Life Journey Essay Example to Study and Succeed

Posted on March 30, 2009

Writing an essay about my life journey can be a compelling and introspective endeavor. There are various situations and contexts where the need arises to reflect upon and articulate our life experiences. You may need to present “my life as a compelling story”. Such cases can range from academic assignments to even scholarship applications. Whether it’s a college student essay or a scholarship essay, exploring and sharing the story of my life essay can be an opportunity for self-discovery, understanding, and growth.

In academic settings, professors and teachers often assign students to write an essay on life. It encourages students to reflect on their life experiences. These assignments provide an avenue for students to explore their personal journeys. They also allow one to examine the challenges they have faced and analyze the impact of those experiences on their development. By narrating their unique stories, students can enhance their writing skills. By writing essay on success, students also gain deeper insights into their own lives.

Pro tip

Life journey essay used for applications is a specific kind of essay and an important one. It is called a college or university admission essay. This work demonstrates admission committee why an applicant should be selected among peers.

Also, when applying for scholarships, students may need to write success essays. It demonstrates their individuality, resilience, and aspirations. Scholarship committees interest in learning about the applicants’ backgrounds. They want to know applicants’  journeys and how they have overcome obstacles. By crafting a compelling life experience essay, applicants can convey their unique perspectives. This allows them to leave a lasting impression on the scholarship panel.

It is not easy to write a life journey essay because a person needs to research personal strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, life’s black and white, and it is necessary to look back to remember the best and the worst moments. Below, one can see an excellent example to study and follow. The process of writing a life journey essay is part creative part emotional so it’s no wonder help is needed at times. If stuck, ensure to use professional essay writing service assistance and check existing samples.

My Life Journey Essay Sample

“It’s not an easy journey to get to a place where you forgive people. But it is such a powerful place because it frees you”, said Tyler Perry. To be honest, I was not glad to get an assignment to write my life journey essay. My childhood was not bright. I saw more rains and thunderstorms than sunlight. First, I felt depressed and thought that I would drown in the sea of hate, regrets, and misunderstandings. Fortunately, each trouble and pitfall made me stronger. My life path had never been a pleasant walk. I was crawling before I managed to stand up and stroll.

My father was a military man. That is why I was born in Poland, Legnica. I had an elder sister, and my mother was busy trying to adapt her to the new language, school, and friends. So, nobody did care about me. I grew up faster, trying to adjust to unfair life circumstances and surroundings. When I was only eleven months old, my parents sent me to my grandmother without any explanation. Thank God, my granny was a blessed person. She dedicated all her life to my education and upbringing. She had two jobs to cover living expenses. I cannot even imagine how hard it was to raise a small child without support and help. She was a strong woman who worked, cooked mind-blowing pancakes and read bedtime stories that I still remember. She taught me to walk, speak, learn, cook, tidy up, and take care of myself. She was my rock. Thanks to her, I did not feel alone and abandoned by my careless parents.

As one can judge, my family income was not impressive. I started my education in a compulsory school, but all my classmates were not from disadvantaged families. Their parents were doctors, judges, businessmen, and lawyers. I was the only child who struggled through her life to deserve somebody’s attention and respect. I worked hard to make my life journey not so unbearable. I knew that nobody would pay for my education at college, so I had to bend over backward to be noticed by teachers and get the desired grade. That was a true challenge. All my classmates had private tutors, and their parents were ready to give any sum to let their children get prestigious professions and earn high salaries. I had to gnaw at my happiness every day, every moment. I bore a stone of pressure that did not let me rest and sleep well at night.

First, I could not forgive my parents for such a horrible childhood. While other kids were playing happily on the playground, I had to help in the grocery to get pocket money because my granny was getting older. I was afraid to lose her because she was the only person I loved, and she was the only person who took care of me. My mother returned when I was eleven. She behaved as if nothing had happened. Then, she broke up with my father, and he died in a year. I was shocked, but I did not cry. I think years without parents and diligent care made me hard inside. Now, I am thankful for that because I managed to handle other life challenges more manageable. I did not trust people, so nobody manipulated me and my decisions. I was disappointed in everything, but my heart was full of compassion and love due to my grandmother. She always taught me to forgive people like God forgot sinners. I forgot though bitter memories chased me a long time after my mother’s arrival.

