How to Write an Extended Essay

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Posted on November 25, 2021

Student life is wonderful – students learn a lot, make discoveries, and meet new people. But usually, in the last year of study, students are faced with a type of work such as a thesis or extended essay. This academic work is a compulsory part of obtaining a diploma and must be completed by every student at any university. Today we will talk about how to write an essay. You will learn about several studies that have been carried out by scientists. You will learn about the importance of rest and understand how to properly break the text into parts.

Extended Essay Writing

Writing a dissertation takes a lot of time and effort. However, it is very easy to do this work if you follow a certain plan. According to some reports, writing an extended essay takes about 40 hours on average, not including rest. In order not to worry about the fact that you will not have time to complete the task in the last few days, it is worth allocating several hours daily. So you will not only not overload your body, but you will also have time to complete everything on time.

A Little About Rest

Rest, by the way, is an integral part of the job. Work according to this scheme: an hour of work, then 15 minutes of rest. Our body is designed in such a way that it can generate a sufficiently large number of ideas at the same time. But it also needs rest. In order not to overload the brain with information too much, take pauses – drink coffee, listen to your favorite music, or go outside. In general, do everything to relax and then get to work with renewed vigor.

Once scientists, who were puzzled by the question of the importance of rest for the human brain, decided to conduct an experiment. Its essence was to identify the level of brain activity at different periods of time. A printing session was held for people. On it, the subjects had to simply type the given text. The only difference was that one group was given the opportunity to rest, while the other was not. The study showed that the brain activity of the first group was significantly lower than that of the second. Another interesting fact: brain activity was higher during rest, and not during work, as one might think.

How Long Should an Extended Essay Be?

The answer to this question may upset some students – about 4,000 words.
Now let’s go directly to the writing plan.

  • Step 1 – introduction. Many people wonder how to write an extended essay introduction. In this section, write a story about what the reader is in store for. Introduce your topic and outline the main points.
  • Step 2 is the main part. How to write an extended paragraph? The main rule of this part: more examples and arguments. Before writing your thesis, you need to read many sources with information, analyze it, and put it together.
  • Step 3 – conclusion. In this part, you should summarize all the information and complete the essay. You can just rephrase what you said at the beginning if you can’t think of something. The main thing is not to repeat yourself unnecessarily.

Basic Tips

  • Don’t put off work. Sit down to write as soon as you are given a topic. After all, if you leave everything at the last moment, in the end, you may simply not have time to finish.
  • Look for the latest information. Nobody wants to read an essay fifty years ago, right? History is good, but try to modernize your work. Make sure your sources are up-to-date, so the chance of writing an interesting work is much higher.
  • One of the methods of highlighting important information is taking notes. It should be said that note-taking has nothing to do with dictation, as one might think. A synopsis is the highlighting of significant information, and here are a few tips for taking notes. The first rule is to write down only what is really critical. The second rule is to use highlighters. This will help you remember what you want. Scientists have even developed a method to effectively.
  • Note-taking. Its essence is to highlight the beginning of each new topic and term in bold and move to a new line. Taking notes will help you find the really important information for your essay.
  • Make a plan. It will make it much easier for you to write academic work, because you have a list, moving along, which you can quickly write an essay. Take an hour a day and soon your work will be ready. Typically, the structure of the plan is as follows: 3 sections with 3 subparagraphs each. The first section is mainly theory and general information on your topic. The second section assumes a comprehensive analysis of the object of the thesis. The third section is a purely practical part.
  • Don’t forget to practice. It is imperative to back up all your theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. Thanks to the practice, students are trained in their profiles, which helps in the future to write an expert essay.
  • Uniqueization. This point is extremely important and requires special attention. Use a variety of validation services to avoid repetition. Use correct English speech only.
  • Ask for help. Using third-party help, you will be able to view your work from all sides and angles. Contact your supervising teacher or contact special agencies for help. Specialists will help you to increase the uniqueness of your work and find new information especially for you. You will have to pay between $ 6 and $ 16 for one page of information, but it’s worth it.

In this article, we took a closer look at all the goals of extended essay writing. We hope that our tips will help you write your work as soon as possible. Some assignments are very difficult for students. One of them is composition. Sometimes this becomes a rather difficult task since even a teacher is beyond the power of a teacher to reveal the topic and find the necessary and correct information.

Writing a sample essay is a complex topic and needs to be studied before writing the actual work. In this article, we discussed the main points and necessary tips, following which you can write an essay competently and efficiently on any topic. We talked about rest, essay duration, and basic tips to help you write your essay.

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