College Essay Topics: Stunning Ideas about Life in College

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Posted on February 19, 2009

College essays are the most crucial essays in a student’s life as they have a great effect on one’s future. Gaining seats in college is getting harder day-by-day as the number of applicants for a single seat are increasing. So, the only way to improve your chances to get into a college of your choice is by writing an outstanding personal essay as a part of the college application.

A college essay may be only 500 words long but can make a big difference in your entrance competition. An interesting college essay can change your rejection into acceptance. It all depends on how you write an essay as it will show your talent and help admission committee to differentiate you from other students.  A college essay provides additional information about the student which cannot be judged by regular tests, grades or extracurricular activities.

An interesting college essay must be appealing so that it draws reader’s attention and makes the writer an exceptional student. You can write an essay describing yourself or the activities you are interested in. The main thing which must be taken into consideration while writing your college essay is to keep on expressing how great, how genuine, how smart you are! You can also write about some incidents in your life which inspired you or which have motivated you to create your ambitions. The main point of your essay should be the originality and unique look of your essay, which increases the attractiveness. A college essay must be concise and realistic as it will make your essay more persuasive and appealing. Special attention must be given while choosing the topic. College essay topics are easy to find but your main aim should be to decorate it with your writing skills. On its completion it must be presented in such a way that it captures everybody’s attention. You can write about the plans you have after finishing your college. You can describe your genuine thoughts, future plans. You can express your goals in life, how they can serve others and make your dreams fulfilled. Similarly, you can write why you have chosen this profession or carrier, why this degree is important for you.

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Here is a list of the best college essay topics:

  1. Organizational Behavior
  2. Human Sexuality
  3. Psychology of Women
  4. Art Appreciation
  5. Information Technology in Business Management
  6. Applied Managerial Marketing
  7. Physiological Psychology
  8. Christian Theology
  9. Affirmative Action
  10. Hispanic American Diversity
  11. Children and Violence
  12. Taxation
  13. Restorative Justice
  14. Developing E-Commerce Solutions
  15. Capital Punishment
  16. Advanced General Psychology
  17. Breast Cancer
  18. ECON 201 Money and Banking
  19. Demonstrate Basic to Advanced Features of Spreadsheet Software
  20. Managerial Accounting and Organizational Controls
  21. Illegal Immigration
  22. Legal and Ethical Decision-Making
  23. Commercial Transactions and International Law
  24. Financial Management for Human Service Administrators
  25. The Importance of British Literature in Understanding Our World Today
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