When I entered college, I had to be strong because my granny had died. Due to hardships I had overcome in my childhood, I managed to earn a scholarship and start a new life. Nobody cared about my past and my financial difficulties. By that time, I had earned a little to afford things I needed. I was not demanding, and I was grateful for that. Other students worried a lot about missed parties, cheap clothing, sleepless nights, essay writing troubles, and other details that made no trouble to me. I was tempered. That is why I took confident steps, trying to get the desired profession and deserve my place under the sun.

Forgiveness is the first step to a free life. “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” (Luke 6:37). Everybody makes mistakes that lead to horrible consequences. If we do not appreciate the lessons that our life gives us, we will be doomed to fail. My parents changed me. They decided to get rid of me because I hampered them, but I coped with all my troubles and went on fighting for my happiness. That day, they made me strong and resilient. My grandmother did her best to make me stronger. She taught me to forgive, love, recognize truth and lie, never give up, and not to believe people who say that I am a loser. When I was a child, I used to isolate myself because I always felt like a stranger among people. They never understood me because they knew nothing about loneliness and betrayal. Fortunately, such awareness did not break me. I just grew up mentally too fast.

I think all challenges are essential for our final destination. Each step and decision works like a sculptor who shapes our character. The more troubles we face, the more folds we get. Each nick, bump, and hole in our body is the result of each test, action, and decision. People with flat skin and bodies make many mistakes because they are careless. I hope that I will never repeat the mistakes of my parents. I forgave them because my mother apologized. She was young and made a silly mistake. Now I can move on and go on shaping my character and future.


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Analysis of an Essay Sample

Generic Analysis

The sample essay titled “My Life Journey Essay Sample” offers a poignant narrative of the author’s life. It focuses on the narrator’s struggles, resilience, and personal growth. This essay example follows a clear and chronological structure. It also traces the author’s journey from a challenging childhood to his college years. The key idea that emerges from the essay is the transformative power of forgiveness. The author also highlights the importance of embracing life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. The essay effectively utilizes transitions to guide the reader through different stages of the author’s life. Metaphors and vivid language enhance the emotional impact of the narrative. 

Specific Analysis

Paragraph 1

In the opening paragraph, the author of my life essay sets the tone for the story by quoting Tyler Perry and emphasizing the power of forgiveness. This quote immediately grabs the reader’s attention and establishes the central theme of the essay. The author’s use of phrases like “not bright,” “rains and thunderstorms,” and “sea of hate, regrets, and misunderstandings” paints a vivid picture of the challenging circumstances he faced. The topic sentence clearly introduces the idea of the author’s childhood struggles. The paragraph effectively transitions from the generic introduction to the specific details of the author’s early life.

Opening paragraph for the essay on life

Paragraph 2

In this paragraph, the author of this college student essay recounts the pivotal role his grandmother played in his upbringing. The topic sentence clearly states the central idea of the paragraph. It highlights the grandmother’s dedication and selflessness. The author’s use of phrases like “blessed person,” “rock,” and “mind-blowing pancakes” create a warm and affectionate image of his grandmother. These vivid descriptions and positive language evoke emotions in the reader and underscore the importance of the grandmother in the author’s life.

Paragraph 3

This paragraph of this life essay focuses on the author’s educational journey and the financial challenges he faced. The topic sentence concisely conveys the idea of the author’s disadvantaged background. The use of phrases like “struggled through her life,” “gnaw at my happiness,” and “stone of pressure” effectively conveys the author’s determination and the burdens he carried. The author highlights the contrast between him and his more privileged classmates. This further emphasizes the challenges he had to overcome.

