Compare and Contrast Essay Sample on Two Movies: “O Brother, Where Art thou?” and “The Wizard of Oz”

Posted on November 10, 2011

The main idea of this essay is to give a comparison of between these two movies: “O Brother, Where Art thou?” and “The Wizard of Oz”. The essay compares and contrasts the heroes in both movies, three companions and the mentors in the movies.

A hero is a person, mostly a man, admired for noble qualities. In a film, a hero is a chief character in a movie that is identified with outstanding or good qualities. Ulysses Everett McGill is the hero in the movie ‘‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ He displays a character of a charming, fast- spoken and wise man in this movie. The funny character is that he maintains on keeping his hair. He is the hero because he is the main character in the movie. McGill’s journey begins at Mississippi, at a time it was experiencing a great depression. Here they meet three convicts who have just escaped from prison. Here they stumble in different careers where they meet McGill’s wife who is about to leave for better man and they solve their issues.

McGill has three companions; Pete, Delmar and Tommy. They represent co- escapees from the prison because McGill approaches them and talks to them about the idea which they receive gladly. They have played different jobs roles; Pete- plays a loyal character after Delmar is turned into a frog he is very caring for him. Delmar is wise enough because he thinks he should be the leader and he always questions what Everett does. Tommy acts courageously because he has faced the devil. They complement each other.

Mentor refers to a senior person who is influential and gives advice. Governor is the mentor in this movie. The governor is a tough guy belonging to KKK clan which makes him influential and a powerful person.

Dorothy is the hero in the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ she displays a courageous character who is ready to face the witch who is to show her way back home from the Land of Oz She beats all the odds on her to the witch. She is also friendly and wise because she makes friends there. Both heroes are wise and friendly.

Dorothy has three companions; tin man, scarecrow and lion. They are used in the movie because culturally they are icons, funny and central figures for children and their legacy. Tin man is a show of loyalty, the scarecrow signifies wisdom and the lion represents courage for he is the king of the jungle. McGill’s companions are dimwits compared to those of Dorothy. The only similarity they have is that they play same roles of loyalty, wisdom and courage.

The good witch and the Wizard of Oz are the mentors in the movie of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ The witch play an influential job of showing the way. She is kind and has the power. The wizard is tough and fiery. The mentors in both movies display almost the same characters of power and toughness. The difference is that the good witch is good and kind towards Dorothy and Toto.

In conclusion both movies are interesting and eye catching. In both movies there is a great similarity amongst the characters, mentors and heroes. Although a few differences could be noticed, these movies seem to drive the same message home. Both movies are classics of all time.

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