A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an A+ Business Studies Term Paper

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Posted on February 5, 2019

The business area of knowledge and competencies is necessary for everyone to become a valuable member of today’s community. For that reason, most students decide to take business courses. Currently enrolled in Business Studies? You will inevitably encounter the need to write a term paper.

By its nature and role in the field, you are expected to carry out an intensive research work within the business world that is quite complex for most students. Business Studies is a subject area with the aims and objectives like:

  • investigate various business companies;
  • analyze consumer behavior;
  • identify issues existing in the business world;
  • offer effective solutions, etc.

If you are unfamiliar with the difference between an excellent and just good term paper, consider reading this article to get business assignment help from our experts and to find out what your professor wants to see in an A+ term paper.

A Well-Chosen Business Topic Is Vital for Term Paper Writing

When it comes to conducting some valuable research on Business, you should know what to research so that it will have considerable success. Everyone probably wants to taste a piece of the success pie. Why not start trying it when an original and interesting topic on Business Studies is in your hand?

  • Business Decisions: The Skills of Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation;
  • Starbucks’ Effect in the World’s Consumer Culture: How to Make Fast-Moving Consumer Goods?;
  • Business Ethics Policies of Top World’s Companies: The Values Define Them;
  • Business Opportunities in a Variety of Industries Based on Consumer Surveys;
  • The History of Partnerships Between the Government and Private Companies;
  • Workplace Diversity in the Business World: Are Glass Ceiling and Sticky Floor Predictable Today?;
  • 10 Challenges of Managing Small and Large Businesses: An Effective Course of Action for Company Founders;
  • Consumer Behavior Changes Since the Beginning of Globalization;
  • Business Management Techniques: Their Theoretical and Practical Aspects, History of Implementation, Beneficial and Adverse Effects;
  • Business Leadership Concept: X Dynamics of Organizational Changes;
  • Business Environment: Internal and External Factors That Influence a Company’s Performance;
  • Business Career Credentials: The Evidence of Expertise;
  • Startups in the 21st Century: The Vision and Opportunities to Make a Business Successful;
  • The Power of Brands in the Modern Business: Its Effect on Consumers’ Minds;
  • Business Competitiveness Index: Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Aspects of Prosperity.

How to Choose a Business Research Topic: Few Business Studies Term Paper Tips from Our Writers

With a lot of business matters existing today, there is a variety of possible business research topics to explore on paper. That’s why choosing an appropriate term paper topic on Business Studies can be a really daunting task for many students. There are two roadmaps – you write on a business topic selected by your professor, or you deal with a business topic chosen on your own according to the following criteria:

  • The relevance of a research topic. It means that while you are working on a business term paper, all your efforts put in the writing process shouldn’t be in vain. Choose a topic so that your research work will have scientific, social or practical relevance. The ultimate purpose of any research on Business Studies is to fill gaps in the business area of knowledge and information. Besides, your research paper on Business is aimed at helping people to better understand the business world by answering some questions. So, make contributions to the business community and/or the business theory.
  • The feasibility of a research topic. When looking for a topic for your business term paper, you can face some research questions that have been comprehensively covered and those that cannot be reasonably answered. So, your business research topic should be quite manageable in the context of your term paper. The information source base (either published sources or digital archives) should allow you to investigate a business topic to the maximum. For example, if you want to uncover “Global Pay Scale” or “Business Life Cycle: Its Phases with Appropriate Financial Metrics”, you are probably not going to have much luck. Formulate your research question that is not too broad and not too narrow.
  • The originality of a research topic. For any research to meet high academic standards, all institutional regulations require from students to include only original and significant ideas/thoughts. In practice, while all research projects are checked at all levels for their originality by means of anti-plagiarism software, students don’t pay much attention to topics. Maybe, can some of them be discovered already? Yes, they can. Every year, millions of students graduate from colleges and universities. Be sure that your business topic hasn’t already been explored, for example, by your professor. Even if you intend to focus on the same topic, you can approach it with the help of the other research methods, techniques, and procedures, etc.

A Business Term Paper Structure That Is Universally Accepted

All the previous criteria for choosing a research-worthy topic are aimed at contributing to your business studies term paper only if you manage to reflect the research ideas throughout the well-written content. What makes the content of your term paper well-written? Adhere to a structure, ensure flawless grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

A term paper structure is comprised of a few sections that you need to review in detail before you start writing each of them.

Title Page

The look of a title page depends on the type of formatting you need to use, be it an APA, MLA, or Harvard. As a basic rule, your title page should include a title of your work itself, your name, a course (in your case it is Business Studies), the name of your professor. Sometimes, the date can be written on this page.

