Extended Definition Essay on Kindness

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Posted on March 6, 2014

When asked to write an extended definition essay on kindness, you should know that looking for the meaning of the word kindness in a dictionary is not going to help much. What you may find is a single sentence that defines kindness, or maybe two or three sentences defining the word. In either case, the information you find in a dictionary will not be enough to help you construct a full essay that defines the word kindness.

Your can begin writing this type of essay by looking in the dictionary to get the true meaning of the word, but then you should seek additional details, comparisons, examples and other explanations. This is quite a traditional beginning of a definition essay – but try to select a reliable and solid dictionary edition, not a doubtful one you have found in the World Wide Web. The credible dictionaries are known around the whole world, so you will easily find the one to be cited. This will help your readers understand the subject matter in a way they would not have if they were only referred to the dictionary definition. When defining a subject, use more than just a phrase or a sentence or two to define your idea. This is the essence of writing an extended definition to a word. The words that one uses to write an extended definition usually depends on the needs of the targeted reader and the complexity of the subject being discussed.

Most people find it easy to write this type of essay paper by providing specific examples intended to shed more light on the subject they are discussing. By giving examples, you will actually be giving the reader an opportunity to become more familiar with the subject in the essay paper.<

For instance, you could decide to make use of an analogy, and in so doing, provide a lengthy comparison between two subjects, one of which the reader should find familiar and the other being one the reader may not be familiar with. You could then demonstrate or illustrate the relationship between the two subjects you are defining to help the reader make sense of the unfamiliar subject, using your own knowledge. In some cases, it may be easy to define complex subjects by breaking them into smaller subjects. You could then make the concept clear to the reader by discussing its phases of development and subtypes of the issue. You could also decide to use cause and effect reasoning to place the concept under discussion, in relation to the other concepts you are discussing in the essay paper. Whatever the method selected, it is always a good idea to engage the reader in the discussions.

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