Diversity Essay Sample: My Small Success After School Years of Terror

Posted on February 19, 2022

A diversity essay deals with ideas about things that make us different from others. It can be our religion, belief, physical distinction, eating habits, etc. Such writing encourages students to discuss things that worry them and to be tolerant of others. One can find a good diversity statement sample below.

Cultural Diversity Essay Examples: My Small Success After School Years of Terror

I spent three hours trying to select the best topic for my diversity essay. Diversity means to differ. What makes me different from others? Jacqueline Woodson said, “Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together”. Today, the term ‘inclusion’ is used in everyday life, including education and other life spheres. UNESCO states that everyone has equal opportunities in getting education, job, and place under the sun. I support their decision to implement equal rights for everyone because people deserve that.

When I was in the first form, I was mistreated daily. First off, my native language was Hindi because I was from India. Secondly, I had no father, and my mother did not have a full-time job. Third, I had other food preferences because my family never ate beef and meat in general. Those were hard times. I was at a school where white skin students had privileges. Students like me or disabled individuals had no chance to live normally there. One part of the students sat quietly, hoping that nobody would touch and laugh at them. Another half of students decided to fight for their rights. I was on the second team.

I was smarter than bullies and tried to surpass them when attracting the attention of teachers. Educators liked smart and diligent students. Sometimes they protected us from bullies because we participated in all their intellectual competitions. Once, we were asked to analyze a diversity essay example about a lonely girl in a crowded city. I sympathized with her because she felt everything that I felt at that moment. However, she inspired me. The short story had a happy end, and I hoped that my life story would have the same ending.

I understood that my life would not be alright if I would just sit and hide from offenders. I was good at History, so I started looking for professions where my knowledge was required. There were a couple of variants, but teaching was the best variant. It was my chance to change everything. I wanted not only to teach kids what happened before. I desired to find those who needed my protection and help them gain good self-esteem.

The first task was to reduce the impact of abusers on my school life. I started reading books because I trusted them more than the people who surrounded me at that moment. I found a brilliant book by Trudy Ludwig called “My Secret Bully”. The story was about two girls, Monica and Katie, who loved to be together, but Katie decided to bully her best friend. So, Monica had to adjust to her new role as a victim. Fortunately, her mother helped her to understand the situation and cope with personal fears. She learned how not to be a victim.

Monica was an excellent example for me, and I decided to follow her life sample. I talked to my mother, and she supported me. Even though my life was terrible at school, it did not affect my academic success. I did my best to get a high GPA and deserved a scholarship at a pedagogical university.

The second task was to find someone who can support me and my viewpoints. I joined a club whose members were from different countries. It was a paradise with cultural diversity. Nobody laughed at me because of my weird pronunciation and food preferences. We had our so-called corporate culture. We did not accept those who mistreated others and welcomed those who needed help and support, paying no attention to skin colors, religions, sexual orientations, and beliefs. We were equal.

The third step was to set a goal and think of punishments and rewards. When I got a bad mark, I missed a club meeting. It was a real torture for me because that place was my second home. When I finished the semester with “A” and “B” or I managed to withstand my abusers for a long period, I bought my favorite cupcake or a book. My mother supported such a decision and spared cash for such cases. I never demanded anything. I was so thankful to her for letting me have those small presents even though our financial situation could be better.

Finally, I managed to write my application essay with a strong thesis statement about the role of History teachers in the world. Now, I am a college student. This essay is not for my tutor. I decided to post it on my blog to let struggling students read examples about bullying and cultural disrespect about someone they know. Two years passed after I read the diverse statement example and graduated from school. I still remember what I felt because it is impossible to forget abusers. I read many samples of victims’ stories who managed to forgive bullies, but nobody forgot anything. Any type of abuse is hard not to notice. Our society is abuse-tolerant. G. Dewar from Parenting Science introduced research where Canadian students were monitored for 125 hours. Cameras caught 306 episodes where children abused others while others watched attacks. Only 19% of witnesses tried to stop abusers. Others, including adults, did nothing. It means that we have to change something.

I am studying to become a teacher. My groupmates do not bully me, and I feel happy here. The college gave me a new start. I began writing a blog for my future students and those who have difficult times at the moment. Bullying cannot be stopped at one moment by one person. I hope that my small victory today will turn into a big win when I will become a teacher to initiate changes.


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