Informative Essay Sample on the Photographer – Lee Towndrow

Posted on October 18, 2011

Essay on Lee Towndrow the Photographer

Lee Towndrow is a renowned commercial and portrait photographer from Canada but currently based in U.S.A. Lee Towndrow began his profession as a photographer and designer with a design firm that he founded. The firm was popularly known for the artwork of creating the album cover for prominent bands from Canada including Sloan, The Inbreds, The Flashing Lights and Michelle McAdorey. Towndrow became a Flame artist in 2000. This happened at TOPIX Computer Graphics, an exposure that he utilized in creating effects for TV commercials and various music videos. He lived in Buenos Aires from 2004 to 2005, the place from which, he did a collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, Raumlabor-Berlin, m7red, Kiwi, Eugenia Herrera, and Cecilia Sainz on conceptual art projects like Proyecto Venus, ArteBA and Darkroom.

Every product of Towndrow is appealing and captures my attention. As part of his achievements, one of Lee Towndrow’s photographs was featured on the Applied Arts Photography’s cover as well as on the Illustration Annual which happened in the year 2000. Some other two photographs of Lee were selected and featured in the 2011 Graphics Top 100 collection of photographs. His series of achievements are a source of motivation to every lover of photography.

Lee Towndrow has a website, “”, that has peculiar features. Amongst the coolest features of Lee’s site, is that it portrays the ability of viewing all the hosted photos on a single gigantic “wall,” as does the Cooliris’ application for web browsers. From the web, the viewer is at liberty to choosing a picture and viewing it as sideshow of the images featured in a row. Some photos tell a story, for example, the grainy, images of the night vision featuring strange wandering creatures. Other pictures represent cool portraits, captured from interesting angles that are with bright and enthusiastic colors. Some portray just plain crazy. All of these amongst many pictures are awesome.

Though these photos are not detailed, the bio tells all we need in appealing and colorful way. The website displays simplicity without relying on various overly gimmicks of appealing to viewers. It merely displays honest, clever, and straightforward abilities of Lees Towndrow. From an I.T point of view, I treasure these attributes of Lees’ website.

According to Lees, in his personal project titled anachronisms, he constructed a series of anachronisms like a means of studying fashion image and intimacy. This exposition inspires a lot simply by revealing of how he had watched the relationships around him change. When one is young, he/she is unfamiliar with intimacy and closeness, and yet all this comes to humans very naturally. And as one grows, there is a tendency of him/her distancing from others, as well as choosing sometimes to only cultivate intimacy with one partner. Towndrow got interested in the outcome, when such rules are reversed. The photographs’ staging is a nod to photography of fashion. Outside the art world, photography of fictional narrative has been portrayed as the almost absolute province of editorials’ fashion. Lees’ intention was to play by those principles (rules), but consider changing the characters. Images were shot with natural light- only reflectors and mirrors were used to light the scenes. It was termed the self-imposed production rule.

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