How to Write Finance Essay: A Guide for You

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Posted on February 14, 2019

Looking for expert advice on how to write a finance essay? Modern students are under a high pressure to get top grades for their coursework. Everybody knows that finance is a complex subject that requires high analytical and critical thinking skills to cope with numerous written coursework assignments. Still, writing a high-scoring finance essay doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep reading to learn some simple techniques for writing finance essays that will get you better grades. Besides, we will provide you with winning finance essay topics for your inspiration. Let’s get started.

What Is Finance Essay?

Like any essay, finance essay is a written response to a certain question or problem. Your task is to organize relevant information to support a structured argument as well as to communicate your argument clearly and concisely.

Finance essays are common assignments for students studying finance. Their goal is to demonstrate that you can think critically about the material at hand. It may involve analyzing business statistics, tax issues, payroll issues, and accounting practices. If you want to get a high grade, you need to show not just recall and understanding. You have to demonstrate that you are able to analyze and synthesize ideas from various sources and then, critically evaluate them.

For example, when writing an essay in finance, you can examine the relationship between government regulations and complex formulas and focus on facts to determine future outcomes.

Finance essays typically don’t have a formal structure like, for example, reports but there are paragraphs – an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. A typical finance essay analyses, explains, discusses, gives an interpretation, and evaluates a certain topic. That’s why many students get stuck with their finance essays and seek help from professional writers. Considering how challenging the process of writing might be, sending a simple write my essays for me message can save the day.

Some characteristics of a good finance essay include:

  • a fresh original approach;
  • a clear logical structure;
  • not just a mere description but in-depth analyses;
  • illustration of the points with up-to-date examples;
  • based on extensive reading and research;
  • a clear introduction and a conclusion;
  • carefully constructed sentences;
  • flawless spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

How to Choose Good Finance Essay Topics

Typically, instructors provide students with a list of possible essay topics but often they give students the opportunity to choose a topic for their finance essay on their own. Choosing a good essay topic is very important for the success of your finance essay but sometimes, it may be challenging. Here are some tips on how to choose a great topic that will help you achieve success in writing.

  • Select a topic you are interested in. You will enjoy working on your project and your readers will appreciate your enthusiasm and passion that you will demonstrate in writing.
  • Select a topic that is familiar to you in some way or another. It will be easier to do a research and brainstorm interesting ideas and the entire writing process will be faster.
  • Narrow a broad topic to a manageable size. Most topics are too broad to write about. For example, if you would like to write about the real estate market, you will not be able to stay focused and write something interesting if your essay is limited to 3-4 pages. You should limit your topic to the analysis of some aspects of the real estate market in a particular country.
  • Do research. If you have a vague idea of what you would like to write about, do some research online. At this stage, you can use some sources with more general information, for example, different encyclopedias or Wikipedia. You can also search for ideas in authoritative newspapers, magazines or analytical resources.

If finance is a new subject for you and you are at a loss what subject to pick for creating your paper, have a look at our short list of powerful finance essay topics and feel free to use them for writing your own essays.

  • How Do Economic Growth and Financial Development Are Connected?
  • Major Causes of the Global Financial Crisis in 2007-2010;
  • Key Challenges of the Banking System of The USA;
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Financial Innovation;
  • World Experience in Reducing Poverty;
  • Determinants of Financial Development;
  • Determinants of Capital Structure in the Stock Sector;
  • Stock Market Returns and the Inflation Rate;
  • How Do Interest Rate Changes Affect the Profitability of Banks?
  • Decision Making and Risk Assessment in Business.

Start Researching: Fresh Ideas from Our Writers

If your instructor has given you a topic, you should analyze your task for keywords (such as compare, analyze, describe, criticize etc.) that determine the issue or the topic. Break down your assignment into several questions. This will help you make an informed choice of sources that are required to complete your assignment in finance.

Now it’s time to look for solid sources of information related to the topic you have chosen. You may look through your textbooks or your class notes and try to find sources in the library. You can find a lot of up-to-date financial information in financial newspapers and journals. Start reading your sources to get an overall picture of your topic.

When you read your sources, you need to keep your assignment in mind, take notes, and write some useful information that you can use for making quotations. Make sure you write down all the necessary information about the source title, its author, and the number of the page. In this way, you will work more productively when making references and creating your bibliography page.

When you have finished a broad reading, you are ready to define your own perspective on your assignment question. Now it’s time to focus on more detailed texts and outline your possible line of argument.

