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Posted on April 23, 2008

An English essay is a prose composition of moderate length on any given subject, giving expression to one’s personal thoughts or ideas. English essays may narrate or describe some real incident or object; it may give expression to arguments in favour of or against some topic. You may have read many English essays on various English essay topics that are published in magazines or you have read English essays by standard writers, which are of varying lengths, and are specimens of the author’s style in English essay writing.

However, English essays expected to be written by school, college and university students or others have certain special characteristics, which are as following:
1. While writing an essay in English, you should all the time keep in mind the subject on which the English essay is being written. The theme of your English composition essay should be unified in a definite way.

You should adopt one theme in your English essay while doing English essay writing. You should not add anything in your English language essays that has no direct bearing on the subject.

2. All the thoughts in your English essays must be arranged systematically, leading to a definite conclusion. You should not put your thoughts or ideas in a haphazard way. Your English essays should be in an orderly format.

3. English essays are not usually required to be lengthy. The limit of an English essay is given in the assignment that the teachers hand over to the students. In addition, different topics might require different amount of space. Therefore, the capacity required for an English essay may differ with the subject matter and demand.

4. In friendly letters, you may use an easy conversational style and you may introduce colloquial words or expressions. Such colloquial or slang words and expressions are, however, not to be used in English essays. This does not mean that you should use a grand or flowery language. You language must be correct, clear and simple. It is not advisable to overload your essay with idioms and quotations. Use these when quite necessary. Therefore, your style of writing an English essay should be simple and understandable.

5. A good English essay should reveal the writer’s personality. In an English extended essay, you are to show your personal feelings and opinions. So express your thoughts and ideas freely in your own individual style. Do not copy anybody’s style of writing. Let your style be your own.

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