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Posted on February 21, 2022


An exemplification essay is a piece of writing that deals with several arguments, but supports only one with strong examples. A person usually starts to generalize the topic at the beginning of writing. A student can also provide a definition, a citation, or a fact to outline the choice of the side. Besides, each paragraph must correlate with the thesis statement and contain an example from life or trustable literature. Below, you can find a free exemplification essay sample with a properly structured text and bibliography section.

Exemplification Essay Definition: The Best Treatment for Borreliosis

According to the NHS, Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans by infected ticks. New findings prove that this disease is also sexually and mother-to-child transmitted. Even though the illness is not young, doctors still experiment trying to find the most effective treatment. According to the interviews of 1564 patients, a combination of different treatments is the best solution.

People have three stages of borreliosis that require different treatment approaches. The first stage is without symptoms or with a distinctive red spot and a white circle around it. A person can feel a bit dizzy, feverish, and exhausted. The second stage hurts joints, neurological, and digestive systems. A patient feels pain in the whole body, can have cardiovascular problems and lack vital energy. The third stage destroys the whole body. A patient gets multi-inflammations in the organism that are hard to treat. If a person does not treat the disease in its early stages, it might cause a fatal outcome.

Patients who start the therapy after the bite have more chances to recover completely. They take antibiotics for 14-21 days. The second and the third stages demand longer treatments. After the bite, a person should immediately start dieting and stop taking hormonal pills that provoke a rapid growth of borrelias in the organism. 49% of patients state that monotherapy is useless in the late stages. Antibiotics suppress the immune system, and the organism cannot cope with the disease. Besides, borrelias are “smart” and can hide from the immune system by creating capsules called cysts. Due to that, lab tests cannot reveal bacteria in blood tests. Borrelias live not only in the human blood but in joints, brains, and muscles as well.

Many health organizations deny the fact that a newborn child can inherit the disease from a mother or that a sexual partner can transmit the disease. Moreover, they do not accept the term “chronic Lyme” and call it “post-Lyme syndromes”. Polish organization ILAD proved that infected mothers are a threat to a child. Clinical cases proved that children were born with borreliosis of different stages. That is why pregnant women must immediately start the treatment after the bite. Polish doctors also believe in chronic borreliosis that can be sexually transmitted. They have hundreds of cases when people recovered after six to eight months of antibiotic therapies.

The classification of symptoms is a bit blurred because they usually differ. According to the data of interviewed people who suffer from chronic Lyme, monotherapy is useless. Only Lyme competent doctors can select the best antibiotics that will first ruin cysts and then kill borrelia in the second stage. The third stage requires a combination of several treatment approaches.

The first one is antibiotic therapy that lasts from several weeks to several months. The initiator of this therapy is Joseph Burrascano. The second one includes herbs that improve the response of the immune system to the therapy and protect body organs from the harmful impact of antibiotics. The author of this treatment approach is Stephen Buhner. When neither antibiotics nor herbs fit a person, Bee Venom Therapy, developed by Ellie Lobel, can help.

Chronic patients have to deal with several approaches to reach remission. Some doctors state that Lyme is impossible to treat without antibiotics while apio-therapists and herbalists believe that everything is possible, especially in the early stages. One can find many topics devoted to each treatment approach. Besides, medical students have written exemplification essay examples on this topic with other vivid samples.

I have reviewed patients on Facebook from Ukraine, Russia, and emigrants in the US and Canada. 1564 participants shared their disease histories. Most of them were first misdiagnosed because their Lyme symptoms appeared long after the bite. When their Physicians did lab tests and revealed Lyme, the bacteria had already injured many body parts. 95% of them started with monotherapy that included a combination of antibiotics of different groups. After several months of intake, 45% of them noticed negative changes because of the liver, digestive and other problems caused by bacteria. They started searching for new ideas and tried Buhner and Lobel’s protocols. They felt much better, especially after Lobel’s method.

The strongest statement that I have managed to develop is that monotherapy is useless. Synthetic drugs cannot help the organism cope with the impact of antibiotics. Besides, bee poison causes intoxication that should be treated with herbs. It means that a combination of different therapies is the best treatment method for Lyme disease. Everything depends on the immune system of the patient and the disease stage. All the three existing treatment theories work, but only a health advisor who knows everything about Lyme must guide a patient and correct the treatment relating to the lab tests and a patient’s feelings. Experts recommend stopping the treatment after the symptoms disappear and two or three months after.

Most patients state that Lyme is a challenge. Not everyone can stand it, especially in the world where doctors use mono-protocols and are afraid to experiment to help their patients live a life without borreliosis. Social media platforms are a sample of true stories that happened to real people. I contacted them and saw their medical reports. They prove that even late stages of Lyme are treatable.

Regarding the investigated sources and real-life cases, one can conclude that Lyme recovery takes much time. One can recover completely thanks to well-thought therapy that combines two or all three treatment approaches. Now, it is up to a doctor and a patient to decide what treatment approach to prefer. Facebook stories show that health advisors are not to be narrow-minded.

Lyme is as serious as tuberculosis and cancer. Such diseases demand immediate reactions and individualized therapies to guarantee the desired results. Protocols of the world health organizations show the way to recovery. Nevertheless, they cannot be taken as a universal truth because each case is different. Two people can have the same disease, but treatments will be different because one organism might be younger, stronger, and with fewer co-infections and side diseases than another one. Where antibiotics do not help, bees and herbs can come to a person’s rescue.


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