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Posted on December 12, 2019

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Ruth Benedict once said, “The crucial differences which distinguish human societies and human beings are not biological. They are cultural.“. It is significant to learn more about cultural diversity and appreciate it in the modern world. What is culture? What role does it play in the lives of its representatives? What factors or features make the culture of one society influential and widespread?

If one wants to answer these questions, it will be necessary to comprehend the meaning of such terms as “cultural identity”, “culture”, and “society”. According to Cambridge Dictionary, society is an organized large group of people who decide when and how to do things within one or several similar countries. Consequently, they use some rules and behavioral patterns. These norms create a culture. It includes spiritual and material values such as art preferences, religious beliefs, dominant language(s), traditional clothing, marriage peculiarities, the definition of true beauty, cuisine distinctions, and more. Finally, cultural identity is a choice of a person who follows the dogma of a certain culture or not. Some people share territory with the representatives of a dominant culture but identify themselves as representatives of the pure culture of their ancestors. The value of a culture is not determined by the number of people who follow it. Cultural diversity is a manifestation of the uniqueness of different nations. It is a link between people inside a community that unites them spiritually.

How many cultures are there in the world? Scientists cannot answer this question precisely. The approximate number is 5.000-6.000. Some of them disappear or dwindle because of two reasons. If the last representative of a certain culture dies, nobody will follow it. So, it has become extinct. Some cultures are powerful and influence others. Due to globalization and the spread of English, genuine cultures become assimilated, or in other words, they adapt to the new environmental reality. Another criterion for the significance of culture is its language. People speak over 6000 languages, but only 3000 of them are used by children. It means that it can disappear over time if nothing changes. We should appreciate each of the existing cultures because they teach us about our past and explain things we cannot understand without historical awareness. Why do we wear costumes and make jack-o-lanterns on Halloween in the US? Why don’t some other societies do the same? The answer is simple – those societies bear other cultural values. Today’s cultures change because of the influence of technology, politics, and mass media. Moreover, English is getting popular worldwide. Schools, colleges, and universities include not only English courses but also organize events that reflect the culture of Americans and the English who are official native speakers. That is why one can see Chinese kindergartens celebrating Thanksgiving Day or Christmas.

The last thing to discuss is cultural difference. It is a complex of behavioral, religious, and governmental values and norms that distinguishes one culture from another. Understanding cultural differences lets people build strong relationships. For example, you will never sign a contract with a representative of Arabic culture if you serve pork to him. Besides, different cultures have nine distinguishing aspects. First off, some countries support collectivism, while others appreciate individualism. Second, one person can adapt to changes quickly, and the other feels lost and helpless when facing unpredictable obstacles. Third, some countries have strict hierarchies of influential people, while others fight against inequality. Fourth, one person orients on the current progress, and the other always works for the future. Fifth, gender inequality still remains in many countries, but it is barbaric in the rest of the world. Sixth, some cultures value assertiveness, aggression, and intolerance, while others support tenderness, modesty, social solidarity, and equality that excludes unhealthy rivalry. Seventh, highly-religious cultures entrust their destiny to their god(s), while others consider their “self” as the only possible catalyst of success. Eighth, a representative of one culture can be egoistic and contrast with a representative of a low human orientation culture. Finally, while some nations enjoy their life to the fullest, others lead an anti-hedonistic lifestyle.

So, culture is a unity of spiritual, physical, and mental values of a certain community that lets it differ from other societies. Due to globalization, cultural stereotypes gradually disappear. Nevertheless, the remnants of a dying culture can be traced even to representatives who have adapted to new realities. Culture is the core of a personality. It takes time to make it vanish forever.


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Analysis of the Presented Sample Essay on Culture and Society

In the analysis of this essay example, we will delve into the key aspects of the essay, examining its structure, content, and overall effectiveness in addressing the topic. The close examination of the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion of this model essay will help evaluate its clarity, organization, use of evidence, and overall coherence. Together with other free essay examples in our blog, it will provide you valuable insights for writing your own essay on culture and society.

Paragraph 1: The essay begins by introducing the topic of culture and society and its significance in the modern world through a thematic quote by Ruth Benedict. I pose questions to be answered throughout the essay, creating a sense of curiosity and setting the direction for the discussion. 

Paragraph 2: Further, I introduce the definition of key terms like “cultural identity,” “culture,” and “society”, referring to a credible source such as Cambridge Dictionary. The pre-writing phase effectively sets the foundation for this essay example. I briefly overview the main factors that contribute to a culture, such as spiritual and material values. Additionally, I emphasize the concept of cultural diversity as a manifestation of the uniqueness of different nations. 

Interesting Facts for the Essay on Culture and Society


Paragraph 3: In this sample essay, the topic sentence in the form of a question sets the stage for the subsequent discussion on the diversity and significance of cultures. The paragraph includes rhetorical questions to prompt the reader’s reflection and engagement. I also present factual information supported by numbers, such as the approximate number of cultures and the number of languages spoken, adding credibility to the argument and enhancing the academic tone of the writing. 

The paragraph discusses the factors contributing to culture’s disappearance or assimilation. It highlights the impact of the death of the last representative of a culture and the influence of globalization, the spread of English, and changes in language usage. This cause-and-effect approach strengthens the argument and provides a logical flow to the paragraph, distinguishing this work among other samples of essay on this subject. The appeal to historical awareness adds depth and significance to the topic. I conclude by explaining how cultural events and practices from English-speaking countries are celebrated in other parts of the world, showcasing the global impact of cultures.