You should search for sources that provide details about the points you have determined as a part of an overall picture. You may use reading lists you have found in relevant articles in journals, library databases, and catalogs. At the end of your reading sources, you have to commit to a certain position that will help you make your writing coherent and logical.

Write an Outline for Your Finance Essay

Writing an essay is a time-consuming process that requires attention and careful planning. You should organize your argument and supporting evidence and determine connections between your key points. A good idea is to make an outline of your finance essay before you actually start writing it. Still, some students prefer to work without a detailed outline and just make a list of headings and sub-headings to stay focused, organized, and logical.

You can make a plan for your finance essay in any format. The main thing is that you need to make this plan before you start working on your project. In this way, you’ll have an overview of what your finance assignment will cover. Your outline will guide your writing and ensure that you will cover everything.

Create the First Draft

You may start working on your finance essay with an introduction, although many people consider that this approach is too complex for them and they prefer to start their essay by completing body paragraphs. They write the introduction and the conclusion when they have already finished writing the main body.


When writing the introduction which is the most difficult aspect of writing an essay in finance, you need to present the thesis statement that will guide your writing. You should make your thesis statement concise but it needs to incorporate all the major points of your essay. Your introduction should include your interpretation of a research question and a brief outline of your finance essay structure. You can mention some points you will argue in your finance essay.

You can use this generic structure for your finance essay introduction:

  • start with a general point about the main issue;
  • demonstrate that you have a good understanding of your task;
  • present your plan to organize the essay structure;
  • make a transition to the first point.

Main Body

The body of your finance essay has to fulfill the promises that you have made in the introduction and it has to back your conclusions. Your body paragraphs should include your argument. You have to begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that will present one of your key points you want to argue in this particular paragraph. You need to support your key points by relevant evidence. The topic sentence actually expresses the main idea of the paragraph which you have to develop through analysis, discussion, and criticism. You have to provide examples that support or illustrate your point. At the end of your paragraph, you’ll need to include transitions that will ensure the logical flow of your essay in finance.


In your conclusion which is typically one paragraph consisting of 5 to 6 lines, you need to tell once more what your essay has achieved. You can do it by returning directly to the research question. You can use one sentence to sum up every paragraph in the body of your essay on finance. You have to refer back your research question and give an answer to it. You don’t have to include any new information but you have to logically sum up everything that you discussed or analyzed in your paper.

After your conclusion is finished, you need to make a bibliography page and include all the sources you used for in-text referencing in the reference list. Format all your references according to the style specified by your instructor. You can check the requirement for different styles, like MLA, APA, Chicago or Harvard online.

Revise Your Draft and Do the Editing

When you have written your first draft, you have to put it aside for some time. After a day or two, read the entire essay aloud to get a fresh idea of its content and logic. No one can create a perfect draft at once. Even experienced writers often have to write several drafts or make improvements while revising the first draft. Be ready that you may need to change sections or make some improvements to make your finance essay clear and concise.

Editing is a crucial stage in the finance essay writing process because by doing it, you can see how logical and well-expressed your argument is. At this stage, you mainly have to check logic, coherence, and some grammar aspects.

While editing, you can have to take care of the following aspects:

  • the logical structure of your finance essay and the balance of your thesis statement;
  • focus on your research question or plan;
  • linking of your essay’s content;
  • use of appropriate headings;
  • clarity of explanation;
  • use of active and passive voice;
  • length of your sentences.


This is the final stage of the writing process and you have to do it thoroughly and systematically. You should be very attentive in order not to miss some important details that you may need to change. Here are some tips on how you can do it right.

  1. Don’t try to identify everything at once. You’d better focus on some specific issues one after another. Be ready that you may need to reread your finance essay several times.
  2. Make a list of your typical errors from your previous writings and use them as a basis for your proofreading strategy.
  3. Common problems in writing include:
    • spelling mistakes
    • duplication of words
    • faulty abbreviations
    • inappropriate tenses
    • missing apostrophes
    • mixing singular and plural forms
  4. Check your in-text referencing and reference list for consistency. Make sure all references are accurate and appropriate.

Now it’s time to find a second set of eyes to check your essays and find mistakes that you may have missed. You can ask your friend or parents to read your essay, fix possible mistakes, and suggest improvements.

Writing finance essays can be a challenge for inexperienced students but we hope that these detailed writing tips can make the writing process easier for you and less daunting. If you practice doing research and writing essays on different financial topics, you are sure to improve your writing and analytical skills and become a confident writer who can easily cope with any challenging topic.

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