Expository Essay Sample on a Great Leader: Who Is That?

Posted on April 5, 2020

Expository essays on what makes a great leader are focused on explaining the difference between an ordinary leader and a great leader. Although these two are both leaders, there is a big difference between the two. There is a debate over the fact that some people are just born to be great leaders. However, there are those who tend to believe that great leaders are nurtured. This debate has brought in a pretty logical question – what really makes a great leader?

A leader should have the qualities that cause him or her to be regarded as a great leader. Not all leaders are great leaders, and the difference usually lies in the qualities that such leaders portray. A great leader should not be a dictator. Instead, leaders should always be focused, visionary, possess sharp perception, be responsible and reasonable. Leaders, who are effective, take into account their strengths as well as their weaknesses. They evaluate themselves when they ask questions like, “Am I a good leader? What can I accomplish, and what are my limits?” If a leader identifies his or her areas of weakness, he will try to turn his weaknesses into his strengths by working towards improving them.

Some leaders tend to think that they have an ability to accomplish anything within or outside their domain. They are disillusioned into the thinking that leaders are always knowledgeable and nothing can outdo their thinking powers. This is a fallacy in thinking because there is no complete individual who is able to perform all duties. The other people, who are professionals in different fields and areas of knowledge, should assist leaders. These assistants help even the most experienced leaders through compensating for their weaknesses. Leaders should recognize the abilities of those who work with them. Doing so helps them to be regarded as effective leaders.

The perception of a leader is important. It helps in evaluating whether a leader is an effective or not. Leaders should be effective in their communication and should build a good relationship with those who serve under them. Leaders should ensure a good environment where all people feel they have something of value to contribute. Conflicts should be recognized and addressed appropriately. A leader will be perceived to be a good leader if those who work with him talk positively about his leadership skills and what he is being able to accomplish. Leaders should also be responsible and accountable just like any other person. They should never be above the law. They should keep in accordance with the rules that govern them. They should never go beyond their limits. They should avoid the notion that they are powerful and, therefore, can bend the rules to suit themselves. The leaders’ incentive should be the goals of the organization or group they are leading. Good leaders should have the goal as their central concern and work towards realizing the goal with the interest of the organization or the group they are leading.

A lot of people that find themselves in management or leadership positions know what they need to do in order to be better leaders. Nonetheless, they just fail to act appropriately from time to time. Being an effective, trusted, and dedicated leaders requires constant professional and personal development, self-reflection, honest and regular feedbacks provided by the team, as well as taking relevant actions based on the feedbacks given.

Finally, being a great leader means having constant persistence, solid focus, as well as team-building skills that altogether create a perfect leader. However, without a united and dedicated team, no leadership can be formed. That’s what every leader should keep in mind during their professional activities.

Tips on Writing an Expository Essay on Leadership

Professional writers from our essay writing service state that the purpose of an expository essay is to express a personal opinion on a given topic. To make it simple, expository essay is a kind of disclosure that you can use to define, clarify, inform, or explain. The writer literally has “to expose” when working on this assignment for college or any other purpose.

Decide on Your Topic

The topic should be interesting to your target audience. What are the qualities that a great leader should have? Who is an excellent political leader? What are the different types of leaders and leadership? What is leadership in criminal world? How to achieve the highest positions as a leader? What are the typical mistakes that leaders tend to make? The variety of topics that you may write an expository essay on is endless. However, it is important to take your time, consider every other potential topic, and then pick your story wisely. A good way to decide on a topic is to listen to news reports and social media on the hot topics of the day. Find something that interests you and do some preliminary reading on that topic. In case with the leadership issues, the easiest way to go is through writing about some famous leader, such as Martin Luther King. Feel free to choose any person that you find an attractive leader and reflect how he or she managed to achieve the highest position in a particular society.

Come up with a Question – Find the Answer!

What makes a good leader? Can you explain the meaning of the word combination “a great leader” using your own words? What qualities provide this person with the power to inspire, motivate, persuade, and influence others in order to reach certain goals? You have to come up with the question that will become the corner stone for your essay and choose the right answer that you’ll expand in your paper. When you answer the chosen question, you will get a better idea of the entire issue under study. To do in-depth research, we recommend make use of local or e-library. Keep in mind that one of your tasks here is to provide your readers with credible sources – it’s a must if you want to prove your work is authentic.

Develop Your Thesis Statement

Do you have an opinion? Develop that opinion into a thesis statement. Then develop some major points to support that opinion. Look for examples or personal experiences to add as details for those support points.

Introduce Your Topic

Let your readers know what you’re going to talk about in your expository essay. In other words, you have to clarify what aspect of leadership will be discussed in your project. Some good hook is a must. Get your readers interested in your topic by providing some impressive stats, anecdote, or historical fact in the introduction.

Write the Body

It is the heart of your expository essay on leadership, where you have to write on your suggestions and arguments in detail. It’s better to list three or four paragraphs, arranging well-supported ideas in every part. At the same time, ensure to unite your paragraphs under a global “umbrella.” Every sentence that you include into your body section must prove your thesis statement and be comprehensible.


This is your last chance to leave your readers impressed with your work. Tie up your expository essay through a short summary, restating your thesis statement. In addition, you have to sum up the body paragraphs and ensure it makes your readers feel some strong aftertaste.
As always, make sure to organize your ideas logically and to use transitional devices to help your thoughts flow smoothly. Finally, be sure to edit your essay and to conduct a final proofreading.

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