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Posted on February 6, 2022

composition essay ideas
Students have to write a great variety of essays. Each is different and has different demands. Thus, a composition essay may become a challenge to some folks. It is a specific essay type, which requires writing a short story, a reflection, a play, and other stories that include a personal experience or an independent study.

One of the most challenging stages of writing this English essay is to choose a topic for it. Many students are puzzled by composition essay topics and require the help of professionals. They regularly turn for help to custom writing agencies because they know about the huge resourcefulness of their writers. They surely can generate great topics for this essay type. They may also offer a sample that shows how to disclose any topic.

In the meanwhile, we would like to say that you can get them in another way. For example, you review various topic lists to have the necessary ideas. In fact, we have prepared one for you! Make allowances for the next options:

  1. The curing power of music for the human mentality.
  2. How to bring your mentality to a new quality level?
  3. What if Kennedy survived?
  4. Is it reasonable to fly to Mars?
  5. If life on other planets exists – what is it?
  6. How to become more responsible?
  7. How does divorce affect kids?
  8. How to become a real hero?
  9. The issue of racism in the USA.
  10. My position towards LGBT.
  11. Tips to preserve the environment.
  12. One small good deed to make you a better person.
  13. How can a small person change the course of events? Is it possible?
  14. We are only drops in the ocean, but the ocean consists of drops: explain it.
  15. The world without politicians – What would it be?
  16. The influence of video games on kids.
  17. Is technology our friend or enemy?
  18. How to curb your anger?
  19. Nicolas Tesla: a genius in no time.
  20. Can learning apps help students to become better?
  21. How to get away from stereotypes?
  22. Measures to make students safe on campus.
  23. How to keep at bay violence in the family?
  24. How to overcome poverty in Africa?
  25. The importance of geographical discoveries for world history.
  26. Can two different religions survive under one shelter?
  27. Is the death penalty the necessary evil?
  28. How to understand what is right and what is wrong.
  29. The role of the moral code for teenagers.
  30. Could the Second World War be prevented?
  31. Would the world without money be better?
  32. Money is evil we depend on.
  33. The issues of feminism in Arabic countries.
  34. Why is China that mighty today?
  35. What is love for me?

How to Generate Relevant Topics?

Although you already have a good list of strong topic ideas for a composition essay, these examples may not be enough to generate your own concepts. Accordingly, we would like to briefly clarify how to get great topic ideas to cover.

First of all, study the academic direction you write about. Your task is to identify the main trends. They are required to kindle the interest in potential readers to read your essay. Secondly, try to understand what issue will be the most interesting to cover. Be sure to take into account your wishes as well.

Thirdly, brainstorm the ideas. Choose one standpoint and write down all the concepts related to it. Thus, you will understand what exactly should be covered in your essay.

The success of writing essays also consists of other vital abilities. You are supposed to develop various academic skills to write great pieces.

Skills Value
Writing Help to write logical papers with the necessary sections – introduction, the main plot, and conclusion
Editing Check the flow, general readability, logical connections, word choice, and similar features
Proofreading Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, voice, and suchlike mistakes
Research Help to carry out an in-depth study of the topic to define what information is relevant to prove all theories
Time management Help to meet deadlines – short- and long-term. Help to optimize the process of writing, editing, and so on
Analytical Help to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data. Help to decide what facts can be used, when, where, and how
Outlining Optimize the process of writing, defines deadlines and tools to complete each section on time and correctly
Citing Help to insert citations according to the required writing style – MLA, APA, AA, Chicago, and others
Referencing Help to make a bibliography according to the required writing style – MLA, APA, AA, Chicago, and others

Define the Essay Type

If you want to select a good topic, you should be aware of its purpose. Each purpose may tell you what idea will be more suitable for it. As we have mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are various kinds of essays and each has a different purpose. It is vital to define them to understand how to write them correctly.

Essay type Description
Expository You should dig in the theme and afterward expose it to your readers in a clear form, and it requires strong analytical skills
Argumentative You should find a strong argument and convince your readers that it is correct with the help of convincing facts and examples
Descriptive It commonly requires using adjectives, similes, and metaphors to describe a certain scene, feeling, and so on
Narrative It is a non-fiction story about something, which is related to you, is important for you, or is about you

When you are aware of the purpose of each type, you will have no problems with choosing the right idea to cover.

Essay writing is always pretty complex, and even the selection of a topic may be a great puzzle for a student. If you feel you are stuck at this stage of writing, use our topic list. It offers brilliant composition essay ideas to suit the various demands of your readers.

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