Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for College Students

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Posted on March 23, 2022

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

College students have to deal with tons of essays. Every essay is specific after its own fashion, and it differs from the rest. You are to clarify its purpose first to be sure you know how to handle it. One of the most popular essays types is a compare and contrast essay. It is a comparative piece of writing, which is assigned in elementary, middle, or high school, as well as in college.

Its purpose is quite clear. You are to provide a comparison of two different or pretty similar things, objects, phenomena, etc. You can identify their differences and similarities by contrasting them to each other. This type is very interesting and most students like it. However, some of them may face the issue of choosing good topic ideas. They may not have enough food to chew on when they try to generate topics. One of the best ways to overcome this pretty typical issue is to look for various examples and prompts. The Internet is full of compare and contrast essay topics, and those lists are offered for free.

Thus, our informative guide also offers free and even funny compare and contrast topics. Thanks to them, it will be easy to define the most suitable idea for you. Make allowances for the next options:

  1. Communism vs. democracy: The main differences.
  2. McDonald’s and Burger King: What are the main differences and similarities of these two franchises?
  3. What sport is more popular and why: A comparison of ice hockey and basketball in the USA
  4. Summer vs. winter Olympic Games: Which ones are more captivating?
  5. Virtual vs. Augmented reality: Which technology is the future?
  6. Star Wars vs. Star Trek: Which is better?
  7. The Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter: What series to prefer?
  8. Inner beauty and outer beauty: Which one is more important?
  9. Computer and video games: Which ones are funnier?
  10. The main differences between traditional and distance learning.
  11. Chandler, Joey, and Ross: Which one of them is cooler?
  12. Pizza or pasta: What meal is better for you?
  13. Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley: Who is the real king?
  14. WW1 and WW2: The main similarities and differences.
  15. Renaissance and Barocco: The main differences.
  16. Difference between lust and love.
  17. Essay vs. Research Paper: What is more challenging?
  18. Students with and without part-time jobs: The main benefits and drawbacks.
  19. Differences between Islam and Christianity: What religion is better?
  20. Introverts vs. extroverts: which time feels safer and happier?

Choose any of these topic ideas. They perfectly suit a compare and constant essay because they focus on the problems that really matter. It will be interesting and easy to disclose them.

The Main Features of a Good Topic

To select a good essay topic, you need to understand what makes it good. We have provided many examples. Nonetheless, even the best example does not explain why it’s a worthy topic. A good topic should:

  • Be interesting;
  • Focus on a relevant issue;
  • Propose to resolve the issue;
  • Be meaningful;
  • Be helpful.
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“Every time you write an essay, come up with a good outline that highlights everything that must be done.”

Always ask yourself whether your topic has all these features. Study the current trends in the niche. Be sure you know what is currently interesting to potential audiences and focus on those themes.

Be sure to narrow it down. You should not cover a too broad topic because your essay has a strict word limit that cannot be exceeded. When you narrow the topic, you focus only on a specific issue. For example, you write about the usefulness of technology. It will take a lot of time and space to give heed to all spheres where it is used. It’s much better to focus on the usefulness of technology in education or any other sphere.

Tips on Writing an Essay

After we have clarified all the peculiarities about the topic selection, we should proceed to the writing stages. They are well-known to all students – introduction, main plot, and conclusion. Each stage has different tasks and aims. If you want to succeed, you have to fulfill them properly. Let’s briefly check them here below:

Writing Stages What Should Be Done?
Introduction Provide a hook and implement a thesis statement
Main Plot Develop the thesis statement and support it with convincing examples and explanations
Conclusion Sum up the entire essay, restate your thesis, provide the outcomes, and interpret them

Be sure you fulfill all the demands for each stage. Otherwise, you will be deprived of many vital grades.

Pro tip

We want to add a few helpful prompts from pro essay writers. They are as follows:

  • Always verify the credibility of the sources you use;
  • Make your structure logical and readable;
  • Submit your essay in the PDF format or in Doc;
  • Make sure one paragraph covers only one sub-thesis at a time.

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“Before you write an essay, read a good sample to know how it should be settled.”

Here is a list of related articles that may provide you with additional tips for successful essay writing:

Useful Resources

We also add a few resources, which will help to handle essay writing.

Visit them to get a better understanding of essay writing.

Summing Up

If you cannot generate relevant topics for your compare and contrast essay, do not worry. Our list and other similar ones will provide you with the necessary prompts and ideas. By using them, you will learn how to create your own relevant concepts. It will be the first step on your way to earning an A+ grade.

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