Paragraph 4

In this paragraph, the author of the essay on life reflects on his emotional struggles, particularly his feelings toward his parents. The topic sentence introduces the idea of the author’s difficulty in forgiving his parents. The author uses phrases like “horrible childhood,” “grocery store,” and “afraid to lose her” to evoke strong emotions in the reader. The paragraph effectively portrays the author’s emotional growth and resilience. It also indicates how the narrator’s challenging experiences contributed to his strength.

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Your essay does not necessarily have to be all sunshine and roses. Like in this sample, you can show your experience, whatever it was. However, it is not your diary, so both positive and negative experiences should communicate who you are now instead of pouring out your soul.

Paragraph 5

This paragraph focuses on the author’s college experience, personal growth, and journey to success. The topic sentence clearly states the idea of the author’s determination and resilience. The author describes their tempered nature and gratitude for their own hardships, contrasting themselves with their peers. The use of phrases like “confident steps,” “desired profession,” and “place under the sun” conveys a sense of achievement and growth. The paragraph effectively shows how the author’s past experiences prepared them for the challenges of college life.

Paragraph 6

In the sixth paragraph, the author reflects on the transformative power of forgiveness. The topic sentence introduces the quote from Bible – (Luke 6:37). It shows the idea of forgiveness as the first step to a free life. The author draws upon religious teachings and personal experiences to emphasize the importance of forgiveness and learning from one’s mistakes. The use of phrases like “everybody makes mistakes,”  and “forgiveness is the first step,” highlights the author’s personal growth and the lessons he has learned. The narrator wants to show that “my life so far is difficult but forgiveness helps me”.

Paragraph 7

The concluding paragraph of the essay presents the key idea. It shows that challenges are crucial for personal growth and development. The writer uses various literary techniques. They inclincludeuding metaphors and the analysis of topic sentences. This allows to convey this idea and make a smooth transition. The paragraph begins from author viewpoint. The writer believes all challenges are essential for reaching their ultimate destination. This serves as the main idea and sets the tone for the rest of the paragraph. The author tells the reader “my life is a challenging journey but I cope with it”.

Through the effective use of transitions, topic sentences, vivid language, and metaphors, the author crafts a powerful narrative. It engages the reader and conveys their journey of resilience and personal growth. The essay’s structure and the author’s skillful use of literary techniques contribute to the overall effectiveness of the narrative.

Life Journey Essay Mind Map

Key Points to Consider When Writing an Essay

  • Reflect and select a specific aspect of your life to focus on, such as childhood, education, or personal challenges. You may even write essays on success.
  • Use vivid and descriptive language to engage the reader and convey your experiences effectively.
  • Incorporate transitions to guide the reader through your story chronologically.
  • Consider using metaphors or other literary devices to add depth and emotion to your college essay narrative.
  • Show personal growth and resilience by highlighting how you overcame obstacles and learned from your experiences.
  • Be honest and genuine in your writing, sharing both triumphs and struggles.
  • Tailor your essay to the specific context, such as scholarship applications or college admissions, demonstrating your unique qualities and aspirations.
  • Review essay samples and scholarship essay examples to gain inspiration. Observing any scholarship essay example will allow you to understand different approaches to writing about life experiences.
  • If you need to apply to college, look through application essay examples.
  • Seek feedback from others to ensure clarity, coherence, and impact in your essay.
  • Edit and revise your essay thoroughly to improve its structure, grammar, and overall effectiveness.

If you consider all these tips, you’ll be able to write good essays on life! 


Let’s sum it up!

Writing an essay about your life journey can be a powerful way to convey your personal growth. By sharing your story, you can inspire and connect with readers who may have faced similar challenges. Remember to be authentic and use descriptive language. Also demonstrate resilience and growth throughout your narrative. You can follow these practical tips and utilize essay examples, such as the one provided. This will allow you to craft a successful essay that highlights the unique story of your life.

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