Expository Essay Sample on How to Be a Wise Consumer

Posted on February 12, 2019

Basics of Expository Essay Writing

An expository essay is a written paper that aims not only to reveal the main idea of the narration but also to show all the essential details. This type of essay is used to expand the field of knowledge in a particular area, resorting to descriptions, clarifications, reference to specific sources or actions. Moreover, the expository essay could be a discourse in a necessary field, or through it, it also could maintain the explanations of some essential facts. The main task of the author is to describe the topic in a simple and understandable way, without resorting to personal pronouns and omitting the emotional factor. Before completing the expository essay, the writer thoroughly examines the main idea, analyzes all the facts, compares and contrasts them, and then starts to write the paper on the basis of the received information. Introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion are the main parts of the expository essay. The introduction is the most significant part of the work; it should include a smooth presentation of the topic and end with a thesis statement. The body of the expository essay should consist of separate ideas that are supported by reliable sources. The author should resort to various descriptions and detailing of certain aspects of the chosen theme to disclose the topic in a full manner and catch the reader’s attention. The conclusion represents the consequence regarding the disclosed ideas, and it should not contain new information. Here, it is necessary not to express a personal opinion, that is, to write in a third person.

The first step for writing the expository essay is to learn all its features, understand its structure, and get to know what information should be included in the work. Such a stage is fundamental, that is why failing it could lead to a violation of the alleged aspects and components of the essay structure and content. After that, the writer should thoroughly select the appropriate information and be sure of the reliability of the selected sources. Such action will help to enrich the knowledge of the chosen topic, broaden the horizons, as well as determine the main arguments in work. In addition to the previous step, for clarity, the writer could find some examples of the expository essays to see visually and understand how the story should be built, which arguments are significant, and how specific facts are presented. However, it is necessary to consider that the found examples should be on an abstract topic, so as not to adopt other person’s ideas at an unconscious level. Moreover, before writing an essay, the writer should make draft or outline. Such practice helps briefly formulate the main points to get a good idea of the information to introduce. In the body of the expository essay, it is necessary to describe the main arguments, so that they smoothly go over each other and deeply reflect the idea of the chosen topic.

‘How to Be a Wise Consumer’ Essay Sample

For today, shopping has become an integral part of every person’s life. Walking through the various stores in search of the necessary product people perceive a considerable amount of information which sometimes significantly influences their choice. Having studied human psychology, entrepreneurs develop advertising for their product or various manipulations aimed at maximizing the impact on the consumer. That is why everyone can fall into the trap and be deceived without knowing it. A wise consumer should understand why the product is necessary, explore its optimal cost, and make sure of quality before purchasing it in order not to be confused or misinformed.

First of all, the person should decide whether this product is necessary for him/her and how long it will be used. Being in the store, people find a vast amount of attractive goods that they immediately buy without any hesitation. However, frequently, the fragility, uselessness, or defects of the product are disclosed after the purchase. At the psychological level, it is human nature to be obsessed with the particular things and, therefore, to buy them unnecessarily without any thought. In order not to be full of regrets after making a purchase, the buyer should weigh all its pros and cons. After that, decide how often it will be used and whether it is reasonable to buy it for a certain amount. Some products are popular, and if the person searches it thoroughly, he/she could find a similar one for a lower price. Thus, a clear understanding of the desired thing will help the consumer to avoid unpleasant consequences and make a good choice.
Researching the market and the best prices, taking into account the budget and financial capabilities, is another crucial step in shopping. In the store, people in most cases become impressed by the product range and spend a significant amount of money or savings on the particular one. According to the specialists, such method of shopping is not the reasonable and correct step towards spending one’s funds. To make a bargain, the buyer should examine the available offers and compare the quality and cost of the necessary goods. The right ways to find descriptive information are the Internet, various forums, and review sites. After analyzing the online sources as well as the available places for the presence of the necessary goods, comparing prices and quality, consumers have an excellent opportunity to purchase it.

Advertisements are aimed at attracting the greatest number of buyers by all means; however, they do not always contain truthful information. Focusing on the information provided by the company itself about the product since the person can fall for its influence and make a completely useless purchase or buy a low-quality product. In the process of choosing a certain item, it is also necessary to take into account its quality and long-term use. To date, there is a considerable number of methods, with the help of which the person can check it out. An excellent way to verify the reliability is the Internet reviews which show the buyer the quality of the product, its advantages and disadvantages in the example of the experience of real people. Another method is the friends or relatives’ opinion who have previously bought the same thing; they will tell more and give a piece of good advice.

In conclusion, the wise consumer always attentively makes purchases considering all the details and steps. Today, there is a considerable amount of traps and troubles into which the average buyer can fall. Manufacturers aim at increasing their profits by any means. Therefore, they try to use psychological methods of influence in their work. The buyer should first be careful in order not to be deceived. Focusing on the quality, positive characteristics, and favorable value, each person can be confident in one’s choice.

Post-Writing Tips

The example of the expository essay consists of the introduction and thesis where the reader learns about the idea that the author wants to convey, structured and detailed body part, and definite conclusion. In the example above, everyone can see how the expository essay is organized and how it is necessary to reveal the main ideas accurately. The author does not resort to the expression of personal opinion but describes the standard and most frequently used tips on how to become a wise customer in detail. This type of essay is a reflection of the collected and analyzed information, which will help readers to extract all the necessary information quickly and briefly. The author’s suggestions are written in a certain way, accurately distinguishing between the topic and concluding sentence in body paragraphs; such an approach also omits colorful descriptions, elaborate, and inappropriate vocabulary.

After writing the expository essay sample, the author should check it, turn attention to the correct usage of grammatical structures, punctuation, and the relevance of vocabulary. In case the writer is not sure of some point, it is better to revise the expository essay example, thus making the idea clearer and more accessible to the reader. The final step is to check and correctly design a list of references. The writer should arrange the reference marks according to the given format and list used sources in alphabetical order. It is also essential to note that in the process of writing a descriptive essay, the author may resort to additional research or use other materials, radically changing the content. In this case, it is necessary to reread the introduction and the thesis, so that they reflect new ideas. Such a method will help to avoid misunderstandings from the reader`s side and make a smooth transition between paragraphs. Sometimes, after writing the expository essay, it is not entirely understandable whether the idea is fully disclosed or not, so the person can ask someone to read it. The third party does not know the written text and the provided information, so he is fresh and could objectively evaluate the work and make some adjustments.

The above expository essay tips are useful sub-descriptions for writers to make the expository essay of any complexity successfully, reflect all the essential ideas on a particular topic, and present the main points to the reader.

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