Where to Find Extended Essay Ideas?

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Posted on December 14, 2021

While students learn, they face multiple obstacles. Some of them may seem to be quite weird. For example, many people cannot understand when students are puzzled by the topic selection. Nonetheless, it is a pretty complex and surely responsible preliminary stage of writing. Many students cannot choose relevant topics for an extended essay. It is sometimes abbreviated as an EE essay.

Students fear this essay topic due to its size and thus aren’t able to choose a good topic. Nonetheless, it should be simply taken as an ordinary essay and divided into smaller chunks. In case it still puzzles you, we recommend visiting special educational websites.

They are useful for students. They are full of vital data, which helps to overcome various learning issues and boost all academic skills. One of the most popular kinds of help is topic generation. You will surely find multiple topic lists, including EE topics. You will be pleasantly surprised by what it offers. Therefore, continue to read!

EE Topics and More Facts for You

If you lack topic ideas, our informative article will help you! Our team of experts has compiled a great variety of topic examples dedicated to every piece of writing, including EE. We propose a list of the most relevant extended essay ideas right now! These are:

  1. The main historic motives in Shakespeare’s masterpieces.
  2. The reasons for the Cold War.
  3. How can the extinction of one tiny species affect the whole planet?
  4. Is it really necessary to get to Mars?
  5. The issue of racism and how to overcome it.
  6. How to reduce stress in stressful situations.
  7. The best methods to overcome phobias.
  8. The usefulness of journaling in psychology.
  9. Education as the main power for the development of a person.
  10. The role of music in our life.

If you are good at creating topics, you will easily generate relevant themes in English, biology, physics, history, chemistry, psychology, math, economics, medicine, and so on. It is only necessary to understand how to do that. Consider the next essentials:

  • Know what you write about. Firstly, check the definition of the assigned essay and check its structure and major demands. Reading at least one good sample will be helpful as well.
  • Make sure you find the evidence. Sometimes the best topics are worth nothing when you cannot prove your theories. When you generate a topic, research it. Perhaps you lack the evidence and your topic hold to be reworked.
  • Is it relevant? Be sure the selected issue is currently relevant to your reader. Otherwise, it’s worthless.
  • Does it solve the problem? The main purpose of essays is to focus on a certain issue and propose a solution to it. If you cannot do that, forget about that topic.

Follow these simple steps, and you will easily select a reasonable issue to study. Thus, you will generate the best-extended essay topics. Thus, the process of writing will run easier.

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