Collective Bargaining Article Review Sample

Posted on December 25, 2023


The article provides a study of the research on collective bargaining agreements and the impact of teachers’ union contracts on school financing, efficiency, and organization. It implies that although teachers’ unions and their collective bargaining agreements have a significant impact on school financing and productivity, they have almost no effect on student performance.

Implication of the Article

Borseth suggests that collective bargaining agreements negotiated between teachers’ unions and school districts have a significant effect on school funding and productivity. Therefore, with this information, Sheldon ISD should evaluate their collective bargaining agreements to ensure they align with the district’s goals. The region should also guarantee that educators comprehend the importance of the agreement and its roles in public education setup.

How I Might Use This Information

Using the article’s knowledge, I can assess the collective bargaining agreements reached between teachers’ unions and the school district. The contracts must improve student outcomes and be aligned with the district’s goals. Thus, an analysis of the collective bargaining agreements helps identify provisions that affect students or their performance and aid in the achievement of more effective strategies.

An Example of Collective Bargaining in My District

Megan Kennedy reveals that in 2019, the Sheldon Independent School District (ISD) school board approved a raise of at least 10 percent for all staff members, including teachers. The increase was accepted by the board unanimously and was scheduled to take effect in the school year 2019–2020. The fact that the raises were approved by school board suggests that the school district was able to effectively implement this collective bargaining.

Implication of Policy Violations

The potential for increased conflict and unrest between public employees and their employers is one consequence of policy violations involving collective bargaining in Texas. In Texas, it is against the law for public authorities to engage into collective bargaining agreements with labor unions that would affect the pay, working hours, or other circumstances of public workers’ employment (“GOVERNMENT CODE CHAPTER 617. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND STRIKES.”) Therefore, if a policy violation occurs and a public official violates the Government Code by entering into a collective bargaining contract, the contract is invalid. This scenario can lead to frustration among public employees who may have expected the benefits and protections of a collective bargaining agreement.

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