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Posted on June 9, 2015

It was in 1968, when George Land organized a special creativity test for 1 600 kids, who were at the age of 5. The unusual thing about these tests was that it was applied by NASA in order to find highly talented and innovative scientists and engineers. Then Land made the same very test for these kids at the age of 10 and 15. He was shocked.

There was a genius (98%) level creativity at the age of 5, 30% at the age of 10 and finally – 12% – at 15. 280 000 grown-ups faced with the same kind of test and it turned out that the creativity of genius level reached only 2%. essay topicsLater George Land together with a co-author Beth Jarman wrote a book that was called “Breakpoint and Beyond”. In his work, Land made a conclusion that a non-creative behavior is actually learnt. Even nowadays the “Breakpoint and Beyond” book is a great source for fresh and hooking essay topics for the students, who study Sociology, Psychology, Science, etc.

Divergent Thinking
“How many uses can you think of for a shoe?” – this is a typical question that George Land asked in his IQ tests of creative thinking. In order to come up with an interesting essay topic, make sure to dedicate your research to divergent thinking, in particular to how one can innovate nowadays. There are definitely recommendations from experts on how to boost up divergent thinking and creativity.

Inspiration and Perspiration
According to some beliefs, genius is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. While working on this topic, make certain to investigate various areas in order to prove or dispute well known statistics.

Educational System Changes
It is not a secret that our brain has two separate hemispheres. The right side is known to connect us to the outside world via our senses. This is the so-called storage of our emotions and feelings. As for the left side of the human brain, it is absolutely rational. It quickly absorbs sensations and facts, as well as associates them all with the rest of the elements of the memory bank. Exactly this very part gives us an opportunity to draw the right conclusions. The western education system is 100% influenced by the industrial age leaders, who give preference to problem solving skills and analytical thinking. That is what students have been taught to value for many years. In order words, our educational system has been built on the “left” side. In your essay, make sure to provide your own method regarding how to take our academic system to the “right” side and give your personal viewpoint on why you think this can be beneficial for our students. It is also important to mention that modern education system conditions make students be less brave to take risks and try new things for the reason that they are afraid of being wrong and their number one goal is to always be “correct”. Make sure to provide some recommendations for such people and state why there’s nothing bad in risk-taking.

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