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Posted on February 4, 2019

Business matters is a central pillar of today’s globalized society – a person has to solve various issues and make decisions. With the economic progress, the importance of knowledge on Business has become much more crucial in relation to the past era. This is a digital era, and the presence of top 10 richest companies in the world in 2018 means that people are interested in studying Business from all angles. Business Studies is a subject that involves knowledge from different fields like Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, and Law.

Sounds difficult to get a grasp on all these aspects in a written form? This article is designed to improve your Business Studies essay writing skills immensely. In what way? You just read all the information given here, then you’ll know all ins and outs of Business Studies essay writing.

The List of 10 Business Topics from Our Business Studies Experts

To be excellent in essay writing on Business, you should be aware of topics that will guarantee you success. How to choose effective business topics? It’s a child’s play. What does every child choose to play with?

  • Anything that interests you. Within Business Studies, there is a variety of topics you can write an essay on. Find anything that is interesting to you personally. Even if you are more interested in a topic than the others (for example, your professor), it isn’t the worst way of starting to protect your interests as a potential researcher. Moreover, you will be able to reveal your own potential more if a topic is an area of your interest than you’ll try to work on a particular topic chosen by your instructor’s restriction.
  • Anything that leads to significant discoveries. If your efforts to write a good business essay don’t pay any dividends, will you be totally satisfied? Moreover, neither you or your educator wouldn’t be glad to achieve the common results that got by someone from another university previously. You should explore a business topic that will cross new boundaries in the area. Going to work on the topic, ‘The Amount of Apple’s Business: Its Long-Term or Short-Term Evaluation’? Think twice whether you will be able to open new findings as the most are written about the success of this really outstanding company.
  • Anything that is insightful. As every researcher needs to establish himself/herself as a scientist of great insight and creativity, you should stick to the same strategy – give insight into your Business topic area on a full scale. Show in your Business essay writing that you understand a topic is really like. For that reason, you need to distinguish between broad and narrow essay topics. Compare the following topics: ‘Business in the 21st Century’ and ‘The Features of Business Development in the 21st Century: Its Weaknesses at Every Stage’. Find a general topic? So, don’t forget to include the information that will make your essay topic more specific and provide you with a clue of what and how to write.

For a field like business, the following 10 essay topics correspond to the criteria and even more. Just look at them, and choose anything new, interesting and educational for yourself.

  • The Value on Leadership or Other Qualitative Aspects of a Business Company;
  • 10 Remedies for the Breach of Contract: How Are They Effective for Business Today;
  • Global Economic Activities: Their Impact on Running a Small and Large Business Company;
  • Top 12 Business Models Existing Today: The Perspectives of Their Further Usage;
  • 7 Individual’s Actions Applied to Business Ethics and Unethical Business Practices;
  • Business Policy Makers: Who Works in the Field of Business Management and Entrepreneurship;
  • Strategic Decisions in a Fast-Growing and Networked World: Determinants and Effects;
  • What Should Every Entrepreneur Know about a Startup Algorithm?;
  • The Sources of Motivation Among Business Workers: Material Support or Words of Encouragement;
  • The Nature of Business Competition: What Makes Customers Decide?

The Detailed Business Essay Writing Guide Based on the ‘Empire-Building’

Dealing with Business Studies, you can’t go without such a concept as ‘empire-building’. According to Investopedia, it is an attempt to increase the individual’s or corporation’s power and influence. Let’s imagine you are an ‘empire builder’ of your business essay – you’ll intend to grow your business essay’s power.

What should you do in such a responsible role? Firstly, you’d better divide the whole writing process into segments – pre-writing, writing, and post-writing. Secondly, you should take into consideration all our business studies essay tips at each writing stage. Thirdly, you can make practice your essay writing by trying to write as many essays as possible according to business essays written by our professionals.

3 Pre-Writing Tips

Being at the prewriting stage, you come up with some ideas for an essay before you begin writing. You will find it easier to write a business studies essay if you:

  1. Brainstorm. This word literally contains 2 words – ‘brain’ and ‘storm’. It means that you need to cause a storm for your brain. Get all your thoughts and ideas out of your head. Sometimes, you can be at loss of giving fresh ideas. Therefore, it is no shame if you address someone’s works to develop your own brilliant ideas by adding a few details.
  2. Freewrite. Now, it’s time to get all your thoughts out on paper in full. Freewriting is similar to brainstorming, but you expand all the points with the help of new details. Writing complete sentences doesn’t mean to pay too much attention to grammar, punctuation, and the like – everything that can distract your concentration should be far from your mind while freewriting.
  3. Use mind mapping. There is such a useful technique for extremely visual learners. According to the Forbes’ article, there are some variations in the speed and manner of how people learn new information. But we all obtain more information through our eyes than in any other way. A mind mapping diagram has a central word in a circle, with all associated words around.

4 Writing Tips for Business Studies Essay

Now that you have chosen a business topic and gathered the essay ideas, you must start writing it. Keep in mind that college/university essays are more formulaic than you might think. In fact, it can be as simple as twice two makes four only if you follow all our tips.

  1. Create a thesis statement. What is the point of your business essay? Look at your outline or diagram and answer this question. Include a topic and point of an essay in a thesis statement. For example, if you were writing about the leadership styles and their impact on business performance, an appropriate thesis statement would be, “The leadership styles affect the business performance either positively or negatively according to the individual strategic vision.”
  2. Write a body of an essay. The main part of your essay is aimed at analyzing, arguing, explaining or describing your topic depending on the type of essay you write.
  3. Develop an introduction. When the thesis and body of your essay are written, it is much easier to write an introduction as you need to show the focus of the whole essay in several sentences. Write the information that ties in with your thesis statement, which will be included as the last sentence of your introduction.
  4. Conclude your essay logically. Eventually, you’ve come to the closure of your essay topic. Sum up the ideas mentioned in the business essay in 4-5 strong sentences without presenting any new information. In this way, you are supposed to reinforce your thesis statement with the help of essential conclusions.

2 Post-Writing Tips

  1. Polish your written essay. Remember that good essay writing does not happen by accident. Even if you are an experienced author of many pieces of writing, you are recommended to look through your business essay again and again. You should be 100% sure that it is worth to be submitted. What to pay attention to?
  2. Fix a format of essay writing. In your initial essay instructions, every educator states in what format is required to write – APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. Your task is to edit your business essay by taking into consideration some stylistic peculiarities. The differences start appearing at the beginning when you need to deal with a title page, then a bibliography page and so on. Moreover, the correct citing sources of information in the body of your essay is a very important aspect of academic writing. Therefore, you defend yourself against allegations of plagiarism. Besides, there are some academic formatting conventions so that every reader can identify the materials that lead to some particular conclusions.

If you find this article useful for your own business essay writing, our professional team is glad. If you feel uncertain about some points, it will be better to apply our business essay writing service. Our skilled writers will be happy to help you.

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