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Posted on March 10, 2022

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Learning is surely a hard and long process. At times, students face difficulties they never thought they would ever face. One of them is the election of good topics for deductive essays. This piece of writing is very interesting, but challenging at the same time. You are to lead a discussion, which goes from the major idea to the observation of facts that form the main question. If you have problems with the selection of deductive essay topics, we can help you.

This informative guide provides great examples of the best topics for this essay type. Moreover, it provides useful tips, resources, and explanations that will help to cope with this piece of writing more effectively. Therefore, be attentive and memorize them.

Deductive Essay Ideas to Cover Great Themes

If you cannot define what deductive essay ideas to cover, do not worry! We have prepared a perfect list, which will suit any standard homework task or even IELTS. Make allowances for the next suggestions:

  1. Should cloning be encouraged?
  2. Why making peace is more difficult than making war?
  3. Is it right to legalize marijuana?
  4. My attitude towards abortion.
  5. Should the death penalty exist?
  6. The pros and cons of communism.
  7. Comparison of communism and democracy.
  8. How can communication skills help to find friends?
  9. The role of education for the community.
  10. Why is plagiarism forbidden in academic writing?
  11. What is love: one of the eternal questions of humankind.
  12. Is technology useful for teachers?
  13. How to overcome stress when you learn in college?
  14. Is marketing to children ethical?
  15. Do sorrow and pain make us stronger?
  16. Is abortion justified?
  17. Why do personal relationships interfere with career success?
  18. The issue of racism and how to overcome it.
  19. Why is slavery bad?
  20. Can a woman be a better leader than a man?
  21. Why do some people blame others for the mistakes they make?
  22. The pros and cons of technology in our life.
  23. How does technology affect children?
  24. Is diet a good method for weight loss?
  25. Reasons for depression in students and how to avoid it.
  26. Cell phones must be forbidden in schools for the youngest schoolers.
  27. The importance of religion for a modern person.
  28. What connected Hitler and Stalin?
  29. Why does physical activity make us happier?
  30. The value of courage and how to find it.

Use any idea from our list. Each of them is relevant and focuses on some crucial issues. They will be interesting to research and tell about.

How to Define a Good Topic?

Although you already have a list of great deductive essay topics, they may not be enough. Yes, you may use them, but what will you do when they run out? Without a proper understanding of what makes a good topic, you will not be able to form your own ideas. It is crucial because lists similar to ours may not suit the interests you have.

To understand what topic is good, always research the field. If you write about history, research this field. Define what topics are trendy at the moment. Thus, you will minimize the searching sphere.

Afterward, make sure you are able to cover a certain theme. It may be interesting for you, but you may not be able to find enough data to cover it properly. That is why you should never be hasty. Once you find several options, check them all in detail. Select the most appealing and informative.

Essay type Skills Example prompt
Argumentative Formation of an opinion via research.Providing an evidence-based argument Is the Internet positive or negative for learners?
Expository Knowledge of a topic. Clarify of information Show how the invention of the printing press changed the life of people
Narrative Creative approach and use of language. A compelling presentation of the story Why is it important to learn something about yourself?
Descriptive Creative approach and use of language. Description of sensory details Describe something that has sentimental value for you.
Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

We would like to provide you with a couple of great quotes said by experienced essay writers.

  1. A good topic is half of the completed essay.
  2. If you are enthusiastic about what you highlight in your paper, you are doomed to enjoy success!

They mean that a properly selected topic helps to handle your academic project faster and with great enthusiasm.

Pro tip

To understand how to select a good topic, you should follow a few vital tips given by professionals. They are universal and so will perfectly suit the highest standards of any school, college, or university. Consider the following points:

  • Define all the guidelines related to your academic paper.
  • Choose a topic that makes you enthusiastic about writing the paper.
  • Research it and decide where to use the facts you find.
  • Define how can your examples benefit the structure.
  • Write the first draft and check if you have answered the main question.
  • Rework the draft if it’s necessary.



If you cannot pick good topic ideas for your deductive essay, use our list. It contains great topics to cover in a concrete essay type. You may use our suggestions to generate your own concepts. Besides, you should not forget about the useful tips and resources provided in the guide. They will also help to handle your essays more productively.

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