How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay in English? We Know How and Will Show You!

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Posted on June 2, 2020

Many students do not like essay writing, and even more critical thinking. What is the reason for this? Often, many simply don’t know how to correctly solve this task, what is required of them, or simply because such an assignment seems boring. But as already mentioned, this is due to the fact that many students simply do not know how to correctly approach this task. But do not worry, since you are reading this, then you will complete the essay in an exciting and simple way. All you need is to follow our tips.

Why does a student need to do a critical thinking essay in English? In order to develop analytical skills. Students need to answer many questions. It would seem that everything is fine in the process of education, but there is a small nuance. These answers are very easy to remember and provide them without any thought. But what will happen if the professor asks additional questions like ‘Why?’ or ‘How?’. Here the analytics starts, which is simply necessary for every person not only in education but in real life too.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay in English: The Definition as The Starting Point!

You need to start by understanding what critical thinking is and then it will be easier for you to understand what is required of you in such a task. So this is the ability to cast doubt on the information. After which the person begins to check it, look for confirmation in various sources, ask questions and so on. This type of thinking begins to take shape long before school begins. As soon as the child begins to ask questions and longs for an answer, the development process of this type of thinking has begun.

In everyday life, you are also constantly faced with this process. For example, when you want to buy a laptop. You begin to study technological features, watch reviews and look for the most attractive price.

In fact, the brain activates critical thinking most of its time. There are simply people who like to get to the truth before they accept one or another fact. But there are those who resort to critical thinking much less often. But one way or another, you have to perform a critical thinking essay on English.

So what is critical thinking essay on English? This is the task in which you need to reveal analytical skills but at the same time establish reasonable arguments and your own opinion.
If it seems to you that such a task is very difficult, then do not worry. Here you will find a full instruction on how to proceed in order to cope with this task easily.

Some Topic Ideas for Your Task

Selecting a topic is one of the important steps in writing an essay. No wonder they say a bad beginning makes a bad ending. Therefore, if you have been given the freedom to choose a topic, then treat with full responsibility.

It seems to many that it is difficult to choose a topic on your own, while others, on the contrary, are happy with this opportunity. Independent choice of topics provides an opportunity to make the process of completing tasks fascinating. All you need is to choose the direction that you like and interesting in. Then you will be happy to write essays and learn a lot. Agree, it’s boring to read a ton of books on a topic that you are not interested in and then write about it.

Therefore, if you can make a choice yourself, all the cards are in your hands! If you do not know which topic to choose, then we offer several ideas. Perhaps one of them will interest you or just give the right direction to come up with your own.

  • How Social Media Influence the Grammar Of Youth.
  • The Ability to Use Synonyms as the Most Important Condition for Enriching Speech, Giving It Imagery and Expressiveness.
  • Why Do Young People Neglect the Rules of the English Language on Social Media?
  • Can Internet Resources Help Non-native Speakers Learn English?
  • Why Is It so Significant for Students to Read Literature in Classical English?
  • Literary Language Versus Dialects In English.

Please note that you can modify each topic. We just prepared a few so that you could either use them or compose own.

Let’s Start with This Tips to Organize Work

It’s time to start your work on the assignment. There are tips that will help you organize the process correctly and do the task efficiently.

Organize Time

The correct distribution of time is already half the success in completing any task. The best option would be two to three days. The whole process can be divided into three stages:

  • Information gathering, analysis, notes;
  • Essay writing, formatting compliance;
  • Proofreading the text.

It will be ideal if you select a day for each step so that you have a clear head for each stage.

Choose a Topic

There can be only two options: a topic from a professor or your own. And we have already given some prompts on how to cope in both of the situations.

Learn Sources

Gather sources to help you explore the topic. When you study the sources, you can immediately take notes so that later important information is at your fingertips.


In this essay, you will need a strong thesis, so make extracts from sources that will help you compile it. When you move on to the written part, you will already have a good draft that will help you write the thesis.

Highlight Multiple Points Of View

You will need to consider different points of view in your work, so write them in advance. Remember that you will need to give an assessment to every one and build your own opinion. So you can do this even in the process of analyzing sources and topics.

If you adhere to all these pieces of advice, the writing process will not cause you any difficulties.

