A-grade Compare and Contrast Essay: How to Write on Finance Topics

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Posted on October 3, 2019

Why students have a fear of writing an essay? This happens due to multiple reasons such as the lack of knowledge on a subject, no experience in writing a paper, and fear of trembling while delivering it in front of the audience and professor. Compare and contrast essay is the one that needs a previous preparation on its subject and at least a small background on its composition. If students do not have that, it is not necessary to give in. There is still time to learn the basics and find out the topics craving the most relevance. This article deals with examples of topics on financial discipline and tips on its structuring.

Compare and Contrast Essay in Finance: How to Master This Topic?

Once you are a student who studies finance discipline or getting a degree in Finance you have to be ready to come across writing a paper on its related topics. The compare and contrast essay deals with similarities and differences of a few objects, most time they are only two. Usually, those objects cross each other but it is a common practice when students try to choose two irrelative ones. The main idea is to match and confront the features from different points of view. Look at the next examples of such an essay in Finance.

Skills Gained in Bachelor Degree in Finance vs MBA Skills in Finance
Finance vs Banking and Finance Faculties

So, a student deals with two subjects and needs to find out their distinctive features. What is Financial discipline in particular? Finance is an economic relationship related to the formation, distribution, and use of centralized and decentralized funds. The subject of studying finance as a scientific discipline is the question of the distribution of limited funds. It is based on a few analytical pillars, optimization of the use of funds considering the time factor, valuation of assets, and risk management. So, it is possible to say that writing only about the role of money in today’s life vs the previous century will be too boring or obvious.

Let’s finalize what a student will deal with. Compare and contrast essay is a type of paper where a student compares and contrasts two objects related to financial discipline. He discovers both their similarities and differences and concludes their relevance along with his personal opinion.

Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay in Finance

We prepared a list of possible topics any student can rely on or take as an example. College and universities usually dictate the variety of them. If no, educational establishments allow choosing them on one’s own. Then, it is worth studying the semester materials and picking up the one related to the upcoming seminars or lessons.

  • Finances of Commercial Organizations vs Charity Organizations. It is everything about the profit of both establishments mostly due to the differences in running a business. A student can cover the ways bosses strive to cover the expenses, similarities in financial documentations, and differences in earnings. He can also find information on types of companies where there is no official income but where the employees still receive money. Also, a student can write about the tax reporting of both parties. The conclusion can comprise of a personal opinion on the relevancy of charity organizations once they bring profit when they should not. Or, how commercial organizations by enlarging their assets gripe the charity institutions.
  • The Interrelation of Administrative Reform and Reform of the Budget Process. Here, a student may cover the strategies and ways of financial reforming of the state administration vs the management of finances concerning a particular administrative body. Also, it is possible to discover the way the budget is distributed among cities. Such a topic is suitable for students who get a degree in Banking and Finances.
  • Developing of Financial Market in Capitals vs Small Cities. Here, is a must to cover the budget distribution in capital cities and cities that rank a small number of citizens and establishments. Compare and contrast the amounts of money from the government and find out the prices in all sectors of the market. While drawing a conclusion a student can speak of the relevancy of enlarging the budget for small cities to improve the infrastructure, etc.
  • Financial Resources of Different Segments of Population. It is worth comparing and contrasting the paying capacity of the young generation vs older ones nowadays. What types of work that people do to earn money, what resources they use for education, and activities. In conclusion, a writer may concern the perspectives of income among young people who do not have education or particular skills, and so on.
  • Financial Support of Scientific Sphere vs Security of Country. It is a challenging topic that should comprise the information on how the government distributes finances between the scientific and security sectors. What are the consequences of insufficient financing of both and what brings more profit and benefits?

These and many more possible topics are also available online. If a student wants to select the one that can attract the reader’s attention, it is better to investigate future financial aspects. Also, a modern pace of life dictates the demand of cryptocurrency and other cashless transfers. Thus, it can turn out to be an interesting topic for an essay. There, a student can do surveys or attach polls and charts.

