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Posted on January 20, 2020

Drug addiction is a problem faced by many people in the world.  Drug addiction is a topic that necessitates thoughtful consideration and examination, as it is often included in academic assignment such as drug abuse essay. Drugs are destructive. Over 96000 people die because of overdose yearly! Educational institutions worldwide include essays on drugs into their obligatory academic assignments. That is why educators want students to realize the global problem and reflect on personal viewpoints and possible solutions in their papers. Unfortunately, writing on the topic of drugs is a multifaceted process that requires solid knowledge and quality prose. So it’s no wonder a lot of undergrads choose to use custom essay writing service help or online guides to ease the process of writing. This guide will show them how to do that right.

In this guide, we will cover the following topics related to writing an essay on drugs:

Let’s dive into these topics in detail to help you create a comprehensive and engaging essay on drug usage.

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Finding Inspiration for Your Drug Addiction Essay

In this section, I will share practical strategies and techniques to help you navigate creative roadblocks and revitalize your essay writing process. By implementing these recommendations, you can approach your drug addiction essay with renewed motivation, creativity, and confidence.

1.Understanding Writer’s Block:

  • Define writer’s block and its impact on the writing process.
  • Explain common causes of writer’s block, such as fear of failure, perfectionism, lack of interest, or insufficient preparation.
  • Emphasize the importance of recognizing writer’s block as a temporary obstacle that can be overcome.

2. Strategies to Overcome Writer’s Block:

  • Brainstorming techniques: Encourage you to generate a list of ideas, keywords, or concepts related to drug addiction. This exercise helps stimulate creativity and facilitates the flow of thoughts.
  • Freewriting exercises: Set aside dedicated time to write without constraints or self-censorship. This technique allows thoughts and ideas to flow freely, overcoming initial writing barriers.
  • Seeking inspiration from literature or personal experiences: Read relevant books, articles, or personal narratives on drug addiction to draw inspiration. Others’ stories can spark new ideas and offer different perspectives.
  • Utilizing visual aids or mind maps: Create visual representations, such as mind maps, diagrams, or flowcharts, to organize thoughts and generate connections. Visual aids stimulate creativity and provide structure to your essay.
  • Maintaining a positive mindset: Cultivate a positive attitude toward the writing process. Practice self-compassion set realistic expectations, and celebrate small victories to stay motivated and inspired.


3.Establishing a Writing Routine:

  • Stress the significance of establishing a consistent writing routine. Allocate dedicated time for writing your essay regularly.
  • Provide practical tips for creating an optimal writing environment, such as minimizing distractions, finding a comfortable workspace, and overcoming procrastination.

4.Seeking Support:

  • Highlight the benefits of seeking peer, mentor, or writing center support. Share your challenges and seek constructive feedback from trusted individuals.
  • Recommend forming study or writing groups to engage in discussions and receive valuable input and critique.

Implementing these strategies and techniques to overcome writer’s block and find inspiration will unlock your writing potential and craft a compelling drug addiction essay. We can create impactful and meaningful content that resonates with your audience.

How to Write a Stellar Drug Abuse Essay in Seven Steps

Understanding academic requirements for drug essays

Students need to pay attention to the college requirements when dealing with academic writing. Mentors assign narrative, expository, reflective, argumentative, and other essay types. Each of them has specific requirements. For example, reflective papers are usually introduced in the first-person singular. Expository essays are never introduced from the viewpoint of a writer because they are informative and explain the topic with the help of facts taken from reputable sources. So, the first step to a successful essay creation is to follow academic requirements.

Requirements for an essay

Selecting a unique and compelling topic

The next thing to do is review the literature and selects a unique topic. It is essential to have a file with impressive facts. Otherwise, a text will sound insignificant. Backing information with relevant research helps students convince their readers that their papers are valuable and deserve the highest grades. A well-researched and thought-provoking essay about drugs can shed light on the various aspects of substance abuse, providing insights into the underlying causes, consequences, and potential solutions to this pressing issue. Colleges can involve such tasks as:

  • the war on drugs essay,
  • essay on performance-enhancing drugs in sports,
  • essay on drug abuse,
  • essay on illegal drugs,
  • essay on drug addiction,
  • essay on drug use,
  • essay on drugs and alcohol,
  • essay on drug testing, etc.

These are examples of topics one can write on in 2022.

  1. Antianxiety drugs that provoke addiction: how not to ruin human lives in the pandemic world full of stress.
  2. How not to get addicted to painkillers for patients who cannot live without them.
  3. Is there any way to unmask medical personnel who distribute addictive drugs on the streets?
  4. The ethical implications of legalizing drugs: weighing the pros and cons of legalization in contemporary society can be a thought-provoking topic for an essay about drugs.
  5. The long-term effects of substance abuse on cognitive function: examining the impact of prolonged drug use on cognitive abilities and brain health.
  6. Exploring alternative approaches to addiction treatment: assessing the effectiveness of holistic therapies and non-traditional methods in combating drug addiction.
  7. The socio-economic consequences of substance abuse: analyzing drug addiction’s economic and social costs on individuals, families, and communities.
  8. The influence of media and pop culture on drug use: investigating the portrayal and normalization of drugs in media and its impact on society’s perception and consumption patterns.

How to select a topic for the essay on drugs

Outlining your essay effectively

The third step is to outline an essay. It does not matter what type of essay a student is going to perform because all college recommendations include the following structural components:

  1. Introduction (an idea presentation)
  2. Body (the development of the idea, introduced in the first part)
  3. Conclusion (summing up and/or thoughts for future considerations)

One can mention words or symbols he/she is going to dedicate to a certain part, quotes (not to lose them), hints, and other essential things that help to systematize future writing.

