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Posted on October 21, 2011


It is in the 1660 that is referred to as the date of restoration. This is the period in which the republican experiment that was under Cromwell came to an end. It then gave the British a chance to reinstate the monarchy. On the other hand, restoration in the 18th century poetry in its cultural contexts is a combination of British writings pointed towards about four cultural contexts (David 2007).

Below is a list of elements I could list as being important:

i. Literally warfare

ii. City landscape

iii. Empire

iv. A gendered society

v. Personal voice

The above listed aspects form the base of humanity within any form of society. They are the ones that orient people into their different roles and how they should go about them. For instance, we can talk of gendered society, as being the unit within a society which assigns roles to people through their gender. There are some roles which are seen as being meant for male whereas others are seen as female tasks (David 2007). We can also talk of personal voice, which entails one’s power or expression freedom.

Another element ; literal warfare, denotes the arguments that could arise within a society. They can range from pet warfare to intensive warfare and its level is determined by the amount of effort put forward to counter one’s emotions (David 2007).

The sections have been oriented through wheeler, with his poem writings. The poems talked about the political, poetic, and social discourse to which the authors are directed. The poem has been set in a way that it can fit the undergraduates and the graduates (David 2007).

It is said that the restoration came at a period when the European countries found out that religion which they had considered as a uniting factor within their community had no authority in acting as the comfortable means of sharing life (David 2007). They later considered the fact that they needed a person with an outstanding authoritative power to guide them through the community.

From the above mentioned culture, there was hope for a reasonable social and political life. Excessive emotions which had early on lead to religious bloodshed were a thing of the past and people could now interact and associate freely (David 2007). A section of the new program, of the reforms within culture gave attention to the forms of language at different levels.

Due to the need of language to be improved and modified, passionate rhetoric metaphors that seemed to distract communication were done away with (David 2007). It was realized that, public communication or address should use a simpler language, the language should be clear as well, and that it should be able to appeal to the sentiments of the learned section of the society. These appeals also encouraged as well as discouraging some of the literal efforts.

It is worth noting that in this period, are of great criticism. It brings out a form of thinking whereby reasonableness has overdone passionate feelings. Moving with cultural shift is a new phenomenon there is an increase in number of middle class of people considered as being literate. These people own a healthy amount of leisure with a good amount of utilizing power.

There also is a change in terms of manners between people and within the society. We have learned on how men and women treat and interact with each other. This has largely affected those people in the middle class. The growth of journals, magazines, and other readings is said to be concerned with the group of these people (David 2007).

The emergence of a form of faith in England, we get to see in two appropriate directions.

Some Christians though resisted the change and were sticking to their perceived ways of life, they believed humanity to be a form of identity among people. On the opposite side of these events, another different group of people viewed the power of transformation brought about by science as being of no reference to religion (David 2007). It is out of those views political dominance prevailed.

There was a 3rd group, the group is outside what can be said to be the mainstream political process. This consisted of those people who are unwilling to do away with their traditionalism. It is said to consist of Baptists and Protestants amongst others.

In our case, the significant point to take is that the desire for a new reasonableness, within the public domain is responsible for satire.

As defined, satire is composition of word phrases. It used in ridiculing people, whereby the use of this feature when writing or in speech discourages some form of vice. Satire has been used to bring out the weaknesses in those people who want to embrace traditionalism so much that they can’t move on with the improvement of the living patterns (David 2007).

It could not be seen as impossible, for the world with full of ego to be encouraged by satire. Many of the major poets around the world used satire as a writing style. In this case, satire has been used to defend public order. However, it can also be seen as being used to criticize those who could not embrace change among the community.

Different ranges of tone can be taken in satire. This is because traditionally, satire is seen as betraying what can be called a moral vision. This is done purposefully to swap between positive and negative criticism. Satire on the other hand also, can be able to take different forms, this can be gentle or savage (David 2007). Despite the different forms taken by satire though, it still remains to serve the same purpose.

The effectiveness of satire in achieving its goal is said to be the moral subject of the audience. Satire is seen as a mirror which lets people see their faces. Rather than taking satire negatively or emotionally, people should learn on how to learn from satire as it will make them better entities.

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