Essay Sample on English Writing: How to Write Properly

Posted on September 20, 2011

The importance of using logos, pathos and ethos correctly

What makes an argument great depends on whether one correctly uses logos, ethos and pathos. Logos, pathos and ethos are various ways of arguments. Ethos is a term used to describe reliability with an audience. Logos is engaging the logical part of a person. Pathos defines the emotional point of an argument. In using pathos, emotions are used to gain attention from an audience or a reader. Pathos argues through emotion. These are three crucial elements that one should address while writing. If a writer lacks credibility, an audience or a reader will not take the work seriously. On the other hand, if the writer did not show logic in his work, the writing does not have any meaning. If the work showed no emotions, then the message would be lost. if an author fails to exploit these three concepts in his writing, the reader will not meet the author’s expectations. Therefore, it is important for an author to use, as well as, write to the audience’s expectations.

Tone and style selection

Tone and style selection is not only important in the medical field, but also in any other profession or field. For example, a certain notary public has the permission of advertising its services in other languages and in English. However, in California it is forbidden for a notary to use Spanish terms such as “Notario Publico” or “Notario” while advertising or in other forms of communication. This is because Notario refers to a person with the responsibility of giving legal advice, for example, an attorney. A notary public means he/she can certify legal documents. Proper structuring of tone and style while addressing a specific audience is important, in order to avoid any fines or other problems.

The process of writing

Combining the process of writing, with focus and determination on the purpose of writing, is important to any piece of writing. It is important to always remember the audience one is targeting. First, one should consider the audience that will be reading that piece of work, be it students or other individuals who may be of a different generation. One should be careful while addressing individuals from a different generation as it is easy for a writer to lose this group, if his/her work does not have a common ground. Proper writing is important while communicating in a business setting, as well as, any other profession.

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