Computer Technology Essay Sample: Will Robots Replace Teachers in the Nearest Future

Posted on November 18, 2019

Essay Sample

Teachers worldwide have started being afraid of modern technology. The first teacher robot appeared in 2010. Its invention became a start for the development of similar technology that can equal the glory of the greatest artificial teacher at the beginning of the 21st century. The famous Bina48 is based on artificial intelligence and memories of her protégé Bina Rothblatt. Moreover, she can connect to the Internet to get the desired information. She was the first robot to teach a course at a college. It gave the basis for fears and worries among educators. Will robots really replace human tutors?

Today, many colleges use robots that assist teachers in everyday classes. They can answer simple questions, tell students how to structure an essay on computer technology, or show a projection to visualize and explain some topics. Boe-bots, advanced toolkits, and humanoids simplify the teaching process. Boe-bots help students perform simple projects and program their robots and computer programs. Mini-robots with advanced toolkits are useful in computer sciences and robotics delivery. A humanoid is the best teaching variant for students. It was made to resemble a human body. For example, a successful combination of digital storytelling and a robot that performs it lets teachers explain the topic easier because today’s generation likes computers and everything related to technology.

The use of robots in education has its advantages and disadvantages. The main benefit is that students get an excellent opportunity to master technological skills that are so required in the XXI century. Moreover, most robots have installed artificial intelligence that has access to the Internet and updated sources. Thanks to that, students do not risk getting expired facts. Besides, they can project a good computer technology essay sample anywhere to demonstrate proper formatting, in-text citing, footnotes, and such peculiarities as the idea presented in the first, second or third person opinion. Such inventions are cost-effective because they do not demand salaries, except for frequent charges.

The most significant disadvantage of robot teachers is their disability in understanding the emotions of students. A lack of humanity and feelings can become a barrier to communication. Students can have financial or family problems and fail their assignments. Teachers often give their students a second chance to improve their ratings. They also help shy students overcome their fears. To make robots teach well, colleges should guarantee adequate servicing, including stable Internet connection, software security, and flawless electricity. Another disadvantage is the inability of robots to select creative methods to clear out details and help students comprehend complex issues such as essay writing, grammar, and problem-solving.

To conclude, the educational system can benefit and lose from the use of robots instead of teachers. On the one hand, it can reduce the cost and provide a teacher who can be taught per few upgrading procedures instead of five years of a college education. On the other hand, sensitive students and extroverts might not be willing to collaborate with an emotionless robot. Geniuses can fail because of silly misunderstandings that can irreversibly ruin students’ lives. Technology won’t replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who do not.


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Analysis of Technology Essay Sample

Now, let’s analyze this essay on computer education sample: 

Paragraph 1

The first paragraph of the essay computer technology introduces the topic of using robots as teachers. It presents the central question: Will robots replace human tutors? The paragraph mentions the emergence of the first teacher robot, Bina48, in 2010. It also shows how this development has sparked fears and concerns among educators. The paragraph sets the stage for discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using robots in education.

Paragraph 2

This paragraph of this technology essay highlights the current use of robots in colleges. It mentions the various types of robots. They include Boe-bots, advanced toolkits, and humanoids. These robots assist teachers in everyday classes. The paragraph emphasizes the benefits of these robots. These advantages are answering questions, providing visualizations, and simplifying the teaching process. It also highlights the combination of digital storytelling and robots. This can be an effective way to engage students who like the technology.

Paragraph 3

In this paragraph, an essay on computer technology explores the advantages of using robots in education. It states that students have the opportunity to develop technological skills. They also can access up-to-date information through the internet. Students also can learn proper formatting and referencing through computer technology essay samples. The paragraph also mentions the cost-effectiveness of robots. This is because they do not require salaries apart from occasional charging.

Paragraph 4

The fourth paragraph of essay about technology presents the main disadvantage of robot teachers. This is their inability to understand and address the emotions of students. It highlights the importance of human teachers in providing second chances. Teachers also help students overcome personal challenges and employ creative teaching methods. The paragraph also touches on the need for adequate servicing and support for robot teachers.

