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Posted on January 29, 2008

In finance term papers and essays you will deal with different types of assignments. In one case the teacher will evaluate your knowledge of the material in other case you will write a paper on the unknown topic in order to learn it or deepen your knowledge. In finance term papers, research papers and essays you will deal with numbers but write your evaluation, suggestions or projections with regards to these numbers. Sometimes you will need to write about current issues that are discussed in financial press or some innovation.

If you are writing finance term paper or essay which is based on given numbers, make sure that your paper matches the following requirements:


Accuracy in writing depends on your choice and use of words, to ensure you convey the intended message. The accuracy of any statistics reported also depends upon care in planning the enquiry or investigation from which they were derived, care in observing and in measuring, and care in recording and analyzing data. No amount of care in analyzing data, or presenting the results of the analysis, can compensate for lack of care in earlier stages of the work.


You try to ensure that the thoughts in the mind of the receiver are identical with those in your mind, by: (a) considering what the reader needs to know and why the information is needed, (b) conveying just this amount of information, with enough supporting detail, (c) choosing words familiar to the reader, and (d) using them in well constructed, unambiguous sentences.


In your finance paper or essay devote equal attention to things of comparable importance, and maintain a sense of proportion. Unless expected to present only the case for or the case against, you should normally show an awareness of all sides of a question.


Be concise. Use no more words than are needed to express your meaning pleasurably and unambiguously. Include no more detail than is appropriate for this finance term paper, research paper or essay.


In writing, as in speaking, clarity is the expression of clear thinking. To make your meaning clear you must use words you expect your readers to know and understand, in carefully constructed, unambiguous sentences – with nothing left to the readers’ imagination.


There should be a clear train of thought that leads readers smoothly from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph in the paper, with headings where necessary as signposts to help readers along, so that your finance term paper as a whole has the quality of unity or wholeness.


Fulfill your readers’ expectations. Your treatment of the subject should be comprehensive, including everything readers need to know. Every finance term paper, research paper or essay should have an obvious beginning, middle and end. Every statement should be complete. Every argument should be followed through to its logical conclusion. Your writing should be free from errors of omission.


In all your finance paper you should be consistent (for example, in your use of headings, names, terms, abbreviations and symbols; in spelling and punctuation).


Whether you are requesting or supplying information, the needs of your readers should be your first consideration. Who are they? What do they know already? What more do they need to know to ensure they understand your message? You must provide enough information, explanation, and where necessary examples in your finance paper, to ensure that readers understand and can judge the validity of your conclusions.


To achieve your objective you must show an awareness of all points of view in your finance term paper, research paper, thesis or essay but be prepared to put your case strongly – supported by sufficient evidence and convincing argument, and without undue reservations.


In a novel it is not necessary to explain everything. The writing is subjective – based on the author’s imagination – and some things are left to the readers’ imagination. Such writing may be encouraged in studying some subjects, and when children are being encouraged to use their imagination, but writing finance paper should be objective (based on things that can be observed – which we think of as facts).

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