Let’s Talk About the Structure

The structure will be as in all other types of essays. Let’s look at each element of the structure.


As you may have guessed here, you should state a thesis. It should be clear and concise. After all, this is what will be appreciated in this type of task.
Do not stretch the thesis into 5 sentences. Remember that this part of the text should not exceed 5 sentences. Therefore, pay special attention so that your thesis is understandable, clearly justified and concise.


Here you have to provide different points of view regarding the topic. But, in addition to other people’s points of view, you must give your assessment of each opinion. Plus, the third paragraph should be your judgment, which appeared on the basis of your study of other people’s opinions, sources, and so on.
Do not use information that weakens your thesis or gives the impression that you have not fully understood the topic. Do not use too much background information. Since critical thinking implies the ability to highlight the important from the secondary.


In this part, you need to draw a line of what you wrote about in the main part. Highlight all the important points and summarize them. Remember that in the conclusion you cannot reflect ideas and thoughts which you did not mention in the main part. Also, your conclusion should not exceed 5 sentences. If you use more, it will demonstrate that you do not know how to clearly express thoughts, and this is the main skill in this type of task.

Use This Template When You Don’t Know What to Write

In order to make it easier for you to cope with the written part, we have prepared for you leading questions on each part of the text. Therefore, if you have a stupor about what to write about, you can return to our template.


  • Your thesis, emphasis on the main idea.
  • Body:

  • This section should reflect the main research, points of view, your assessment and your own opinion on the topic.
  • Describe how the study affected you, whether the point of view has changed after analyzing the information. If not, tell why.
  • Conclusion:

  • Highlight all key ideas and conclude them.
  • As for ideas, you can start from private to general.

Now It’s Time to Proofread Your Essay

Do not relax when you are done with the main part of the work. You have to do another part of the work which consists of putting your essay in order. Thanks to the following tips, you can edit your text so that there are no mistakes left.

Check the Text to Comply with Requirements

Many professors pay particular attention to adhering to a specific format in academic work. Therefore, take the time to check whether you have placed links to resources everywhere and whether the format matches a certain style.

Sometimes professors can lower the mark only because you missed the coma somewhere or didn’t make a quote correctly. Learn to comply with the requirements and check with special attention all of these points.

Pause and Start to Check

Dealing with text proofreading, the most important thing is to take a break. Your brain is tired of writing text and you cannot objectively find errors. Therefore, you need to give yourself time to relax for at least an hour.

And as mentioned earlier, it will be even better if you start editing the next day. But if this is not possible, then take a break for an hour, do other things, and then just go back to the text. This way you can notice minor mistakes, correct typos, and so on.

Ask a Friend to Help with Proofreading

You can ask your friend or parents for help to read your text. A prying eye will reveal all the flaws and many errors even after you follow the previous recommendation. After you are pointed out your mistakes, take care to make the text in accordance with these comments. By the way, find out if everything was clear to the reader. Perhaps you didn’t fully cover the topic or write somewhere inexplicably.

Read an Essay Aloud

This is one of the most effective verification methods that you should perform every time you work with text. When you start reading aloud, you will notice something that is not visible. Many sentences may be incomprehensible and too sophisticated. In other words, your essay may not be readable. And when you read aloud, you can correct many mistakes in your essay.

Use Online Tools

On the Internet, there are many useful tools with which you can check your text for mistakes and readability. These applications are freely available and will help you with many issues.
For example, you can get rid of words that make the text heavier, get rid of water, correct grammar and punctuation mistakes and make the text clearer. Here are the main programs that you need to pay attention to:

  • Grammarly;
  • Hemingway editor;
  • Grammar book.
  • Plagiarism Checker

Final Check

Even after you have followed all the previous recommendations, review the essay again. So you will be calm that everything is in order with your work and you can breathe out!

It’s Time to Finalize

As you can see, create a critical thinking essay on English is quite possible without any difficulties. The main thing you need to do is stock up on time to do every part of the work without rush and nerves. And of course, follow the recommendations from our article.

If you want to get a good mark, then you need a margin of time. Do not miss our tips, choose a topic that interests you and then you will not be scared by such an assignment as an essay.

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