How to Create a Persuasive Speech on Non-College Education

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Posted on May 26, 2016

A persuasive speech on non-college education is one which is intended to convince your audience to do something at the end. Whether you want someone to stop littering, to change the way they think about an important issue, or to take action, persuasive speeches are the most effective way to convince your audience into taking your side. But there are many elements necessary to prepare a successful persuasive essay.

  • You Need to Know Your Topic! You need to learn a great deal about your topic. Whatever the topic might be it is important that you learn as much as you can before you start writing your persuasive speech on non-college education. If you are not already well-versed in the subject it is important that you do research and learn as much as you can. If your argument is one which is controversial it is best to know all sides of the issue. Regardless of what side of the argument you might support, you will be much more persuasive if you are able to address the opposing side period
  • Spend time reading articles or books about the topic. You can visit your library and ask a librarian to lend a hand in finding the best books. Make sure that any sources you use are reliable such as academic articles or books published by reputable authors. Opinion oriented sources like a news editorial might be valuable with regard to finding out what other people think about the issue, but are not necessarily something you want to quote as a reference.
  • Fun tip: If you are allowed to choose your topic for the persuasive speech on non-college education, don’t select an obvious statement which cannot be debated. Saying that littering is bad for the environment, as an example, it’s far too general. There’s no one who would disagree with that. When you think about your topic select something which is debatable and has definite sources.
  • You Need to Know Your Goal! It is important for you to understand what you are trying to achieve when writing your speech. Do you want somebody to take action at the end of your speech such that they begin doing something you spoke of during the speech? Or do you want people to vote in favor of something pertaining to your speech? You want to craft a speech such that the goal is spelled out early for your audience so they understand what your message really is.
  • You Need to Know Your Audience! When you write your persuasive speech on non-college education it is important that you understand your audience. An audience who knows very little about your topic will obviously need additional background information and very simple language. An audience full of experts on the topic will find such a speech particularly mundane.
  • Likewise, if you are speaking to an audience already supportive of your view it will be much easier to persuade them to take action and you won’t have to convince them that you are correct but that they need to do something. By contrast if your audience does not agree with your sentiments, you will have to focus the majority of your efforts on persuading them to consider your point of view.

We hope this guide will make the effort of doing your assignment at least a little bit easier. Don’t forget our 11 facts and 20 controversial persuasive speech topics for college students that traditionally come in package.

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