How to Write a Composition Essay in Ethics?

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Posted on September 13, 2019

Each of us at least once faced a difficult homework. This is a very difficult period, especially when the amount of homework is accumulating. The main thing that you do not need to do is to panic. After all, as you know, panic will not lead to anything good. It only hurts our productivity. Therefore, you should concentrate and set about fulfilling the accumulated work.
Fortunately, with this type of work as an essay, you do not have to cope alone. Thanks to this article, you will be able to cope with writing twice as fast and easier than you would manage on your own. So, rather read and get started with your ethics essay!

Composition Essay in Ethics: Importance and Necessity

Ethics is a fairly broad and controversial theme. Over many years, there were a lot of disputes around this concept. All this is because every person has his or her own opinion. And it’s hard to find at least two people whose views will completely coincide. Ethics is directly related to human morality, and everyone has their own moral values. And if the worldview of one country can still be considered more or less similar, then, considering the general picture of our world, it will be completely different.

Thanks to such a controversial theme the student has the opportunity to express his own opinion, when writing an essay, without looking back at anyone. However, at the same time, this is the main difficulty in writing the paper. Because any opinion should be supported by strong arguments. You can’t just say “Because I think that way”. Your thoughts have to be confirmed by reliable sources or you have to substantiate your opinion in detail. The selected theme should be well researched in order to clearly convey your own view of the problem that will be considered.

The Right Theme is Your Way to Success

The choice of the theme should be approached responsibly. This is not a particularly difficult task, but the complexity of writing an excellent paper will depend on which theme you choose. Preference should be given to a theme that is more or less familiar or interesting to you. In this case, it will be easier for you to look for the necessary facts for writing an essay. Be careful when compiling the arguments, and carefully monitor the entire source. Quite often you can stumble upon passage of a phrase that is taken from the context. Such passages very rarely reflect the correct essence of the author’s thoughts and therefore can play a cruel joke with you.

Deciding on a theme is a quite difficult task. The themes of ethics are quite extensive, and choosing the most interesting one from the list is the first problem. However, do not panic in advance. In order to choose a theme on which it will be interesting for you to write, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing list of themes of ethic. Also, the teacher can give several themes to choose from. It can greatly facilitate your task and reduce the range for selection.

Look at some examples, and maybe you can find one that interests you:

The death penalty. The person’s ability to decide the fate of another one.
This theme is a great chance to express your own opinion regarding the imposition of penalties for crimes of varying severity. Can a victim demand a death sentence for the perpetrator who killed? This is a very urgent and burning theme.
Abortion – is it a private or public affair?
How correct and ethical is the invasion of someone else’s life? Who generally has the right to make decisions for another person, as well as give advice that no one has asked for? Do outsiders have the right to influence a person’s choice? This theme will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.
How science contradicts basic ethical concepts?
Scientific research is something without which progress is simply impossible. However, what if research infringes on a person’s privacy? How biological research can be ethical? And how the researches can violate generally accepted ethical considerations? This theme will enable the student to understand the “correctness” of researches, and also to find out the true price of scientific discoveries and achievements.
Does the person have the right to independently regulate their own reproduction?
The theme relates to contraceptives and methods. Is it right to use them to avoid an unplanned pregnancy on the part of ethics?
Cloning genes: the way to a brighter future or the depreciation of a person’s uniqueness?
The theme encourages consideration of issues related to genetic engineering. Is it ethical to interfere in the development of living things? Are human and animal cloning a violation of human and animal rights?

Getting Started Is 50% Success

It is known that the hardest thing is to sit at the table and take the first step. However, when the deadline is close, you need to get yourself under control and get to work. So, read those tips in order to easily start your amazing ethics essay.

The First Step – Gather Information

This stage involves preparatory work, such as collecting information. Choosing a specific theme for an essay, you will need to rely on its particular features. You can search the facts and arguments you need for inspiration on the website of BBC. The theme of ethics is considered from almost all sides here, and therefore it will not be difficult to find the right information.

Important: Keep links to the resources from which you take the information. This is necessary so that you always have the opportunity to double-check the data that you rely on.

