Argumentative Essay Sample on Watching TV

Posted on December 20, 2010

Watching TV has become a bad habit among human beings. Little kids love spending time in front of the TV. Adults find it hard to imagine their life without their favorite TV shows, programs, and movies that they enjoy before falling asleep or after waking up. That’s our reality – television is one of the most significant inventions of all time. Not only it’s a great way to transform information, but it’s also a great source of communication, knowledge, and entertainment.

With the use of television, more and more people get direct access to various types of information. By a quick clicking the remote control, you’re immediately aware of all the historical facts, news of politics, culture, and geography details that have never before been accessible that easily. Besides, today’s TVs have more extra features. For example, many smart TVs can also serve as computers. They have the so-called HD screen resolution and run many different apps. While these devices tend to keep us voluntarily imprisoned in our homes, the hot debate has been whether watching TV is a good thing or not.

The truth is that too much of anything does no good to you. Too much television is bad for little children since their brain is still developing. More often than not, the little ones watch scary films and cartoons that have a serious impact on their mental health. What is more, they tend to sit too close to their TV, which worsens their eyesight. As they are growing up, they like watching TV while doing some home assignments. As a result, their attention is geared to cartoons, TV shows, and films that, in turn, affect their education and general academic progress. Besides, adult themes of violence and sex can be easily accessed by them at any time. And all this together can cause damage to the psyche at an early age. This, in turn, results in a range of different social problems.

Today’s TV addicted generation can be seen here and there glued to not only their TVs, but iPhones, PC games, and so on. All these people give preference to using their gadgets than actually going out to hang out with friends that are three-dimensional. No doubt that it is easier to sit in a comfortable armchair and switch channels on your TV than doing any other physical activity. This leads to a major health problem called obesity. People eat too much and don’t move enough. In other words, the amount of calories they consume exceeds the amount that they consume. And then you observe the consequences of such irresponsible behavior.

Without a doubt, there should be some kind of etiquette to educate human beings, when it comes to watching TV excessively. We have lost our entire old heritage to socialize the way we did before. Watching TV does not involve the person’s active participation. In sub-consciousness, we just go on watching the subject without involving our active mind. We are also losing the social activities, as well as outdoor ones, which have a boosting effect on our minds.

We should inform people about the disadvantages of watching TV. Although this great invention of science has played a major role in human life to give more comfort as well as information that a human being requires, disadvantages have also played a vital role to destroy the old age heritage. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that outdoor activities guarantee metal and physical satisfaction. We are well aware of the fact that our ancestors developed a sense of visualizing the events happening at far distant places. This became possible only because people practiced a lot to make their minds see and visualize the thing before the events take place. However, watching TV non-stop may cause people to lose this important skill.

Watching TV makes people socially inept. It has turned into a bad habit that makes TV fans withdrawn in the social environment and wanting zero attention from their family and friends. They prefer staying at home and lack the confidence needed to start or keep an interesting conversation going. Television is all they need and interested in.

One of the disadvantages of watching TV non-stop is that many advertisements appear on the screen. This, in turn, causes the so-called sense of unfulfillment among people. They see clothes, cars, houses, jewels, and many other items on the television and feel frustrated because of not being able to afford those.

It is undeniable that television always demonstrates unwise and violent behaviors, as well as promotes racial stereotypes and reinforces gender roles. We see perfect bodies and idealized lives on all channels that tend to impact and completely destroy our self-esteem. At the same time, violence and suffering that TV news reports every day have harmful effects and may cause stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as develop an inflated sense of unsafety and danger. Plus, sex content presented in TV programs and movies can cause a belief that certain types of behavior are acceptable and normal.

Back to children again. Many parents fear that watching TV excessively might brainwash the little ones into consumerism. The point here is that 100% of advertisers target kids and as a rule, they will see more than 35 000 ads per year, a lot of them being for unhealthy snacks and alcoholic drinks. Thy key motive here is to make people buy more and more.

If you watch too much TV, it may encourage new arguments and disputes in your family. Many programs and movies provoke conflicts that, in turn, tend to ruin human relationships. Some TV programs infect your thinking, and due to these changes in the minds of males and females, many disputes pop up here and there. People argue about politics, gender roles, religion, and many other issues that our everyday life comprises. Being unable to respect other’s views and fooled by fake information, people tend to ruin the relationship that they have been working on for years. More often than not, this relationship can’t be restored.

Not many people can imagine their life without television today. Even though we see how popular movies, the internet, and the other high-tech sources of information become day by day, TV still proves that this habit is an integral part of our life. It is highly important to inform children, teenagers, and adults about the negative impacts that excess television usually has and prove that this habit is just a complete waste of time.

Speaking of time, the excessive use of TV products is pretty hazardous to both adults and kids in terms of physical and mental health. No doubt, it is a cheap and easy-to-reach source of entertainment and joy, but if you get addicted, you waste precious time. Generally, time-wasting is there to enjoy some popular programs or series when it comes on TV. Think about how you can spend this time to your advantage. For instance, you can be engaged in your hobbies, sports, studies, or anything else that you enjoy. After all, time is the most expensive and important thing that we all have at the moment – you have to learn to use it wisely.

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