Argumentative Essay on Why You Should Own a Pet

Owning a little fluffy companion at home has many advantages! Not only do you get an opportunity to share your place with the best friend ever, but there are some other extra advantages that are being revealed the very moment you own a pet.

No matter how optimistic the idea of getting a pet may look, a lot of people think that pets are too much of a responsibility, as they need food, to be walked on a regular basis, to be trained properly, and of course, they need lots of love and care. As it has been already said, any pet that lives outside a cage has to be trained properly so that it does not become spoiled. Without training, dogs can be very destructive and even dangerous. Pets are also very expensive, and their food, toys, and medical treatment cost a lot of money as well.
Unfortunately, some pets are not looked after properly by their owners, and sometimes the owner even loses interest in a furry companion. According to the latest surveys, there were 40,879 destructions of dogs last year, 32,769 of cats, and 18,816 of other animals. These figures include 29,610 dogs and cats too sick to live. People are cruel to pets and hurt them in all sorts of ways. In 1985, the RSPCA had to put down 137,632 dogs, cats, and other pets. A lot of them were actually healthy, but large in number to find homes for. It is known that inspectors from the RSPCA were called out to investigate 64,678 complaints last year.

Regardless of all the potential downsides of having a pet, there are some indisputable arguments that prove having a pet is a blessing for your body, mind, and soul.
First of all, pets are the most trusted friends on earth. Are you feeling lonely? These fluffy cuties will provide you with the desired feeling of comfort and affection. No matter what pet you decide to own – a dog, a hamster, or a snake – they all are attractive to look at. Pets love you no matter what. They don’t care about your career success, if you have a bad hair day, or fail to build a healthy relationship with your partner. Your bird, dog, or cat will love you unconditionally.

And what can be better than having a live-in health booster? According to the research done by the American Heart Association (AHA), pet ownership is associated with greater longevity and reduced heart disease risk factors. Whether it’s regular morning and evening walking or just playing boomerang with a puppy, keeping up with your little pal will guarantee some daily exercise to be there on your to-do list.

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Just a wonderful thing about having a pet is that it also means saving one little life. The studies have shown that annually, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized. The reasons are mainly related to an excessive number of animals brought to shelters and not many wanting to take them home. When you adopt a pet, you add more room in shelters, and thus, you save one precious life.

If you’re thinking about boosting your social life, adopting a pet couple be an option. How many times have you seen that very person walking in the street with a dog and a stranger passing by, smiling, and willing to pet the little furry friend? Professors from the University of Western Australia’s School of Population Health proved with their research that owning a pet is a real ice-breaker when it comes to building social connections. Whether you feel lonely, or willing to make friends, getting a pet could become a real magic wand.

Pets are fun, and besides, they can teach children responsibilities in life. When you decide to add a cat or dog to your family, you teach your kids how to be responsible and take care of someone else. Of course, the ultimate responsibility will remain on mom and dad, but having a fluffy friend in the house will be a great way to help the little ones learn how to empathize with someone else and appreciate the work that is usually involved in caring for a pet.

As for popularity, pets in the UK are very popular. The top ten pets in England and Wales are the ones discussed below.
In 1980, there were 5.6 million dogs in the UK. This number increased by 1.8 million in 1989. There were 2 million more cats in the UK in 1989 than in 1980. The number of Budgies also increased by 0.1 million in 1989.

The Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, more commonly known as the RSPCA, looks after animals that have been treated badly. Last year the RSPCA homed 105,079 animals, including dogs, cats, and many other animals.

If you don’t have a pet, I would seriously consider buying one. The truth is that it doesn’t matter which living creature you’re going to give your preference to, pets are a very good company, and almost any animal could become your new best friend. If you’re thinking about getting a pet snake or you believe that iguana is the one to be kept as a pet, go ahead and by one. However, you just have to keep in mind that unusual pets require special care. Besides, you will have to get to know more about how these exotic pets behave in the wild. Many pets need very little attention or space – there is room in the smallest home for a fish tank or a birdcage, that’s for sure.

Despite many rewards, keeping a pet at home is a real commitment. However, all the training, financial, housing, and caring responsibilities can’t beat that amazing feeling of having strong human-animal bonds.

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