Keep in mind that the Finance discipline is the one requiring a proper studying of the subject and numbers. There should be no miscalculations or data from unverified sources. Try to combine the information available online and from books. For example, track the strategies of American financing vs European countries. Besides, it will be interesting to dedicate research on the financial aspect of third world countries. And not the last role plays the subject encompassing the comparing and contrasting of budgets of countries with currents wars vs well-developed ones with stable security. Also, one more hint is to write about Finances for Space Exploration vs Exploration of unresearched areas of Earth, but beware such topics need advanced research and they will take more time compared to simple papers. Now, when a student knows approximately the topic, let’s move on to the composition rules.

Prewriting Stage of Compare and Contrast Essay in Finance

First of all, a student has to find an approach to writing this type of essay. In this stage, we divided an approach into four steps.

Logic. In the compare and contrast essay, as in any work, a student should demonstrate the internal logic. It is determined both by the author’s approach to the relevancy of issue and on the other hand by the issue itself. Besides, it is necessary to avoid abrupt jumpings from one idea to another. And all the thoughts of students have to be consistently revealed. If the topic concerns for example cryptocurrency, there is no need to praise cash payments. All the similarities and differences should be balanced.

Structure. The beginning of such an essay starts with the result of critical reflection on a particular thesis. Some students do not neglect the usage of an original aphorism or proverb, someone’s or their personal opinion on an issue, and evaluation of a fact, event. For example, many students attach the proverbs of popular financial experts or bankers like the Rockefeller family. Why? Because they think it will add value to the essay. Don’t just agree or disagree with someone else’s opinion, but go ahead and expand it. In concurrence or denial, it is fundamentally important to find several arguments.

The main body of the essay. It is an in-depth analysis, impossible without paradoxical decisions. Search for examples from publications, fiction, the experience of one’s life. Try not just to compare and contrast obvious facts but find statistics and polls from financial websites that deal for example with proven information on budgeting and banking.

Outline. To make students’ life easier, they can turn to such a trick as outlining. In general, it helps to categorize all the key points so as not to stuck during the writing.

Besides, to make compare and contrast essays look informative, it is important to not only read the books on financing but online trustful sources that can explain what is worth making an essay on and what is worthless. As of now, many universities post articles on financial topics. So, once it is not too late, a student should grab enough information from books, the Internet, news, and overall observations.

Post writing Tips of Essay

What are the common mistakes of the post-writing stage? A student should proofread the text more attentively. It concerns grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Identify in what variety of English should be written an essay. If American English, do not confuse the spelling with the British one. For example:

× Countries of Third World struggle with insufficient financing of state schools. (British English)
✓ Countries of the Third World struggle with insufficient financing of public schools. (American English)

Also, the lack of references. The finance topic requires prompt attention to numbers and statistics. A student had better provide a reference on the numbers and data from where they were taken. If a student sends the essay online, he can use a hyperlink. Check it out:

× According to trustworthy sources US Congress annually approves trillions of dollars for defense. (Where were statistics taken from?)
✓ According to trustworthy sources, US Congress annually approves trillions of dollars for defense.

And as it often happens an essay may comprise misused words. Such as adaption vs adaptation, social vs societal, principal vs principle, etc. Try to use as much as possible the next vocabulary, it helps to make compare and contrast essay look relevant: both, same, similar, different, differ, however, on the other hand, while, but, etc. And, avoid slang as much as possible.

How to make a reference? To not overwhelm yourself with lots of tasks, it is possible to cite references online. Choose the citation style and go ahead. Keep in mind some essays do not need references, so all depends on the requirements of a professor. If it is needed, the standard amount of references for an essay is a minimum of five, but all of them should be from trustworthy sources, for example, from governmental or educational websites, financial newspapers or platforms, and of course books related to this discipline.

What narratives to use? It is important to avoid first narratives such as I, me, you, your. The conclusion is the only paragraph where a student can express his opinion or point of view. A compare and contrast essay is a type of work that deals with resolving the issue using similarities and differences. So, overused first narratives will speak of student’s subjective opinion.

What are the requirements for composition? Usually, an essay is of 750 words, the style is Times New Roman and the preferable size is 12.

And at last, reread your essay before delivering it. The best compare and contrast essay contains short paragraphs, uses mostly active voice, chooses simple words and is precise and interesting without overwriting. Ask your buddy or family member to read it for you. This will possibly eliminate the number of mistakes or boring context. Or put your essay aside for a few hours or days, it can help to find extra mistakes if there are.

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