How to Write a Deductive Essay in Dietary Studies and Healthcare

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Posted on October 15, 2019

There can be many different reasons to write a deductive essay. One of them is that your college professors wants to evaluate your knowledge and find out how you mastered his or her course. If you don’t know how to write a deductive essay, especially in the area of dietary studies, we will start our blog with the explanation of what deduction is. Deduction is the technique that includes stating a well-known information, assumption or point of view and then building reasoning from it to certain clarification. The main aim here is to arrive at a particular conclusion. For many university and college students, deductive essays are challenging and difficult to accomplish. However, these papers are integral tools that professors use to understand and evaluate your level of knowledge.

Writing a deductive essay about nutrition should motivate the author to put extra efforts into research and writing. The topics in dietary studies are useful not only for your college grades but for your lifestyle as well. The point is that the research that you will do for your deductive essay will definitely affect what, how and when you eat, as well as how you look like. The best thing about this project is that the author has an opportunity to benefit for himself and learn more about how to live a healthy life.
If you check internet, some books and journals, you will see how many topics exist today in the area of dietary science. As for the deductive essay, there some topics that can be used here as well and we list them below:

  • The Government Should Consider Restricting Unhealthy Food;
  • Fast Food Ruins All Nutrition Standards;
  • Why Children Obesity Is Caused by Unhealthy Diet;
  • The Genes for Obesity Versus Your Own Poor Nutritional Habits;
  • Vitamin Tablets and Supplements Are Not Suitable Replacements for a Healthy Diet;
  • People Cannot Have a Healthy Diet if They Are Vegans Or Vegetarians;
  • Not All Diets Are Equally Useful;
  • Why Should People Refuse Adding Sugar to Everyday Meals?
  • High Schools and Colleges Should Provide More Nutritious Food;
  • Why Are Carbonated Drinks Unhealthy?

Without a doubt, whether your deductive essay in dietary studies will be a success or a total disaster depends on the topic that you decide to write about. If you give your preference to the most relevant and exciting topic, you will raise your chances of getting the highest grades. What is means is that you have to think twice and thrice before you finally settle on the topic. Thus, you have to start looking for one as soon as your professor assigns you the deductive essay writing task.

By means of writing a deductive essay in dietary studies, you can show the most logical and realistic conclusion that is based on the original information. This type of academic projects displays an introduction paragraph with the thesis statement placed at the end of it, discovers this thesis in a couple of paragraphs each condensed on a particular point, and summarizes everything evaluated in the text with a logical conclusion that reflects on the thesis statement.
The crucial factor in writing a deductive essay in dietary studies is the backing and support if every conclusion that the author arrives at. The project requires the author to do detailed and professional research in order to produce understandable and clear text. What is more, you must have:

  • Formatting and citing abilities
  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Ability to manage your time to have enough of it to work on every part of the essay.
  • Background knowledge of the subject (in our case, it is nutrition).

In general, deductive essay writing in dietary studies includes stating the idea that is presented as a range of signs or situations that the author should come up with a logical conclusion from.

Deductive Essay in Nutrition and Dietary Studies: Make Logical Structure

The essay of this type written for the subject of dietary studies should be properly structured in the way that demonstrates the process of deductive reasoning:

1. Introduction paragraph.

This is the first part of the deductive essay in any subject. Taking into consideration the fact that these papers are exceptionally based on facts, the author must make use of the introduction part as a tool to explain the problem or issue that he or she researches and give any relevant background details about the problem or issue. Introduction includes the topic of your deductive essay, the thesis statement, the hook, and outlines the structures of the paper below.
In case with the deductive essay in dietary studies, the thesis statement that you may include in the introduction paragraph might look like the one offered for the topic of healthy eating:

“Though not every person may eat healthy, healthy diet contributes to better performance, weight loss, recovers body health, reduces risk of various illnesses, and lowers the cost of the health care. In order to understand the factors that contribute to obtaining a range of healthy eating habits, the person must first know that healthy diet is not going to be easy”.

