Codes of Conduct Analysis Sample

Posted on October 13, 2023

Paper Instructions

Academic level – Graduate
Type of paper – Analysis
Topic Title – Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct or Standards of Conduct are often utilized in companies and are often considered an element of an effective compliance program.

Are Codes of Conduct or Standards of Conduct currently utilized in your industry of choice? (Retail stores) If used, is it clearly communicated in your industry? What purpose does this document serve in your industry? Are there industry-specific considerations applicable to a Code of Conduct? If so, what are they? Explain your answer and provide resources in support.

Analysis Sample

Codes of Conduct and Standards of Conduct describe the rules and standards of each organization that operates in the industry. These guidelines are particularly important for the retail industry to provide the best customer service. The absence of a unified industry code of conduct allows companies to tailor their guidelines to customers’ specific demands.

Each retail business has its own Code of Conduct or Standards of Conduct, but they all share some fundamental values for the industry, such as treating their customers with respect, being honest, and providing the best services. Codes of Conduct and Standards of Conduct are easy to find in the retail industry because every business wants to show how they provide the best services. In accordance with Hultman and Elg (2018), Codes of Conduct represent an integral part of retail businesses, since organizations use them to communicate with their stakeholders. These guidelines usually reveal the core values of any company, such as ethical standards, relationships with customers and employees, legislation, sustainability, and safety. The retail industry depends on each business’s Code of Conduct to show customers what they value and want to achieve.

Retail businesses do not have unified industry considerations for their Code of Conduct, but they can tailor their content to suit their organization’s environment. For instance, Duty-Free has a particular Code for Duty-Free and Travel Retail because they care about responsible drinking. The document covers the usual points about laws and regulations but also focuses on selling alcohol and promoting responsible drinking (Duty-Free, 2022). This example shows how important the Code of Conduct is for retail businesses to help them provide the best services. Chun (2019) examined more than 100 codes of conduct from 500 companies and found that they had different focuses. Depending on the situation, some companies stress courage, empathy, or integrity. This way, they can meet their customers’ unique needs and expectations by adapting to their environments.

The retail industry greatly emphasizes Codes of Conduct and Standards of Conduct to demonstrate their values and goals to the clients. Each organization can establish its conduct guidelines following fundamental ethical and legal considerations. This approach promotes a more individualized approach to the clients and better customer service.


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