Contrast the risks of turning to one and another one.

● Vaccination or Medications

A student can compare the consequences of vaccination with a pharmaceutical approach to body protection. And, contrast all pros and cons related to costs, the time needed to see the results, or experience the side effects.

● Jobs in Private Clinics and Governmental Ones

Students who study in medical universities may turn to such a topic to open their eyes on the perspectives of employment. They can compare the benefits of private clinics to governmental ones, and contrast the possibilities of climbing career leader in both establishments.

Besides, among other topics, it is worth paying attention to innovations or approaches related to the treatment of particular diseases. For example, the essays on comparing the X-therapy and hormonal therapy may be a decent topic to cover for future doctors. Once you chose the research, move on to its pre-writing tips.

How to Get Essay Started

Now, it is high time to start a prewriting stage. The time when a student prepares all the ideas needed to write a paper productively. The outline stage separately can do good to prepare a structure, especially if the essay comprises more than 5 pages of text. Otherwise, a writer can turn to well-known brainstorming strategies that include outlining as a step. But first, take a look at the following questions that will help to organize an essay as per requirements. Refer to them after each paragraph of the paper.

  • When starting the essay. Do you have an eye-catching thesis? Is it unique enough compared to similar essays? Can the reader understand the matter of the essay from its reading?
  • When turning to the main body. Are there enough facts on both subjects? Will the reader understand the similarities and differences? Are there enough references to attach to the paper? Are those references taken only from online sources or books?
  • When concluding. Did you both compare and contrast the subjects? Did you research the thesis written at the beginning?

Then, turn to brainstorm strategy. It deals with five stages that contribute to fast essay writing.

  1. Listing. Once a student has a clear understanding of the Health Care topic, emerging hundreds of ideas that should be easily captured. Take a paper, or use online notes and jot down everything that pops into the mind. No need to worry about the spelling or grammar, the main idea is to retrieve the information coming from the mind. Then, group all the terms, and try to label them according to the possible paragraphs.
  2. Freewriting. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and start writing nonstop. It can be anything related to the topic, just write without profound thinking. After that, a writer may find at least a few sentences to use in the essay. Such a strategy helps to make a person write without distracting on unnecessary things.
  3. Clustering or Venn diagram. It is a very useful tool for students who are more visual learners. Put the idea in the center of a blank page, or two compared and contrasted subjects and surround them with emerging terms. Then try to circle them according to similarities and differences. Check the template on the Health Care topic.
  4. The Journalists’ questions. Who, what, where, when, why, how – the why-question words should be presented during the writing of the essay. Otherwise, again turn to the above-listed questions that will help to identify whether all the paragraphs are well-researched.
  5. Outlining. Frame the body of the essay. Sketch approximate thesis, introduction, main body, the conclusion.

All the mentioned prewriting tips are based on the most common students’ approaches to writing. But, a student who deals with Health Care essays should bear in the mind the importance of professional terminology related to this field. Try to prepare the list of vocabulary. For example, if the topic concerns the nonconventional and traditional medicine comparison and contrast, learn the names of medications, herbs, therapies. Now, let’s move to the tips on making the title, thesis, and body of the essay.

How to Make an Essay Meet the Requirements

First of all, it is very important to create a proper, eye-catching thesis. Let’s take as an example again Folk Medicine and Traditional Medicine topic. So, a writer by only one sentence has to make the reader understand the subject. Check it out:

● ‘Folk medicine medications may comprise the same number of useful vitamins as in traditional pills, but when it comes the costs, the folk ones help to save much more money or in some cases to get it at no additional cost.’

In this thesis, there is both the comparison and contrast. And it helps the reader to understand what features essays will cover.

Secondly, pay attention to the compare and contrast essay structure words. For comparison use the next auxiliary words: Both…and…., either…or…, neither… nor…, likely, similarly. To contrast: on the other hand, in contrast, but, whereas. For example:

● On the other hand, traditional medicine guarantees more safety if comparing to folk ones due to its licensing and popularity among different segments of the population.

By using those words, a writer may again emphasize that he compares and contrasts. So, the reader will clearly understand where starts the main researches on two subjects.
The first structure is helpful for those writers who possess much information on the topic. The point to point one is good for short essays.

Other requirements are:

  • at least 750 words
  • Times New Roman, 12 size
  • Minimum 5 references

If your Health Care essay is already sketched more or less professionally at this point, take a look at the example of a professional point-to-point structured essay and if needed make some extra corrections. Let’s finalize it with the post writing tips issuing the best way to get an A-grade.

Hacks on Proofreading of the Essay

Editing and proofreading are the final patterns before delivering an essay. Here, a student may use online helpers to reduce the number of grammatical or spelling mistakes. For example, turn to Grammarly.com. It presents a blank page where a writer inserts the text, and it highlights the mistakes. And, for more advanced editing Hemingway App will help to work on the length of the sentences to improve their readability. Besides, it is worth giving the essay to friends. It is a common fact than even after few times rereading the text, a person may find the mistake.

Avoid the next inaccuracies:

– First-Person Narratives

× I think that Canadian Health Care and American Health Care are considered to be the most innovative ones in the world.
✓ Canadian and American Health Care programs are considered to be the most innovative ones in the world.

Such words as I, me, you, your should be reduced especially in a formal type of essay.

– Lack of References

× If speaking of the advantages of vaccination compared to the treatments by medications, the US Department of Health says it saves youth’s lives from cancer caused by HPV.
✓ If speaking of the advantages of vaccination compared to the treatments by medications, the US Department of Health says it saves youth’s lives from cancer caused by HPV.

If you submit an essay online, it is very important to present the list of references from where he took the information.

Also, bear in mind that if a student takes or copy information from similar essays, it can be detected with plagiarism tools. Thus, it is very important to write it from scratch or if needed to turn to online writing services where experts provide students with a brand new essay.

To Call It Quits

Once you finished writing an essay on Health Care topic, make sure there is correct vocabulary used, and proper grammatical tenses. Besides, your paper should end with the conclusion that leads to the result of your comparison and contrast. Again taking as the example Folk and Traditional medicine topic, show the benefits of one and another. No need to demonstrate only negativity. Also, a writer cannot finish the last paragraphs saying that they are both good but showing that Traditional medicine prevails in some features and more secured in terms of quality, for example. Before delivering the work to the professor, reread it one more time and be ready to explain all his annotations if there are.

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