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Posted on February 9, 2022

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Many students associate their lives with the finance industry. It promises great income if you choose the right profession, are smart enough and educated. The last condition is the primary objective before they come into the profession. You ought to face a lot of academic tasks. For example, you will write a lot of essays of various types. Students face various issues when they write their papers, and one of them is the selection of topics.

If you cannot handle an essay on finance topics, you will have serious problems with your academic record. That is why you ought to polish all the skills and be able to select a relevant topic. If you have issues with the public finance essay topics or with other directions in the finance industry, we can help you. We have prepared a list of relevant topic ideas for any essay type, as well as for personal statements, analyses, research papers, and academic papers.

Here are some great finance essay topics for students:

  1. The value of money for the working process.
  2. The main issues of financial management.
  3. Legal regulations in international financial management.
  4. The role of a finance manager in the workplace.
  5. Why is an accountant a valuable worker for any enterprise?
  6. The history of financial development in Europe.
  7. Should the government offer open access to its financial operations for the public?
  8. The problem of taxation for small businesses.
  9. How to get finance dividends in the international arena?
  10. Global diversification and who can reap benefits from it.
  11. Reasons why corporate acquisitions occur and fail.
  12. E-commerce and its impact on the stock market.
  13. The use of technology for finance of operations.
  14. 5 benefits of technology for marketers.
  15. Modern problems of finance managers.
  16. What if there was only one world currency?
  17. Imagine a world without money.
  18. The importance of the banking system for a country.
  19. How does cryptocurrency affect the modern market?
  20. The phenomenon of cryptocurrency for global economics.
  21. Is it good to use Bitcoins?
  22. Why is it bad to decentralize crypto platforms?
  23. What will be the finance system of the USA in the next 20 years?
  24. Reasons that lead to bankruptcy.
  25. Effective ways to overcome the financial crisis.
  26. The most severe issues on global currencies.
  27. The usefulness of e-commerce for developing countries.
  28. How to overcome poverty via the banking system?
  29. The issues of the moral code in the finance industry do not work.
  30. Tips to become an effective finance manager.

All these examples are relevant and interesting to cover. By choosing them, you make your essay readable automatically. Use them, and you will surely find a lot of readers. You may even write about the most important skills required to be a good financier. This topic will be always relevant for future financiers.

Kinds of skills in the finance sphere Importance in the workplace
Interpersonal These skills help to build strong relations with managers, bosses, clients, suppliers, etc. They help to reach mutual understanding
Writing As you will have to write a lot of reports, emails, research proposals, etc., strong writing skills are the MUST.
Research It is necessary to regularly monitor the changes and latest tendencies in the industry to be sure you operate with relevant facts.
Analytical A good financier always knows what is relevant and which facts are worth nothing. It can be defined via an in-depth analysis.
Problem-solving You will have to face a lot of obstacles. It is necessary to be able to quickly adapt to changes and find the best solution.
Technical The modern finance industry is impossible without technology, and you will be favored with a good knowledge of various apps.

How to Select a Great Topic?

To be sure you may also generate good topics of your own, you should be aware of certain tips. They will help to select relevant and captivating issues to interest your readers right from the title of your essay. Make allowances for the next essentials:

  • Clarify the guidelines. Your first task is to define the purpose of your essay. Once it’s done, you will know what kind of the main question to look for.
  • Research the market. It is vital to define the most popular search requests about finances. When you know what is relevant for your intended readers, you will be able to select a perfect topic that will interest them in your essay.
  • Brainstorm. Once you get a few concepts, brainstorm them. Make a list of all the associations related to those ideas to define the final version.
  • Narrow it down. Be sure to narrow the topic to a specific question. Avoid general topics.
  • Research the final version. You must be 100% sure that you will find enough facts to cover the topic and provide the solution for your readers.

You may also be interested in writing about the most popular books in the industry. It will be the 2-in-1 benefit. You will learn a lot of useful facts for your finance education and will find good topics to dwell upon. Explain why certain books are that popular. You may also define some good ideas mentioned in those books, which can be also used as your essay topic on finance.

Author Title
Benjamin Graham and Jason Zweig The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing
Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
Peter Lynch One Up On Wall Street
Benjamin Graham and David Dodd Security Analysis
Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad

Summing Up
It is always vital to be able to select topics for your essays and other paper types. If you have some problems with this vital step, review our list and use our suggestions. Do not forget to review other similar lists for other academic directions if necessary. Besides, you may stick to the tips on the topic selection that have been likewise offered here.

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