Essay Sample on Developing Strategies to Address Strategic Issues

Posted on July 9, 2013

Every organization needs to adapt to changes in the business environment. In so doing a strategy has to be formulated that will aid in the transformation of the business. This requires thinking and analyzing the current business state compared with the targeted state that the management desires. The strategies instituted must be in line with the business mandate and must be able to create public value. Strategies instituted may involve continuation of specific practice or the complete cessation of the same. The organization strategy may also be targeting the organization in its entirety or specific departments or franchise.

There are various considerations that can be made while making a company strategy, these include:

  • The new capabilities and skills that will be needed in achieving the desired target. It would also be important to consider how such a strategy would affect the workforce composition.
  • The desired results after the implementation of the strategy.
  • The entire structure of the business enterprise would be considered taking in the reconfigurations needed to deliver the intended target and goals.

Characteristics of effective business strategies

It is common for individuals to assume that setting business strategy is a simple activity yet this is quite wrong in the context of the organization. It is important for top level management to understand the set procedures for a successful strategic planning. The strategy instituted must be followed by action. Employees need to understand the new strategy being employed in order for them to realize that the whole organization is needed to capture the set goals. The management must ensure that they consolidate the department action plans into a full organization plan. It is important that every unit of the organization sets its own strategy while the management team synchronizes these plans to form a complete strategy for the organization. The top management team must be fully involved in the strategic planning.

There are different types of strategies employed by organizations. This include:

  • Coordinate departmental activities- the different departments and sections of the organization are run by managers who ensure employees in that particular unit are operating under the same target.
  • Develop distinctive advantages- developing competitive advantage is important in establishing a successful organization core competencies. This includes attaining economic resources at a cheaper price than other competitors.
  • Marking market niches- this involves conducting a comprehensive economic analysis and identifying the unique consumer demand trends.
  • Monitor product strategies- organizations must review business-level strategies in their daily operations. This allows the organizations to be flexible in the business environment.

Vision Office Systems, Inc.
The company is based in Charlotte and has over 150 years of experience in office equipments supply and dealership. The company boasts of technicians who are factory certified. The company supplies state of the art machines for the modern hi-tech office. The company lays emphases on ensuring customers are satisfied with their services. The products supplied by the company include Ricoh, Kyocera, Samsung and Canon.

Strategic issues
It is evident that not all issues under the strategic plan are strategic. The method used to determine whether an issue is strategic includes:

  • Determining whether the issue is likely to hold an effect on the way the organization conducts its mission.
  • The issue must be one that the organization may expect to have influence.
  • The issue must generate a response of pure organizational commitment on resources.

The strategic plan of Vision Office Systems

Mission Statement
The company has put great emphasis on satisfying customers’ needs. The company ensures that communication between the customer and business is maintained.

Strategic Analysis

This involves evaluating the existing business scenario and the future plan and vision. The company has always hired service technicians that are fully certified. This ensures that the services offered to their customers are of high quality. The company has also dedicated fully its operations to printer, copier and the facsimile business segment. This has ensured that the services are more specialized and hence easier to implement. The management team ensured that the response time to their customers does not exceed four hours and that customers are not directed to voicemail.

Strategy for attaining the plan
The company believes in supplying the best office equipments available in the market. That is why the company has dedicated to only supply brands such as Ricoh, Kyocera and Samsung. These are the best known and trusted office equipment brands. Customers normally tend to be loyal to the most reliable brands and not necessarily the cheapest. The corporation has gone further to providing a 5 year performance guarantee. This is advantageous in pulling more customers since they would want to purchase equipments which can be serviced in case of a breakdown.

Strategic issues are technically significant in the planning process. The entire plan can have a positive impact to the business through increasing employee morale and the number of customers. Strategic planning enables businesses maintain a strong position in the industry. It is imperative for Vision office to uphold their plan and not deviate. The management needs to familiarize the employees on new practices they need to employee.

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