2. The main body.

The supporting body paragraphs are presented by the author in order to elaborate or describe the most important points given in the thesis statement. Make certain to begin every paragraph of the body with a clear and concise topic sentence that will inform the target audience about what this or that paragraph is going to be about. After that the author has to give any evidence and that is strong enough to support his or her claims, while keeping away from any sort of personal points of view or experiences that the author may have. Now let’s see what each paragraph of the main body of deductive essay includes:

The first paragraph of the body includes the range of premises. What are the premises? The premises are generally accepted facts that will work as a strong basis for deductive reasoning.
The second paragraph of the body is focused on your evidence. The evidence is called the segment of information that the author is analyzing to relate it with premises.

3. The concluding paragraph.

Your deductive essay finally results in a reasonable and logical conclusion. In this paragraph, the author should sum up any conclusion or conclusions that she or he arrived at from the research stage. The final paragraph of the deductive essay includes the restated thesis statements and the resulting deductive conclusion. In your final paragraph, you provide your final position after exploring and analyzing the circumstances and facts based on your premises and evidence. If your deductive essay has many potential conclusions, you can state each of them. In case with the topic in dietary area, chances are you will have to deal with several concluding statements. If that’s your current situation, make certain to select the best available reason to provide it in the concluding paragraph. If you decide to discuss all conclusions that you have arrived at, your deductive essay will lose its focus and the readers will be disappointed by the text in general. If you think that your topic requires more in-depth research, mention that in the conclusion paragraph. This will also become a good way to hold your readers’ interest.

Deductive Essays in Dietary Studies: Consult Professionals

Now that you what you have to include in your deductive essay in dietary studies, it is important to use all available resources in order to gather as much information as you possibly can. We will list a couple of places that you should go in order to get a better understanding of the sphere. This will help you when you start exploring books, internet, journals and the rest of the resources for the written part of the project.

So, the question is – who can you approach in order to get first-hand professional knowledge and materials related to nutrition? Here you go:

1. Professional nutritionist.

This is one of the experts that you have to schedule an appointment with in order to get some important information about the topic. Call some local professionals to see if there’s anyone available to help you. Let the professionals know that you need some first-hand details in order to accomplish an important project for university or college.

2. Personal trainers.

These experts know everything from the world of diet and fitness. While a nutritionist will recommend you what kind of food you have to include into your menu, personal trainer will inform you about the healthiest ways to eat and when to eat in order to make your body look fantastic. If you need any information related to menu planning and creative ways to improve your nutrition, these experts are there to assist you in a professional manner.

3. Coach.

Without a doubt, a couch is not a professional nutrition expert. However, these people are very good when their players should get back in shape. If there’s a coach that you know and he or she has enough time, you can have a serious conversation about what can be possibly done in order to enhance one’s health. If there is a coach at your university or college and he or she works together with a sports nutritionist, usually this person will have strong knowledge of dietary-related information.

Now that you see the list of professionals that you can communicate with for a better grasp on the dietary theory, you will be able to research the topic on your own and compare your results to the materials obtained from experts. At the same time, always check what professional advisors shared with you because they have provided a strong foundation for how your paper should be accomplished.

So, how do you actually write a deductive essay in nutrition?
The answer is beyond simple.

You have to go beyond standard assessments of the facts, points or view or situations. As an alternative way to this, you can make certain that each of the observations that you give is properly grounded. In case your college teacher doubts the relevance of your premises, evidence and conclusions, it is important for you to be ready to defend your point. As well, the concluding paragraph of your deductive essay has to draw upon the facts and knowledge that you have really mentioned in your text.

Before you hit the conclusion writing process, make certain that you have researched the issue in the most detailed way and now you know every single thing about it.
Now that you know how to write a deductive essay that deserves as A+, don’t forget to use strong evidence in order to prove your point. Your task at this point is to make your college professor believe that your paper should be high-graded. As you’re working on your deductive essay in dietary, make certain that every paragraph has the topic sentence. Make sure a separate paragraph includes one discussion point. For instance, if your essay is related to harmful consequences of alcohol and drug use, it is necessary to write one body paragraph about a single consequence of the substances use. Thus, your readers won’t get confused. Finally, ensure your conclusion includes no new information.

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