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Posted on February 7, 2022


We guess all people are interested in movies or theater, as well as like both directions. Many students choose one or both directions as their future careers. When they study, they also have to write a lot of essays. The task is very interesting and seems to run smoothly. Nonetheless, many students cannot even start because they have no idea about what to cover in their papers.
If you cannot generate good film essay topics and theater essay topics, you have great trouble. Luckily, we know a few solutions that will help to tackle this task easily. One of them is to use the help of a custom writing service. If you want to handle it yourself, you should read this informative article. It provides a list of great film and theater essay ideas and smart tips to generate your own topics.

We will start with the list of essay topic ideas:

  1. Why is playing on the scene more complicated in comparison to playing before the camera?
  2. Why did Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Ring” deserve 11 Oscars?
  3. The history of cinematography in the USA.
  4. The opening of the first cinema and its value to society.
  5. Bollywood: can it be serious movie making?
  6. The importance of sound supervision in films.
  7. How can cast affect the popularity of a film?
  8. Hugh Jackman: how one actor won everything on Broadway?
  9. Theater actors have no second try – Is it a huge mental pressure?
  10. The philosophy in The Matrix and its value for humankind.
  11. Psycho – an unbelievable breakthrough in the history of American cinematography.
  12. The development of theater in Ancient Greece.
  13. Plays of Shakespeare in theaters and the reasons for their popularity.
  14. The main problems of theater today.
  15. Why do big-screen actors earn more than their colleagues in a theater?
  16. Will theater survive in the next 30 years?
  17. The top-5 reasons to love theater.
  18. Cinema vs. theater: which one is better?
  19. The importance of critique in filmmaking.
  20. What is the difference between drama and theater?
  21. How can movies impact teenagers?
  22. Why is Hollywood the most progressive movie industry?
  23. The value of talent in the theater.
  24. My first visit to a theater.
  25. Why is playing on the scene that complicated?
  26. The peculiarities of theatrical life in China.
  27. My favorite film: Why?
  28. The evaluation of cinematography in Europe.
  29. Theater makes communication with people clearer.
  30. The issue of women directors in the movie industry.
  31. My first visit to a cinema: what was it like?
  32. Why do some countries not have a developed movie industry?
  33. The scariest film for me.
  34. My favorite play: reasoning.
  35. Who is the best actor?

You are welcome to opt for any essay topic offered on the list. All the ideas are different and relevant. Once you get the idea, follow the theater or film essay structure to write a perfect piece.
Here are the movies you may write about in your essays:

The Movie Year and Rating
The Shawshank Redemption 1994 – 9.2
The Godfather 1972 – 9.1
The Godfather: Part II 1974 – 9.0
The Dark Knight 2008 – 9.0
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003 – 8.9
12 Angry Men 1957 – 8.9
Schindler’s List 1993 –8.9
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 – 8.8
Pulp Fiction 1994 – 8.8
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly 1966 – 8.8

How to Choose the Right Topic?

Although our list contains great ideas to disclose, it may be insufficient for many students. They need to understand how to generate the right topic. There are many essays, such as expository, argumentative, analysis essay, and so on. Moreover, you may have problems with a research paper, book review, short story, etc.
The selection of a topic is pretty universal and general tips will help to suit any piece of writing, regardless of its purpose and structure. Make allowances for the next prompts:

  • Study the industry. Your topic is expected to be attractive for potential reads. They may be interested in the issues that are currently vital. Therefore, check all the latest trends and shortlist them to refine them later.
  • Brainstorm it. Once you get a few good issues to cover, brainstorm each. Imagine a tree with branches. Those branches are the major concepts related to the main questions. Each branch has leaves. Those leaves represent sub-topics of each major branch. Thus, you write down the slightest details related to the anticipated topic. Unite and check how to formulate the title.
  • Narrow it down. When you formulate the title, be sure it is not too broad. Otherwise, it will be impossible to disclose it entirely in a single essay. It should be something quite specific. Don’t select titles similar to this – The development of theater. Opt for a narrower title – The development of theater in Ancient Greece. It focuses on a certain country and timeframe.
  • Check it again. After you formulate the title. Research it again to be sure you have enough evidence to disclose it properly. Perhaps some adjustments to the title will be required. Everything depends on the data you’ll find.

You may also write about the most winning movies in history. There are only 3 movies with a record of 11 Oscars! This is an incredible achievement, and so you may dwell upon the reasons why those movies are that great.

Most Oscar-winning Movies Genre and Year
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Fantasy, epic – 2003
Titanic Drama, History – 1997
Ben-Hur History, epic, drama – 1959

Summing Up

It is always interesting to write about films and theater. There are many things to discuss, but the great variety of themes may confuse you. If it’s so, use our smart list first. Afterward, you may start to generate your own concepts of the best movie essay topics and theater essay topics.

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