How to Write a Composition Essay in Business Studies: Profound Analysis and Goals

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Posted on October 5, 2020

A composition is commonly referred to any writing piece such as novel, poem, verse, or free paper. Accordingly, there are requirements for the composition of any of them. For instance, a student before writing a verse should know its stylistic characteristics, prosody, and rhyme rules. If there is an assigned task to write anything related to one subject, here comes another requirement, it should not be mistaken with other types of papers such as analysis or compare and contrast ones. So, depending on your professor’s instructions, you are free to express your opinion and thoughts about the selected topic.

Nowadays, a composition essay is mainly aimed to check students’ knowledge about the subject or class or evaluate one’s writing abilities in terms of bias. At the same time, it is a good exercise to learn how to persuade people or draw their attention concerning one problem, event or object. Luckily, there are no difficulties regarding the structure or composition itself, so feel free to impress a reader with your unique touch to the actual topic.

Business Studies is a common subject in many schools, colleges, and universities. It was not introduced to educational establishments to raise future businessmen but teach students financial literacy, economics, marketing, and other related fields. Only when enrolling to university, a student can choose the direction either to improve business thinking that will come in handy for future occupation or to become an independent entrepreneur. Accordingly, if one is assigned with a composition essay, professors expect a student to choose a hard-manageable topic and research it inside out.

If you go for marketing, speak of unusual marketing ploys. If financial literacy, find out how money can be invested in 2020 to improve the world for better, and so on. The main task is to avoid banal topics because most probably, other students will opt for such areas of interest. For example, common choices are What is Business?, How to Become a Businessman?. First off, they are too boring. Secondly, a curator may double-check one’s work a few times because there are many ready-to-use samples that students like to copy and submit as their works.

Note, today many plagiarism detection tools can even spot rewrite techniques. So, do not give in the possibility to try writing a composition essay without any help. This guide will explain every step.

How to Write a Composition Essay in Business Studies: A Stellar Topic

It is pretty common in educational establishments to provide students with a syllabus where some topics are listed to pick up. However, if you feel they cannot elicit your potential or creativity, find your topic and negotiate it with a curator.

One should bring examples of the selected topics on his own, and be ready to explain why they are worth writing about. Some students decide to choose the path of the least resistance and go for popular samples found online. Such intentions will be banned. Make sure, your choice will correspond to the Business Studies, and it won’t touch the related fields. Most important, find a hard-manageable topic that will require prompt attention because curators appreciate such efforts and will take them into considerations when evaluating an essay.

For your convenience, find examples of topics that might be of interest to you. Most of them are widely researched in the academical society and it means that you will not find it hard to seek materials for research.

  • Why Start-Up Ideas Do Not Yield Fruits?
  • Telemarketing: Why Is It No More a Source of Trust?
  • Copyright in Business;
  • Mcdonalds and Starbucks: Two Empires That Conquered the Love of Youngsters;
  • Undocumented Employees: Are They More in Demand?
  • Corporate Culture Rules;
  • Amazon and eBay: The Examples of Successful Business;
  • Business Lifecycle;
  • Taxes and Undercover Companies;
  • Strategic Planning or Spontaneity;
  • Why Advertising Is Important for One’s Business?
  • No Sleep Is a Passport to Success?
  • Risk Management in Companies;
  • Strikes: How to Meet the Expectations of Every Worker?
  • Business as a Waste of Time.

Besides, you can take any other local or international company that makes billions and is trusted within clients. The main idea is to reveal its relevance in terms of business studies. Do not describe only the history but find its contribution to society.

Where to Find Inspiration for a Composition Essay in Business Studies?

The pickiest writers or students spend much time overthinking about the best topic to compete with others. Nevertheless, they waste their time and regularly come up with a rubbish theme. From where can you derive inspiration?

  • News. Yes, it is too obvious but today’s world has so many things going on, especially in Business. Take a look at the last projects of Elon Musk, how Mark Zuckerberg donates billion dollars to charity, how many there are startups regarding environmental care or medicine. Overview of the latest trends.
  • TED platform. This platform is a gold depository. There are thousands of speeches from famous and reliable businessmen who share their tactics, tips, and actual concerns regarding the business itself.
  • YouTube. Probably, you sit there just to check funny videos or vlogs. No problem, but have you ever come across the videos related to the business reviews? There are many, and they all deal with inside out observations of features. Otherwise, there are for sure materials for studying Business, where students explain how they deal with writing essays in this subject, and what are their methods to succeed in it.
  • Social networks. Even Instagram may display sometimes irrelevant ads that primarily seem annoying but after you got hooked on them. Why do not you write about online advertising rules in business?
  • Your environment. Probably, many friends of yours started earning money or even running a business. Research them, why not?

