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Posted on September 1, 2020

What does family and consumer science education imply? This educational direction concentrates on families, work, and the relations between them. The goal of the course is to empower students in the way to allow them to create various solutions to challenges that await them daily. The course teaches students how to take responsibility for every action and its consequences, whatever they are. The course typically covers diverse challenges, from socio-psychological to economic and physical:

  • The strengthening of families’ well-being across years;
  • The promotion of wellness of individuals across years;
  • Growing citizens’ responsibility, leadership, and the sense of community;
  • Balancing various spheres of life: work and family, home and vacation;
  • The promotion of healthy eating habits;
  • Teaching how to manage resources and define real material needs;
  • Application of creative skills to address the problems of community and family diversities;
  • Appreciation of human worth;
  • Fostering of successful life management.

This all is called to improve the quality of human life. And any of the above-mentioned directions of the family and consumer science can form the basis of your analysis essay. How to write a successful analysis essay in family and consumer science?

Below, you will find general recommendations that will work for any topic. We suggest you pay special attention to all of the details. When wisely applied, they will assist you in creating a written piece worth a high grade. Are you ready? Let’s get it started!

How to Write an Analysis Essay in Family and Consumer Science: Topics

No topic — nothing to work on. No good topic — your worst headache. In 75% of cases, topics are chosen by supervisors which means that in that 75% of cases students have to resign to their fate. We truly hope your case is one of that 25%. If not, change that immediately! Do not forget that supervisors, whether they are strict or not very, adore thinkers among their college students the most. Be a thinker by showing that for you researching and drafting an essay is not another task but a priority assignment. And you are now so intoxicated by the opportunity that you’d like to change the usual topic to an extraordinary one.

In this case, you must be well-armed with the list of top popular topics. By the TOP we mean the ones that your professor will be eager to read and even further study. We suggest you focus your eyes on the directions that will allow you to parry:

  • Decide on the topic that dances around the environmental science and the way it influences families and individuals.
  • Pay close attention to premarital counseling — the study direction that is now widely-discussed by world-known experts.
  • Concentrate on diet and analyze the eating habits of family members, check out the influential factors, and possible outcomes.
  • Focus on divorce issues. Here you need to provide statistics and real-time examples. Why? This is the burning problem of our society.
  • Continue developing the divorce topic by specifying how divorces affect families with children. Provide statistics by the age of the children.
  • Don’t be afraid to disclose the topic of domestic violence. In this case, you can add your own ideas, but try to be original — this is when your essay is going to be praised.
  • Touch upon history by comparing relationships between family members and family members’ statuses at different times.
  • Get closer to the topic of adoption and find a way to explain why the topic of adoption has become so burning.
  • Traditional and gay marriage. Marriage is often called a sacred ritual. However, there is a controversial topic (gay marriage). In this case, while writing, you need to find the approach that will not hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • The notion of ethics code is no new, yet still, the code changes from generation to generation, within one family, during the lifespan of a single person due to…what?
  • You are wrong if you believe that teen pregnancy is a well-disclosed and thoroughly-researched topic. There’s so much to be discussed in your essay.
  • How appropriate is it to spank a child? Never consider this topic too classic or the one that can be easily answered because there are still people who are for spanking and those against it.
  • The issues of gender discrimination within one family have also been existing for years. And though it’s the 21st century outside, it seems there is no way for them to vanish for good.

It is pretty enough to suggest a burning issue — and your supervisor, educated and knowledgeable, will find the way to offer you a decent substitute to an initially falsely-chosen topic.

NB. It is never okay just to pick the direction and topic that you like. You need to go with the one you will also manage to disclose in your analysis essay in family and consumer science. So before actually offering anything to your supervisor, study the topic well.

How to Write an Analysis Essay in Family and Consumer Science: The Basis

Upon reading, you will see that the structure of this academic task is pretty typical. Nevertheless, there exist details that are of top priority for this type of written assignment. By paying close attention to these details, you’ll manage to create decent work.


The only thing that we have got used to is that the introduction part is all about general things like restating the title once again and encouraging a reader to keep reading. With an analysis essay in family and consumer science, you need to go deeper.

Your step number one is researching the topic first. Among all the amount of material that you find, you can choose points that you can explain in own words and prove by the found evidence. Then take time to put all of these essential points together — they will create your thesis statement, which is the part that most students have hard times writing.

