The Best Topics for Critical Thinking Assignment That Guarantee Your Success

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Posted on March 22, 2022

Critical Thinking Assignment
The process of learning is very difficult. All the tasks that were complicated at school, get even more complicated in college. One of the biggest challenges of all youngsters is to write critical thinking papers. This type of assignment is pretty demanding. You ought to select a good topic for this paper, use a strong argument, and resolve the issue. It is very similar to a research paper. You will have to research all the issues related to the topic, analyze them, and clearly explain them in your project.

Many students are puzzled even at the stage of choosing a topic. They either lack relevant critical thinking topics at the moment or simply do not know how to generate them. If you have problems with finding good topics, we can help you!

This informative article provides many great examples of relevant topic ideas.
Besides, it offers other useful tips, tricks, and sources to your advantage. Right now, we propose to check our list of the best topics for critical thinking assignment:

  1. The importance of changing gender roles.
  2. Drug abuse and addiction among teenagers.
  3. Should be marijuana legal in the USA?
  4. How to handle drug addiction?
  5. How to overcome poverty?
  6. The main characteristics of a multicultural society.
  7. Is hatred for someone else is a lack of self-belief in you?
  8. Why do social media turn out to be the main sources of information?
  9. How can social media harm teenagers?
  10. Why active use of technology in education leads to problems?
  11. My favorite movie: Why do I love it?
  12. What are the different types of irony in literature?
  13. The main types of therapies in psychology and their effectiveness.
  14. Tips to become a better person today.
  15. How to avoid conflicts in all situations?
  16. What is the most destructive emotion?
  17. The reasons for a Civil War in the USA.
  18. Why did Hitler attack the USSR?
  19. How does augmented reality change our lives?
  20. Is it possible to colonize Mars?
  21. Why is Stephen King the most published author of modern literature?
  22. How to remain mentally strong in college?
  23. Reasons for racism and how to prevent it.
  24. The value of gender equality in the workplace.
  25. The influence of colonialism on the former colonies.
  26. How to prepare a great presentation for a speech?
  27. The main success influencers.
  28. Imagine your country without politicians.
  29. Does violence in movies affect kids?
  30. How to protect students from taking drugs?

You are welcome to use any critical thinking ideas from this list. They all are relevant and focus on vital issues. Accordingly, it will be interesting to write about them, as well as to read such papers.

Stages of Selecting Topic Ideas

It is crucial to figure out how to select good topics. Not all students understand this process. That is why we have decided to provide brief instructions.

Your first aim is to study the niche of the academic subject you write about. It may be anything – education, technology, science, medicine, culture, and so on. Define the current trends because you write for other people as well. No one would like to read a paper that focuses on a boring topic or a topic that was highlighted many times. It’s always better to find some fresh issues.

Secondly, research the topic to gather enough evidence. Thirdly, refine your notes and decide what facts are suitable for your project. Fourthly, create an outline. Fifthly, draft and edit.

Stages Explanations
Select a topic Define the idea to cover, which is relevant for your readers and interesting for you.
Research it Find enough evidence to prove all your theories and hypotheses. Use only reliable sources.
Create a schedule Create a good outline with the main writing stages, deadlines, tools, and instructions.
Draft Write about two copies to check how all your ideas are reflected on the paper.
Revise and submit Improve all logical disconnections, hard-to-read parts, and weak sides. Correct all grammar, spelling, stylistic, and punctuation mistakes.
Pro tip

To boost your knowledge, we would like to provide you with pro tips given by skilled writers. These are:

  • Do not overdo and be sure to have regular but short breaks while you write your projects.
  • Form a “working” thesis statement and confirm it when you finish the paper.
  • Always write at least two drafts;
  • Get rid of clichés, jargon, slang, technical terms, etc.
  • Proofread with a good grammar checker.

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

“Do not edit your paper soon after you finish writing it! Give your mind some time to unwind and refresh. Even it’s a standard essay, edit it in at least 5-8 hours”.

Useful Resources

We also want to provide you with a few useful resources, which are related to academic writing. These are as follows:

Jacob Lee Top-10 Writer at

“Try different writing techniques for different pieces of writing to optimize the working process. It really helps!”

The Last Words

Now, we would like to summarize the facts that were highlighted right above. You may not worry about the lack of ideas for now. Our list will be sufficient for some time. However, we strongly recommend defining how to generate topics on your own. Use our tips and informative sources to get more insights. Thus, you will enjoy academic success!

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