Essay Sample of College Admission Project

Posted on October 4, 2011

College Admission Essay Example:

Various aspects are tasked with motivating an individual in the process of attaining the most important goals in life. A simple shift in perception is likely to complicate or simplify the journey and thus individuals must reconsider their decisions. My life probably follows the same direction given certain circumstances that characterize my life in the past, present, and the probable future. Apart from values like determination, resilience, and focus, my life is entirely centered on the end product that is usually manifested in terms of success. It comes from a great deal of survival tactics that eventually serve to satisfy an appetite. Operating within such precincts is therefore an issue of significant importance in my life and acts as the basis of judgment and expectation. In other words, everything I have ever achieved is generally embodied in procedural attributes that habitually conjured up some form of experience.

Previous encounters in my life probably place my merit in certain sections of the society depending on the authenticity and evident quality. Throughout my life I have always received considerable favor and acknowledgment from friends, teachers, parents, and other members of the society. It included leadership positions and being trusted with accountability in any given setting that I did feature. The aspect of favor, or generally featuring as the chosen one, has mostly been enhanced by the fact that I have intermingled with people from various societal, cultural, and racial backgrounds. However, that is not enough in building a character that is compatible with any atmosphere, since education plays a major role altogether. I give credit to education for shaping the route towards most of my achievements due to factors that are definitely evident. At this point, I certainly realize that in order to gain experience in whatever field one desires, the learning process must be taken into account. Basically every activity that is met with the eye and subsequently habituated by the mind can be referred to as a learning process.

In the process of exhibiting my inner abilities and passion, I managed to gain favor from my father when he entrusted me with taking care of his business. I have worked in my father’s store for as long as I can remember, and this certainly serves as the best indicator of the kind of person I am going to be in the future. I believe that all I need is additional education that will further improve on my abilities. Over the years I have realized that nothing works better than a learning process that is enhanced by practicality in any given field. Being able to manage my father’s store amidst considerable applause probably puts me in the best position to anticipate for any crucial goal I intend to achieve. Working at my father’s store therefore represents the best thing that ever happened to my personality in terms of creating essential habits that would easily put me in the desired position. Education and experience therefore serve as my partners in this journey and should not be disregarded whatsoever.

Having originated from Asia, I believe that my prior encounters and experiences would definitely strengthen my struggle. Additionally, I would also be placed in the best position to help the institution, the immediate community and probably the two countries involved in my upkeep. The possibility of interacting with students from all walks of life will also be instrumental in sharpening my abilities as a result of what I would learn from them. Due to all the above named aspects, qualities, and values, I can easily visualize a destiny that is full of satisfaction and success. A chance to study at your institution will definitely boost my chances of succeeding in my future endeavors. This is due to the diversity that is evident at your institution and the experience that I carry with myself. I would be pleased to materialize my dreams at your institution.

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