The whole introduction — that is composed to draw up the essay readers to the things that exactly are going to be disclosed in the following 5-6 paragraphs — is then built around the thesis which you supposedly have just successfully completed. It is crucial to exclude any testimony and arguments, supportive data or quotes from the introduction part. This all can be done furtherly after catching the reader’s interest.

Now get back to your thesis and the entire intro part once again: being a new reader, can you easily understand what the academic piece is meant to take you to, starting from the very first sentence of the work? If you do understand, then you’ve coped with the assignment.


Generally, there are two to three paragraphs that you need to complete in this part for your essay. It seems a lot. But in reality, these three blocks are never enough since you’ve already researched a lot and packed a full sack of data you feel you need to share.

So, the very first and foremost thing that every student is expected to remember is that body blocks are the crutch of their essays. Each of the blocks (five sentences at most) delivers the core ideas of the analysis, links them to vivid samples and teaches something.

The main points for the paragraphs were included while you were developing the thesis statement (if you have completed a decent one). In case the thesis statement includes more points, the number of body blocks grows accordingly.

To craft a paper clearly, you should draft a single paragraph by including a single idea. Eventually, your work in family and consumer science will be easy-to-read as well as easy-to-understand.

While planning the structure and content of your body paragraphs, consider these four rules:

  1. One paragraph should reveal only one idea but it can have more than one argument to support that single idea accordingly.
  2. Each block of five sentences should include both your own thoughts and ideas and research results provided by some influential scholars from the past or present.
  3. Place ideas chronologically so that readers could follow the flow of the essay, its evidential support, and analysis.
  4. Getting into the groove while creating a written piece is so easy. What you need is to retain the focus: one paragraph-one topic sentence-one idea-evidence-transition sentence.

It seems sooooooo complicated, doesn’t it? But it can be accomplished quite easily. Below, you can check out the example of how to write one of such body paragraphs:

‘In this modern world of social services and support groups, domestic violence has never been more intense. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the USA have experienced physical violence, rape, or stalking. Around 85% of home violence victims are females and only 1 out of 3 receive medical care. Most cases are never reported to the police. The number is shocking, and the number is growing.’

How to Write an Analysis Essay in Family and Consumer Science: End Up

We could end up with the picture above saying “This is what you need to know”… However, there are so many pictures like this one on the web, that you can easily get lost. So, we are explaining how to conclude successfully.

Never mix the notion of conclusion and that of a summary. Summary repeats the provided evidence using other words and their combination. A conclusion provides important information: not the new one but striking, convincing and thought-provoking.

So instead of summarizing ideas from the three blocks of the body, you need to leave your final comment concerning the issue that you have chosen and successfully disclosed. Below, we’ve listed the tips that will assist you with that:

  1. The core aim of the ending of this essay in family and consumer science is to leave an impression that provokes further thinking.
  2. Treat the final paragraph as a strike that can’t leave indifferent.
  3. Make sure the final block proves the thesis.
  4. Write closing sentences that accomplish all the promises of the intro part.
  5. You should feel that the task is completed.

End up like this:

‘The essential thing to remember when reading statistics and numbers is that every number is a person, who needs help. Even now, while you are reading, there are males and females experiencing domestic violence and remaining silent. A rhetorical question rises — Is there anything each of us can do apart of writing this essay or reading it…?’


‘To conclude, the lack of attention from society, government, politicians, and regular neighbors is what generates a growing number of victims. While their number grows, their age group becomes younger. Those who turn their blind eye to victims today can be in their shoes tomorrow. Are you willing to risk that much?’

Well, yes. It definitely takes time. And it definitely takes practice to complete an essay like that. Nevertheless, if you do not postpone the assignment and manage to better balance the time, you will cope with the task.

It is high time to proofread your essay in family and consumer science. Most students have issues with this very stage since they can hardly see any mistake in own work. In this case, we suggest you use help from senior students, your friends, or parents. Make use of online plagiarism checkers, too. Thus, you will ensure the originality of the written piece.

Reread the work once again and hand it in. Your college writing routine is over, for now. But new assignments will not keep you waiting for too long! Now since you have the experience, we are sure that any other essay or course paper will be nothing but a cakewalk.


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