The Best Dissertation Topics in Education for Advanced Learners

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Posted on March 18, 2022

While students learn, they write a tremendous variety of academic papers. They all are different and may possibly induce certain complications. A dissertation (or a thesis) surely stands out of the crowd. It is the most complicated and responsible paper for every student who is about to graduate from a college or university. It provides the possibility to earn a Master’s or MBA degree, as well as get a professional qualification. Accordingly, it is very difficult to complete.

Students have to write their dissertations in the chosen majors and one of them is education. It is not always easy to define what dissertation topics are worthy in the education sphere. A good topic predisposes your success because you cover a relevant and important issue. If you lack great dissertation ideas, you are doomed to fail. That is why you should look for proper examples of relevant topic ideas in education that suit a dissertation.

In case you require those topics right now, do not research possible options. We have prepared them for you. Here is a list of really good dissertation topics in education for students:

  1. The main educational issues in the United States of America.
  2. The main influences of Coronavirus on education.
  3. What are the main drawbacks of using technology in education?
  4. The most important benefits of using technology at school.
  5. When does technology interfere with the learning process?
  6. Why should be cell phones forbidden at elementary school?
  7. The main difficulties of distance learners.
  8. How does online education help students during the pandemic of Covid-19?
  9. How can teachers and professors use the Internet to help their students?
  10. The comparison of American and Chinese educational systems.
  11. How does education affect the mental health of children?
  12. Homework issues: Are there too many tasks?
  13. How to cope with stress in college?
  14. The best methods to boost academic writing skills.
  15. Why is handwriting better than typing for students?
  16. Is physical education that important?
  17. What informative sources can be trusted to improve learning skills?
  18. Should students receive full freedom in choosing their curriculum?
  19. What academic skill is the most important in learning?
  20. Effective methods to improve early childhood literacy development.
  21. Why is computer-based learning useful for students?
  22. The importance of sports in the lives of students.
  23. Effective ways to get a scholarship.
  24. How do learners benefit from studying abroad?
  25. Is it a good idea to study in a foreign country?

The Main Stages of Selecting a Topic

Even the best topic list may be insufficient to understand what makes a good topic. That’s why we want to clarify the stages of topic selection.

  • Firstly, study the niche.
  • Secondly, narrow the topic.
  • Thirdly, research it.

The next stage is to form an outline, thesis statement, and the “working” topic. Check how they settle together. Perhaps you will need some adjustments. Thus, you may change the title entirely.

Parts of a dissertation Explanations
The title page It states the topic you are going to disclose
Acknowledgments page This page provides you with a possibility to thank all people who helped you to complete this paper, including your educational institution
Abstract This part provides readers with the outcomes of your research. It includes all key elements
Table of contents This one shows the figures and tables that contains your dissertation
Introduction This part briefly introduces your research and states general facts
Literature review This section provides all the sources you have used to disclose this research. You should explain why you have opted for them and how they suit your paper
Methodology It enumerates the methods and timeframes that were used during the research. You should also provide data about any changes in your methodology (if it took place)
Results You should state “raw” results of your research. However, you should not draw any conclusions or interpret these results
Discussion Now it is the type to analyze and interpret the results gained in your dissertation
Conclusion You should summarize the entire project in this chapter. Answer clearly the main question
Reference list It should contain a list of all resources cited in your dissertation. This should be done according to the assigned writing format – APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.
Appendix This part includes all supporting data and evidence
Pro tip

It is also essential to get help from professionals. We have prepared a few useful tips from great writers.

  • Always verify all information sources you use to complete an essay.
  • Get rid of all water sentences.
  • Do not try to cram several sub-theses into a single paragraph.
  • Revise your papers in various ways.

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In case you require more insights, you may read useful resources prepared by our experts. These are as follows:


The Bottom Line

Even though a dissertation is a serious challenge, you should not be afraid of it. If you cannot define a relevant topic, simply take a look at the list of our suggestions. Do not forget to use the tips we have highlighted because they will help to prepare for this challenge more productively. We are convinced that you will surely enjoy success!

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