Paragraph 4: In this part, I introduce the main focus of the paragraph, setting the stage for the subsequent discussion. I then present a series of enumerated points, organizing the information in a structured and systematic manner. These points serve as topic sentences for each subtopic, guiding the reader through the paragraph’s content. The paragraph’s impact on the reader lies in its ability to present a comprehensively analyze cultural differences. 

This part of an essay sample shows how to present clear definitions and explanations, incorporating a range of cultural norms and contrasts. Various examples allow the reader to grasp the complexities of cultural diversity. It also appeals to the reader’s logic and reason by presenting multiple dimensions of cultural difference, such as collectivism versus individualism and orientations towards the present or the future.

Paragraph 5: This conclusion paragraph effectively summarizes the main points discussed in the essay. It provides a clear transition from the previous parts of an essay and reinforces its focus on culture. I employ a technique of restating the impact of globalization on cultural stereotypes, emphasizing their gradual disappearance, which leaves a lasting impression on the reader. A clear topic sentence and repetition strongly impact the reader and reinforce the essay’s main arguments, distinguishing this work as one of the truly effective essay samples.

Overall, this free essay example provides a comprehensive analysis of culture and society, discussing various aspects such as cultural identity, cultural diversity, cultural differences, and the impact of globalization. It demonstrates a good command of language and is written clearly and concisely. Each paragraph contributes to the overall understanding of the topic through relevant definitions and references from credible sources. The essay sample provides valuable insights into the topic and can be informative for you to write your own works.

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It is easy to write about the relationship between culture and society if you like the topic. To find an intriguing idea for your essay, you should read related scientific periodicals and news to learn something new and reflect it in a paper.

Tips on Essay on Culture and Society From Experts

Whether you are a seasoned scholar or just starting your academic journey, mastering the art of writing essays is essential. As you can see from our example essays, this work requires precision, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. There are some tips to make your journey easier!

Understand the assignment

Start by carefully reading and understanding the assignment prompt or guidelines. Identify the requirements, such as the topic, formatting style, word count, and deadline. Do not hesitate to search for details regarding the topic, content, formatting, and other aspect of the internet. Seek clarification from your instructor if any aspects are unclear. 

Write a compelling introduction

Begin your paper with an engaging introduction that grabs the reader’s attention. Provide background information, present the context, and clearly state your thesis. The introduction of an essay on culture and society (for example, with the topic of the importance of understanding the relationship between culture and society) should set the tone for the rest of the paper and establish its significance. 

Example. In an interconnected world, culture and society intertwine to shape our collective identity. From the dawn of human civilization, cultural practices have shaped societies and provided a sense of belonging and purpose. As we journey through history, it becomes evident that cultures are not isolated entities but rather dynamic forces that connect and evolve alongside the societies they inhabit.

Develop a clear thesis statement

 Craft a concise and focused thesis statement that states the main argument of your paper, summarizing its points. Ensure it is specific, debatable, and supported by evidence. The thesis statement provides a roadmap for your paper and guides your writing and demonstrates its importance. 

Example. By recognizing the significance of relationship between culture and society, we empower ourselves to forge a path of mutual respect and collaboration, ensuring a world where unity and diversity coexist in beautiful harmony.

Pro tip

Successful essays start with outlines. One should plan writing to make the content remarkable for the target reader. Besides, outlines help students structure their research and introduce the idea logically. Organize your thoughts and arguments by creating a detailed outline. Divide your paper into logical sections and subsections, each addressing a specific point.

Build your paragraphs smartly

Start with the topic sentence, which acts as the foundation of a paragraph. It introduces its main idea or focus and sets the tone for the upcoming discussion. The pivot is a transitional element that connects the topic sentence to the supporting information or evidence in the paragraph. Wrap everything up with a concluding sentence, which reinforces the ideas presented in the paragraph and prepares the reader for the upcoming paragraph.

Check your evidence

Advanced students understand the importance of research and the selection of verified literature. They are the source of knowledge that one needs to apply in the essay on culture and society. An essay without links to trustable sources is not worth a penny. Below, you can see examples of reliable websites.

  • Theory Culture and Society
  • Eurozine
  • Cosmos and Culture

Revise and edit

Allocate sufficient time for revising and editing your paper. Review for clarity, coherence, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Ensure your ideas flow logically and paragraphs transition smoothly. Consider seeking feedback from peers, professors, or writing centers to improve your paper further. Before submitting your paper, proofread the essay carefully to catch any remaining errors or typos. Read your paper aloud or ask someone else to review it for clarity and coherence.

Learn from example

It is hard to write a culture and society essay without a good sample. Though, it is impossible to perform the task without a guide, decent topics, and examples of facts. One should study all these things to get a whole picture of essay writing in general. However, you can always analyze well-written example essays to understand the structure, style, and effective use of evidence and master essay writing as a crucial skill.


If you have a stunning essay sample about culture and society, you will see what a good paper looks like. If you want to create a brilliant paper, you should read guides to understand how to do that to deserve the highest grade. Such websites as navigate students due to the introduced variety of writing guides, ideas, topics, and samples.

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