Paragraph 5

This paragraph concludes this computer essay by summarizing the benefits and drawbacks of using robots as teachers. It acknowledges that robots can reduce costs and provide specialized knowledge. But they cannot fully replace human teachers. The essay suggests that teachers who embrace technology in their teaching practices are likely to replace those who do not.

Overall, the essay on computer technology provides a balanced analysis of the topic. It discusses both the advantages and disadvantages of using robots in education. The essay explores the potential of robots to enhance learning experiences and develop technological skills. It also acknowledges their limitations in understanding emotions and employing creative teaching methods. The essay highlights the importance of incorporating technology in teachers’ practices. The author implies that technology is a tool that can support and enhance education. But it can’t completely replace human teachers.

Essential Tips on How to Write a Technology Essay

Technology is a rather broad topic, and as such, you have to narrow down a certain technology field you wish to write on. Regardless of the topic, you choose to explore, ensure it really interests you. However, stay away from something too problematical or innovative.

When it comes to writing an essay about technology, consider the following:

  1. Read your task carefully. The structure, style, and focus of the essay will vary depending on the essay type. In the case of the topic “Replacing Teachers with Techs,” a few common types of essays will include:
    • The narrative essay will tell a story of a specific case when teachers were replaced with robots.
    • The compare-and-contrast essay will analyze the similarities and differences between classes with teachers and technical devices.
    • The argumentative essay will convince the reader why we should replace teachers with techs.
  2. Choose the topic you’d like to research. The niche includes the following subject areas: computer security and threats, engineering, data storage and manipulation, energy, web design and contemporary art, technology in construction and manufacturing, computer hardware, software, Internet, computer science, and information technology. Technology has a broad selection of topics, such as:
    • What Is “Too Far” In Reproductive Technologies?
    • Cryptocurrency: Is It Possible That Bitcoin Can Occupy Global Transactions?
    • AI in Healthcare. Is It Ethical to Implement AI in Hospitals to Manage Patients’ Information?
    • Potential Technology Change: Forecasts for the Next Twenty Years
    • How Technologies Transform Relationships
    • The Most Dangerous Technologies of Today
    • Hidden Possibilities for Space ExplorationTechnology Essay Topic Choice
  3. Narrow down your topic. Technology has many broad issues that could be discussed in a college essay, but you’re supposed to write on something more specific. If, for instance, you choose to explore computer crimes, ensure to focus on a particular theme, such as online harassment, cyberterrorism, penalties for computer-related crimes, or anything else that might interest you.
  4. Find reputable tech sources on the topic. No matter what type of essay you develop, you have to support your claims with examples and evidence. To find one, you need to do some research. Head to your library or use online tech-based sources like,,,, and many others.
  5. Make notes as you do your research. Keep detailed notes about ideas or facts that interest you on individual note cards, or provide a text doc on your laptop to arrange them. Thus, you’ll be able to cite the information properly and save the sources.
  6. Structure your paper effectively to communicate your ideas and answer the question. Your essay on technology will start with an introduction. The opening part moves from a general concept to a more specific one. Let’s consider “The Ethical Controversies of Artificial Intelligence” as the topic assigned to you. In the intro, you open up with a brief orientation on Artificial Intelligence (introduce the topic area) with a broad, general opening sentence(s), provide the answer to the question with a thesis statement, and give a brief “road map” of your paper.
  7. Write the body. The middle part includes paragraphs, each serving as a building block in your argument’s construction. In the body, you answer the question by developing a focused discussion, show your grasp of the material you’ve researched and your knowledge of the subject, provide evidence to develop your argument, and give authoritative quotes together with relevant examples.
  8. In your conclusion, you have to move from specific to general. Restate the answer to the question. Sum up the main points. Provide the final statement to round off your paper. Go over future directions for research in the chosen area. The field of technology gives much room for further development or research of any issue you decide to write about.
  9. Use transition sentences. The text will flow better if you use smooth connections between paragraphs. Link each topic/paragraph to the one after/before with the words like “Subsequently,” “In addition,” “As a result,” “Similarly,” and “Therefore.”
  10. Read and re-research your essay to find obvious problems. If you spot excessive wordiness, illogical/unclear organization, grammar/style/spelling/formatting problems, or inappropriate language, fix it right away.