Table of Contents

For ease of reference, an academic paper contains a table of content as a plan. Your term paper also requires the outline of the content with the headings and subheadings- each of them stated with appropriate page numbers. The advice is to create this table at the end when the entire paper is well-prepared. Otherwise, you will be constantly changing page numbers and soon you will get confused. Don’t do the extra work during the writing process.


An abstract is a brief overview of the main points in your business studies term paper. Usually, this piece of writing takes half or more of a page. It is a part in which you need to reveal the scope and aim of your writing (for example, to analyze the business trends in a particular industry), the research methods you used to analyze or make an experiment, and your main findings and results. Generally speaking, you have to write the most crucial information on the whole work in several sentences according to the type of an abstract.

Find it difficult to say briefly about your term paper? You are highly recommended to look thoroughly at each written section after you finish. Highlight some essential points that would help readers to decide whether it suits their research interests. For that reason, a well-written abstract allows not to read the whole paper.


How to write a good term paper introduction? This is a crucial question for all good business studies term papers since this part is aimed at making the readers want to read the whole paper. It includes:

  • The background of your research study – what is known/done in the given field of study;
  • The general statement of the research question – what you are going to research;
  • The main purpose of your work – what you’re going to achieve;
  • The significance of a research topic – why you’re going to deal with a particular topic among a variety of topics and how your study can contribute to further researches;
  • The research methods used – what you’re going to use to accomplish the purpose;
  • The thesis statement – what is your main argument on a research issue;
  • The specific term definitions if needed.

Body: Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion

This is the most extended part of your term paper on Business Studies. Basically, the main organization of a term paper is concentrated on the body paragraphs – how they are linked in the whole flow of thoughts. So how to structure a term paper main body sections?

  • Literature review. It is a description, summary, and critical evaluation of all possible sources that are relevant to a particular issue being investigated in your term paper on Business Studies. The best solution to do a literature review is to interpret old materials in relation to new ones. However, as Business Studies is a relatively ‘young’ field of research and you may investigate some emerging issues, you’ better to evaluate the information sources and advise the reader on the most pertinent or relevant research in the field in question.
  • Methodology. This part describes the means of how the data of research is obtained and what methods are used to investigate a research problem. The number of research methods for Business Studies may be rather vast. Your instructor needs to see that you understand the application of methods. A practical guide on research methods in Business Studies can come in handy if you face some difficulties in this section. It is necessary to know how you need to use the particular ones properly.
  • Results. In this part, there is a report of the findings you manage to get during the research process. In case you have many results to share, it is better to present them in the form of tables, figures, graphs, etc. You shouldn’t provide the data beyond the research question not to confuse the readers. Leave it for your future research.
  • Discussion. Now, you need to explain your findings – their significance in the area of research. Can your findings fill existing gaps in the field? State in what way they can. It should an evidence-based interpretation of findings, but not a general description.


This part is designed to give a brief summary and evaluation of the whole term paper – whether the objectives of your research are met and why your research on Computer Science should worry the audience. Besides, you can include some recommendations you consider relevant for the further research.

Reference List

All the sources you use in your term paper must be cited on a separate page that is called either ‘Reference List’ (APA) or ‘Works Cited’ (MLA). Pay attention to the format in your paper instructions since the right reference list contributes greatly to the final mark. As a rule, it is shown at the end of a term paper and arranged in alphabetical order.

Revise Your Business Studies Term Paper Again and Again

As the author of your own term paper, it’s harder to spot any errors in it. Right? Moreover, some slightest mistakes can happen to really experienced authors. That’s why you shouldn’t skip such an important step as proofreading and editing. It can seem like a simple task to look through the text, but too much attention to detail and intense focus is required to fix all the possible errors in grammar or a format style.

For that reason, there are specialists who are competent in proofreading and editing academic works that require a lot of attention and skills – such people are called ‘editors’/‘proofreaders’. If you decide to proofread your business term paper on your own, it is better to do it like a pro:

  • Get rid of all possible distractions like smartphones or tablets;
  • Revise it on paper rather than on screen;
  • Read a paper aloud word by word backwards by using a pencil to point to every single word;
  • Check the accuracy (spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.);
  • Verify the numerical data, names used in a term paper.

Obviously, if you sit still without applying this business studies term paper guide in practice, your Business Studies course won’t be completed successfully as too much are put on term paper writing. After you read all this information on how to write an A+ business term paper, be 100% sure that you’re closer to the purpose to achieve the great results in writing. Never give up!

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