The Second Step – Structuring

All collected information must be formed in a certain structure so that the writing of an essay does not turn into a puzzle. Therefore, make a plan that you will follow when writing. You do not have to start writing an essay right away. This is difficult, and only a few will be able to cope with such a task well. But, you do not want just a good job, right? You want an excellent one, do you?

So, in order to greatly simplify the process of writing an essay, it is necessary to draw up a basic plan. A plan is a list of main thoughts that you want to reveal in your own essay but in the correct and logical sequence. This type of essay does not imply rhetorical questions. Each question posed should have your answer because this type of essay involves your own opinion on a given theme. Readers will be able to draw conclusions on their own, however, your goal is to convey your point of view, to reveal the main points and the principles that you are guided by.

Drawing up a basic plan is one of the most important stages in writing an essay. Here you can correctly prioritize, highlight the more important parts of your essay and put it in the right place. The key points should be made in each of the paragraphs that will confirm the thought of a particular paragraph. Do not skip this step, and hope for good luck. Good preparation is the key to excellent papers and a real chance to get a high mark.

The Third Step – Write a Thesis

The main thing that will be discussed in your essay should be clear from the first lines of the paper. And it is the thesis that is responsible for this. This is a short phrase that helps the reader understand your position on the chosen theme. Therefore, the thesis should be clear and understandable. Do not use the words “it seems, maybe, possible” etc. Such phrases only interfere with the perception of your statement. Try to be extremely accurate and convincing.
Also, it is important to track the consistency of your points and create a thesis based on them. The thesis should accurately reflect the main points of your essay.

The Fourth Step – Fill Your Basic Plan

When you have collected all the necessary information and conducted the basic preparation, you can proceed directly to writing an essay. Move from point to point, filling each section with information. All questions should be succinctly written in the paragraph. During the writing, do not be afraid to edit the work, to move questions and answers to them to another paragraph. The main thing is that what you write should reflect your thoughts.

You can also fill out each key paragraph in a free sequence. Go back to the sources in order to refresh the information you read earlier. Feel comfortable if you want to supplement the plan with new key paragraphs. However, do not forget that you must adhere to the main thought that is indicated in your thesis. The essay should reflect your attitude in a specific direction. Do not deviate at irrelevant things. Due to the fact that the theme of ethics is quite extensive, adhering to one direction will be quite difficult. However, this has to be done.

Let’s imagine that your thesis states that you are against such entertainment as the zoo. And you say that people who visit zoos do not behave ethically towards animals. So, you will have to adhere to this position throughout the essay. Do not stray and talk about pets, or other animals that a person has tamed. Your theme is the relation of a person to animals in a zoo, as to entertainment.

In the final part of the essay, you will need to repeat your thesis and supplement it with a couple of sentences. You do not need to give new arguments or ask new questions. All that is needed is to summarize your essay and consolidate your thought.

The Fifth Step – Proofreading and Editing

As you know, every work needs editing, and you should not omit this part. After you have set the final point in your essay, we advise you to take a short break and make aroma tea, for example. After this, you need to return to your essay and carefully read it three times.

For the first time, pay attention to the consistency of the text. Are all paragraphs connected with one common thought? Are the arguments written logically? If you find any flaws – correct them. Complete the paragraphs with small sentences that will help your text gain a single meaning.

When reading the text for the second time, you should pay attention to the spelling. Check punctuation, sentence construction, and spelling. With fast typing, mechanical mistakes often appear. And it will be a shame if such a trifle will be a cause of a negative mark.

For the third time, read the text as one complete work. Note the overall impression of the essay. Does every point is comfortable for reading? If the result completely satisfies you, then take congratulations and feel free to rest! You just did excellent work and you can safely reward yourself with well-deserved relaxation.

Let’s come back to our example to state one more important point. If in the process of writing your thoughts have changed a little, and you want to write about unethical behavior of the creators and organizers of such ‘entertainment’, not about visitors to the zoo, you should revise your thesis and rewrite it in such a way that it matches your main work, the “body” of the essay.

Summing Up

Writing a good ethics essay is a difficult task, and without outside help, it will be very difficult to cope. Therefore, this writing guide will become your universal assistant. By following the steps and put aside all doubts, you can easily write a great essay and get the highest grade in college. Most importantly, be confident in your own strength and capabilities. Be attentive and then everything will turn out!

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