Crafting a strong introduction

The fourth step is to start writing. The first paragraph has a thesis statement. A thesis statement should be based on the essay question to which your essay on drugs is an answer. The body paragraphs have topic sentences that provide an intriguing summary of the whole paragraph. The final part should make the reader agree with what has been said before.

Hence, a learner should start with a full-fledged introduction. Its goal is to inform readers about a writer’s decision to investigate or discuss some problem or idea. If it is a persuasive essay on drugs, one should start with a strong thesis statement. For instance, the thesis statement could address the question: “Should we legalize drugs?” This thought-provoking statement sets the tone for an engaging exploration of the topic and encourages readers to contemplate drug legalization’s potential consequences and benefits.

If a person works on a topic about the addiction of newborns, it will be better to present some shocking statistics or facts. In that case, one can mention that every year, more than 100 000 babies are born with cocaine addiction in the United States of America. This is due to the fact that their mothers took drugs while being pregnant. The reason is that the addiction is so strong that a pregnant woman can’t stop using drugs. This, in turn, causes serious health risks for the baby, including learning disabilities in the future, sudden infant death, and many more.

Developing your arguments in the body paragraphs

The body part can have several paragraphs. It allows ample space to delve into the complexities of the chosen topic, such as in a substance abuse essay. Many tutors assign 5-paragraph essays, where three paragraphs belong to the body. Each paragraph must introduce another side of the chosen topic. For example, if a person writes about addicted newborns, the first body paragraph can give general statistics. The second one can include stories of real women whose children became drug dependent or mentally disabled. The last paragraph can suggest solutions to the problem.

Creating an impactful conclusion

The conclusion generalizes the value of the paper and highlights the most significant discoveries or thoughts. Just like the introduction, students should try to impress the reader here. Facts, statistics, quotes, short stories, provocative questions, and other eye-catchers are good to use both in the introduction and the conclusion to leave a pleasant aftertaste after reading. The conclusion of a drugs essay should also address the profound impact of drug addiction, urging readers to reflect on the dire consequences and potential solutions.

Proofreading and editing your essay

When everything is ready, a learner should take the last step called proofreading and editing. It is a huge mistake to depend on grammar checkers. Machines make serious mistakes because of poor vocabulary filling and the inability to comprehend the context on a proper level. One needs to read a paper several times:

  • 1st is to find typos (reverse reading is the best method for that)
  • 2nd is to look for grammar mistakes
  • 3rd is to check the syntax
  • 4th is for the verification of the given data (avoid the yellow press and websites that lack specifics and links to cited sources)
  • 5th is to make sure that it sounds clear and to the point.

If a student keeps to these 5 steps, everything will be OK. Below, one can see a great essay example on drugs.

Sample Essay on Drugs

There are many reasons why people are addicted to drugs or any other similar substance. One of the primary reasons is a lack of self-confidence. Besides, people get drug addicted due to professional pressure, lack of inspiration, excessive stress, or lack of parental care when it comes to teenagers.

When it comes to stress, people who have just moved to a new city or begun their college journey tend to try to eliminate stress with the help of substances. It always seems easier to handle stress and all possible life changes through the use of drugs than to face real life and deal with it. Unfortunately, trying illegal drugs can eventually lead to a strong and even lifelong addiction.
However, not every country is strict about drugs use. For instance, Switzerland legalized heroin for addicted people more than ten years ago. Nobody has ever died because of using heroin legally there.

Social pressure is one of the reasons why many people decide to take drugs. They face multiple obstacles, trying to grow in a big world.  The pervasive influence of social pressure can drive individuals towards drug use as they grapple with the numerous hurdles and challenges in their quest for personal growth and fulfillment in an increasingly complex society. There is always certain peer pressure in all age categories. However, the reality is that you can’t always see it. Many young people find it hard to handle all life pressures, which is why they drink alcohol, use drugs, and smoke in order never to feel isolated in whatever company they find themselves in.

Drugs can have detrimental effects on various aspects of an individual’s life. A person’s emotional and psychological well-being is significantly affected, often resulting in mood swings, increased irritability, and even mental health disorders. Usually, sharing this intoxicated moment with friends can be something that bonds young people. Deriving pleasure from using drugs in a company can provide young people with a strong sense of belonging to a particular group. This makes them feel special in a certain way.

At the same time, post-traumatic stress is the other major reason why people decide to use drugs. Over 75% of individuals who suffered from any psychological trauma use drugs in order to forget the horrible moments that have been experienced. This, in turn, becomes a self-destructive behavior that presents even greater challenges. Moreover, drugs impair memory and hinder cognitive functions such as attention, reasoning, and decision-making. The altered state induced by drugs disrupts the brain’s normal functioning, leading to impaired judgment and impaired ability to process information effectively.

Do drugs affect us? Definitely yes. First, drugs affect the human mind. In general, when a person tries to recall something, the mind quickly brings out this or that piece of information. However, when a person is under the influence of drugs, memory is blurred and has a lot of blank spots. For that reason, any effort to get information in this mess becomes a struggle. Drugs make one feel silly or slow and become the main cause of many failures in everyday life. As a result, the more failures one has, the harder it gets. Eventually, you only want more drugs in order to resolve all the problems.

People get addicted to drugs due to job pressure, an absence of motivation, extreme stress, or a lack of parental care, in the case of teens. But in spite of it all, it is not because of heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, or methamphetamine that people die today. Antidepressants, opioids, and depressants turn out to be responsible for more overdose deaths among people all over the globe than the drugs we mentioned above.

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