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Posted on August 25, 2022

Family and Consumer Science, or FACS for short, is a science about rules, samples, and the art of living together in a big society that includes a family, education, working environment, and other social interactions. Below, you will find free family research paper samples about the importance of building a healthy family today. The essay has the required introduction, body, and conclusion. It also has a list of used sources in APA format which most colleges require for FACS papers.

Consumer Science Research Paper Samples: Healthy Family

Almost all consumer science research paper samples deal with a family issue. Family and Consumer Sciences is a discipline that gives people more than unnecessary theories that will never be used in real-life situations. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, a person is a member of a family if he or she has been born, married, or adopted by its representatives. If a person thinks globally, we all can belong to one big family. Regarding Beyond Blue, “A family can be made up of anyone a person considers to be their family”. For example, when a couple adopts children, they become relatives with their biological parents and relatives. Consequently, it is essential to invest in family development to build healthy relationships to guarantee a favorable environment for the society. What should a person do to create a healthy family?

People take behavioral patterns from their childhood. Children perceive the behavior and traditions of their parents. They use these examples in their adulthood, so the role of parents is indisputably important. The social, physical, and emotional support of a child is the basis that a kid will reflect in future relations with partners, children, and, of course, parents. When a child does not receive proper emotional support, an adult will lack empathy and the ability to understand the decisions and choices of other people under different life circumstances. The influence of parents, sisters and other relatives on a child has a long-term lifespan. Speaking about the choice of partners, John Gottman proved that children often search for partners who look or behave like their parents. This notion is called imprinting. That is why people often feel confused when a polite and beautiful girl chooses a rude and offensive husband. Relationships between parents and kids are often invisible to others and hidden within the four walls. So, if you want your child to make the right choice in her future marriage, you should provide a good sample to follow.

Positive or so-called healthy relationships do not mean relationships without criticism. According to BetterUp research, constructive criticism allows a person to feel safe while asking a question, making mistakes, and receiving support and assistance. What does that mean? Many parents do not know how to express their love to a child and overdo it. Instead of telling the truth about a child’s skills, they lie because they fear ruining his dreams and hurting his feelings. As a result, children cannot evaluate their true abilities and talents. They get offended when someone suggests some improvements and criticizes their actions, pieces of work, or performances. For example, not all people can sing or possess a perfect ear to play musical instruments. Healthy criticism helps them understand that this is not their cup of tea and redirect their potential into something else like songwriting, painting, design, and more. Unhealthy criticism prevents kids from their success. Instead of doing the things they are good at or developing their singing in school or academic circles, they sing and play, getting lots of haters on social media. Sometimes, they become famous due to such collapses, but this fame is not long-lasting and results in broken dreams and depression.

What is a healthy family? Students often cannot answer this question in their essay papers because they have no idea of what that is. Only those who study this problem to perform a thesis paper or a research proposal are ready to work on it to provide a decent answer. Healthy families create a favorable living environment for a child. It is a chance for a mistake. It is an opportunity to participate in talent shows without a certain talent and be ready to withstand the criticism with dignity. Furthermore, it is a privilege to feel supported in hard times and encouraged in happy times. It does not mean that healthy families never face challenges and conflicts. It means that they respect everyone and do not neglect someone’s feelings, emotions, and desires. All problems are discussed in a family circle. It helps to find the best solutions.

There are eight crucial constituents of a healthy family methodology. First off, it is communication. When a child is free to express things that worry her at the moment and get a wise piece of advice, she will never isolate herself from the world or commit suicide. Secondly, a common goal unites all members of a family. It is impossible to become successful if your parents are against your career targets. Thirdly, people share their feelings and feel happier when they have common activities like sports, table games, and more. A favorable surrounding lets them be open with others and discuss even the most difficult topics. Fourthly, people should not forget to speak about their feelings. Most parents love their kids but seldom say “I love you”, kiss, or hug their children. Fifthly, some individuals are afraid or shy to ask for help. So, the job of every family member is to ask others whether they need help or not. Sixthly, we can change our activities but not ourselves. One should understand that every person is unique. So, it is silly to project one’s talents and mental skills on a child. Seventh, family members should be loyal to each other. Their common goal should be to make a family happier. Finally, a family should be able to accept difficulties and adapt to negative changes. For example, a person can become disabled or lose a job. Others should not humiliate this person, but help a relative to go through that and get a way out of the situation.

Every third American student complains about mental problems. SPRC mentions stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression as the top four negative consequences for students in their research outline. As a rule, individuals become vulnerable to these disorders because of family problems such as conflicts, financial difficulties, abuse, genetic inheritance, and diseases of other family members. That is why governments include FACS as one of the main subjects in the college curricula. This discipline teaches kids how to handle various life situations, take care of finances, acquire parenting skills, manage the household, and comprehend basic abstract notions such as love, care, appreciation, respect, responsibility, and more. Due to that, children learn how to act in unfavorable family conditions and where to ask for help.

Healthy family relationships cannot arise from anywhere. It is a hard job for both parents and children, though parents have a higher responsibility because they are the bearers of customs, traditions, and standards that children will copy in their adult life. In other words, parents have the title of initiators. Their job is to do everything possible to let their children feel comfortable at home and not to look for help and advice outside because of the fear of being humiliated and misunderstood.


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