Technology is a multidisciplinary and rapidly changing field that, with thorough planning, is interesting and easy to come up with an original and insightful viewpoint for.

Pro tip

Technology essay differs from other essay types in the matter of content. You are expected to pay more attention to collecting, comparing, analyzing, and presenting factual data than in a regular essay.

Practical Tips for Your Essay on Computer Science

When writing a technology essay, it is essential to follow a few practical tips. They help to ensure a successful and well-structured piece of writing. In addition to the instructions provided, here are some more tips to consider:

  • Conduct actual research. Technology is a rapidly evolving field. So, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and research findings. Explore such sources as: TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable, The Verge, Gizmodo, The Next Web, CNET, TechRadar, Digital Trends.
  • Develop a clear thesis statement. Before starting the writing process, establish a concise and focused thesis statement. It should convey the main argument or point of your essay. This will provide a clear direction for your writing. It also helps you stay on track throughout the essay. You can observe some free computer essays at our website to see how it should look like.
  • Use a logical structure. Organize your essays on computer in a logical and coherent manner. Begin with an engaging introduction. It must provide context and introduces the topic. Follow it with well-structured body paragraphs. They should present your arguments and supporting evidence. Finally, conclude your essay by summarizing the main points. Also, offer final thoughts or suggestions for further research.
  • Support your claims with evidence. In computer technology essays, it is important to back up your arguments and claims with relevant evidence. Include examples, statistics, expert opinions. Also add research findings to strengthen your points and make your essay more persuasive.
  • Consider the audience. Keep in mind the intended audience for your essay. This is especially crucial in argumentative essay about technology. Are you writing for experts in the field or a general audience? Adapt your language and level of technicality accordingly. It allows to ensure your essay is accessible and engaging for the readers.
  • Revise and edit. After completing the initial draft of your essay, take the time to revise and edit it thoroughly. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Ensure coherence and clarity. Refine your arguments and supporting evidence. Consider seeking feedback from peers or mentors to gain different perspectives. It also helps to improve the overall quality of your essay.

Pro tip

Computer Science is one of the most fast-evolving technological subjects. For instance, you can dive deeper into the front – end (the website development, applications, and the mechanisms of computer engineering, working with databases, user journey map optimization, or cyber security.

5 More Actual Computers Essay Topics

When it comes to writing a technology essay, the possibilities are vast and ever-expanding. With the continuous advancements of future computer technology, there are many fascinating topics to explore. Here are five additional topics that can serve as inspiration for your technology essays:

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Gaming and Entertainment. Dive into the immersive world of virtual reality. Examine the future computer gaming and entertainment industry. Explore the advancements in VR technology, its potential applications beyond gaming, and the implications for user experiences.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. Delve into the realm of artificial intelligence and its growing significance in the healthcare sector. Analyze how AI is revolutionizing diagnostics, treatment plans, patient care, and medical research. Discuss the ethical considerations and challenges associated with implementing AI in healthcare.

The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Homes. Explore the interconnected world of IoT. Observe its impact on transforming ordinary homes into smart homes in your technology today essay. Investigate the benefits and potential risks of IoT devices. Aim at their convenience, energy efficiency, security, and privacy. Examine how IoT is reshaping the way we live and interact with our living spaces.

The Ethics of Genetic Engineering and Gene Editing. Venture into the realm of genetic engineering and gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9. Examine the ethical implications and controversies surrounding genetic modifications in humans. Include potential applications in disease prevention, enhancement, and the concept of designer babies.

The Role of Technology in Sustainable Development. Investigate the intersection of technology and sustainability. Explore innovative technological solutions. These can be those which contribute to environmental conservation, renewable energy sources, waste management, and sustainable urban development. Discuss the potential of technology in addressing pressing global challenges.



These topics for technology essays offer a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic world of technology. Here, innovation and societal impact intersect. Choose a topic that resonates with your interests and sparks curiosity. Embark on a fascinating exploration of the possibilities that technology holds.

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