“Different Types of Communication” – Essay Sample

Posted on May 1, 2008

To compose a high-quality essay on communication, students should know what communication is. In simple terms, communication is a two-way process in which both – the receiver and sender should be involved actively. One should have a deep understanding of what the process of communication is and have solid communication skills to socialize and interact with people effectively. Regardless of the area (business or private life), it is significant to communicate well.

Communication involves such means as listening, speaking, writing, and reading. All these means can be used for an active communication process. The styles of communication tend to change from person to person. Besides, the process of the communication might involve several modes, methods, or channels to pass on a message. As a rule, communication starts at a certain point. First goes the stage when information is being generated. Next, one of the persons communicating with each other puts this data or information into a medium to convey it to the target audience. At this point, the communication initiator should give due consideration to the nature of the information. In general, it’s all about the communication skills that one can boast that will determine the effectiveness of your communication with anyone.

Let us focus on each type of communication individually. Verbal communication or speaking involved using languages to convey information through sign or speaking language. Speaking is known as the most common type of communication, usually used to make phone calls, during conferences, presentations, business meetings, and tête-à-tête conversations.

When it comes to listening, it turns out to be the most important element of effective communication. It may surprise you but listening and hearing are two different concepts that can’t replace each other. When someone’s speaking, and you’re listening to them, you’re engaged with their story, and do your best to understand the key message they’re trying to convey. Listening carefully and attentively is a must in both college classes and the workplace. When people fail to listen to what others say, the entire process of communication goes up in smoke.

Written communication is very popular in academic and business areas. Just like listening and speaking, written communication includes a range of rules. It doesn’t matter what you write – a quick email or an important essay, you have to use proper punctuation and grammar to ‘sound’ professionally. It’s not easy to read and show emotions by means of writing. However, one should be careful because humor usually can’t be translated via essays written for you and, as a result, it is incorrectly interpreted.

Finally comes reading. This type of communication is characterized by the comprehension and translation of letters or symbols into words, word combinations, and sentences that mean something to both – the person reading them and someone who wrote the lines. The key goal of the process is to be able to comprehend, evaluate, and use written texts for a specific purpose.

Essays on communication should be able to depict one or many means of communication. These papers can be of many types, like essay on communication skills, essay on interpersonal communication, essay on team communication, and essay on public relations.

The field of ‘communication skills’ is quite broad, and the essay on communication skills should contain some information about the talents and abilities that are relevant to the topic of the essay on communication.

For an essay on interpersonal communication, the relationships between the two communicators should be highlighted in the essay on communication. Similarly, an essay on team communication should contain information about how a team can develop interpersonal communication with each other. For all kinds of communication essays, the writers of the communication essays should keep in mind that they should write focusing on the topic of the paper. The matter in an essay on communication should be relevant to the topic, as well as should be informative regarding the topic of communication essay.

To produce a decent essay on the types of communication, the writers have to follow some guidelines that will help them to write an essay of good quality. An essay is also a form of communication, which means it should contain clear messages and simple language. Thus, your intended readers will easily comprehend the idea delivered in the essay written about communication.
Just like any other paper, your essay on communication should have a well-defined introduction, a couple of body paragraphs to discuss the topic, and a reasonable conclusion to summarize the whole essay. You use your conclusion to come to one point after the discussion that is done in the body section.

In the case of a well-organized communication essay, the reader will be able to understand the arguments written by the author of the paper. Every paragraph given in an essay on communication should describe only one idea or thought. If you decide to insert more than one idea or thought into a paragraph, the reader will find it hard to understand the meaning of the whole passage as it is jumbled down with a number of ideas.

The introductory paragraph should contain a description of the topic. Do not go into the details at this point, you will do it later, in the body section. An introductory paragraph should contain your thesis statement. The letter is usually presented in the form of one or two sentences and reflects the main idea of the essay on communication. Your introduction should attract your intended readers and provide the focus of your paper. For this reason, you have to start your introduction with an attention grabber. Some shocking stats, anecdote, quote, or difficult-to-believe real-life experience may serve as a hook in this case. Whichever point of view you choose, ensure that it links back to your thesis statement, which you have to provide at the end of the opening paragraph.

When it comes to the body sector, you have to include all of your descriptions, explanations, evidence, and reflections here. Every idea that you outlined should be provided with a separate paragraph within the body section. Keep in mind that every paragraph within the body section should have the same standard structure. At the beginning of every paragraph, you have to write one of your key ideas. It is going to serve as an introductory or opening sentence. And after that, you provide each of your supporting ideas, one by one. We recommend leaving a couple of lines in between every key message in order to get back to it later to include more relevant examples to support your viewpoint. These spaces should be filled with related information that helps you tie all ideas together.

Finally, write a conclusion for your essay about different types of communication. The conclusion section of your paper is the final piece that summarizes your paper while giving the concluding perspective on the topic. When writing a concluding paragraph, make sure to include three to five sentences. All in all, your main job here is to review your key points and reinforce your thesis statement.

When you’re done with the final fragment of your essay, ensure to pay attention to the smallest details, such as the flow of your paragraphs, the grammar and punctuation errors, as well as check whether the content of your essay is in line with the chosen topic.

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