All in all, it is possible to say that basically everything can yield the fruits now, and everything can be considered some kind of business. Just observe the world around you, and the topic will find you.

Structural Requirements on How to Write a Composition Essay in Business Studies

Before starting writing, it is always worth dedicating some qualitative time for an outline. In fact, this helper is aimed to sketch approximate ideas about the selected topic and write down features that will be discussed in the main body. Keep in mind, there is no need to sit overthinking. An outline works by gathering anything coming into one’s mind. Only after, one can filter them and select the relevant ideas.

Academic Rules:

  • If there is no word count specified, rely on 500-800 words;
  • One inch margins;
  • Times New Roman, 12 point font.

And, please no color text or pictures attached to your paper. A composition essay is an academic assignment only not a project. The same concerns italic type that should be avoided unless a curator allows to use it.

● Introduction

It should be a good looking one paragraph. If an essay is 800 words, make an introduction with 100-150. This part is the most crucial when writing because a reader just by glancing at it may decide either to read or not. Luckily, professors will acknowledge one’s work anyway but do not make it too boring. Usually, a writer specifies the issue and describes how it will be dealt with. Sometimes, if the length allows, you can mention previous studies on this topic, if there are.

A thesis is another part found in the introduction. It is one to two sentences that grab a reader’s attention the most. A student can do it with a rhetorical question or anecdote if only a professor gives his permission for such creativity. Moreover, you can work on your hook. For example:

‘Starbucks daily makes people exceed the recommended dosage of caffeine, and McDonald’s helps us to gain weight. I know why you will never stop visiting them. And, why you will never launch such a business.’

You provoked a reader to hesitate his ability to be successful in business as these two companies. It is a good start but do not disappoint the reader with your main body.

● Main Body

Nothing special with this part, so feel free to speak from the bottom of your academic heart. Usually, the main body consists of 5 subparagraphs that each is dedicated to one matter. For example, the beginning will outline the topic as a phenomenon one wants to speak about, history, impact. The middle of the composition will mention the main ideas, research, your explanation to the issue, and contribution to global interest. And, the end is, to sum up, the results of what you have come up with.

Some tips for this stage:

  1. Make sure all the sentences and ideas are complete. A reader wants to know the results of the research or composition only not your doubts about one or another matter. If you write about Starbucks as a phenomenon, provide a professor with the evidence why it is so popular and why it should be considered as a motivation for future graduates;
  2. Do not make sentences too long. 10 words are more than enough. Otherwise, readability spoils and it is hard to finish reading without being lost;
  3. Use linking words. Moreover, Besides, To my mind, In my opinion. There should be a diversity of them, not one word that is repeated in different paragraphs;
  4. Ask questions. Engage with a reader, make him think about your ideas;
  5. Do not lie. Students tend to make artificial statements to impress the audience or they generate random dates or names. Note, a professor is not a lazybones who will not check such information on validity. So, if you mention anything, make sure it is true.

Then, reread the paragraphs and evaluate the completeness of a composition essay. Maybe, you will find something to add. If no, let’s move to the conclusion that won’t take much time as well.

● Conclusion

Never add new or irrelevant information to the conclusion. Do not make it too long, the same as an introduction, 100-150 words will be more enough. And, of course, even here do not forget about linking words such as To Sum Up, In Conclusion, Finally, At Last, But Not Least, etc.

How to Write a Composition Essay in Business Studies: One for the Road Tips

Hopefully, students are now ready to submit their papers to professors. But, here is a list of the final tips to make a composition essay look candy.

  • Proofread. Use online editors that will easily spot the mistakes or underline the unreadable sentences;
  • Check slang. Even if a professor makes advances with such manifestations of creativity, do not use swear words or slang that cannot be easily understood. Keep in mind, particular phrases are known only in one’s community or group of friends. So, do not make a professor struggle with interpretation;
  • Forget about being biased. No one is interested in your opinion if you cannot attach supporting evidence or facts. If you support strategic planning, explain why, and provide details on how it contributes to the business. If no, provide the explanation to a reader, otherwise, he will consider such statements too judgy;
  • Ask graduates for help. They know how to succeed in writing such papers, so they may share their mistakes or tips with you to get an A grade. Otherwise, go for online social network groups where students from around the world discuss the requirements of a composition essay;
  • Check with plagiarism. It is common practice when a student writes a paper from scratch without copying any materials, and a plagiarism checker finds some borrowings. It happens due to the presence of keywords. Try to substitute them;
  • Find examples of composition essays online. It will help to confirm you did it right.

Finally, if you still can meet the deadline, and have some time in stock, leave your work for some time apart. Your mind and brain should be restarted. After taking a nap or walking, you can come back reading it and spotting new mistakes that before were unnoticeable.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and forget about mistakes and failure.


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