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Posted on July 9, 2013

In today’s modern world, people seem to be always on the move engaging themselves in different activities. It is interesting how people are capable of doing the many activities in an easy and coordinated way, thanks to the modern navigation tools like cars. The fact that humans seem to move most of their time covering a considerable number of miles in just a few hours, a situation that was impossible some centuries back, safety during this movement is essential. This is because movement from one place to another makes a considerable part of today’s people.

1. The Mission and Vision

Maka GPS Technologies Pte Ltd saw the need for the removal of driving barriers by introducing a range of quality navigation products to cushion modern transport, logistics and output efficiency. The company’s dedication to quality, high innovation and reputable products in the market serves as the basis for the organization of the company becoming competitive standing out as the preferred brand, Morbella. The high demand for the products and experience the company’s employees got from Singapore are the driving forces behind the need to expand the market coverage to other places like Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia among many others.

2. Core values

Maka GPS Technologies is a telecommunication and e-commerce solution provider with its establishment first launched in Taiwan in the year 1998. However, it extended its wings to Singapore in 2006 and later to Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur by establishing distribution offices in the areas in an effort to extend the services to customers worldwide. The company has thus developed into a leading navigation company that provides a considerable range of services. Some of the services are wholesale distribution of personal navigation devices and Bluetooth GPS receivers, GPS solution consultancy and integration services and corporate fleet management tracking. This shows that the company targets those people with navigation problems and those with safety issues as they go about the first paced world. The identified markets include Malaysia, Indonesia and China just to mention a few, and the company seeks to its brand as it works out solutions for their daily activities. The company has an excellent human resource, and quality control teams that will ensure the expansion is effective. The company seeks to orient the staff on the mission statement on the first day of their work. This orientation will ensure that they exercise the mission from the first day and on their daily bases so that they grow and live the mission statement.

With products like Marbella, Qstar, Holux and HaiCom, Maka GPS Technologies hopes to deliver an enriching navigation experience across the group, which consists of five subsidiaries. This is through integration where the subsidiaries will work together to build a leading brand of the channel products in the market. At the same time, the company seeks to support the populace through the provision of leadership, embrace, and accumulation of knowledge for training and research. This is in addition to making deliveries, ensuring a competitive advantage and work closely with the community. This will ensure that the company creates a brand that speaks volumes about not only the product, but also the company. This follows the revelation that a journey has many elements, and for Marbella, the company wishes to produce a brand that amplifies the staff’s ability to deal with all the troubles concerning navigation.

The company wishes to capitalize on the variety of brands it has to offer customers quality full package services, and this is to ensure that they have no other option but Marbella Car Navigator and Marbella roadcorder, which have many uses in one. This will be an added advantage for the business, and this is because it will be capable of fighting off competition from companies who can only manage a tapered array of the goods and services. Moreover, the organization of the business and the maximization of product support and timely adoption of product differentiation strategies set the business at par well ahead of its competitors.

3. Maka GPS Technologies Challenges

The corporation has a team of skilled employees who have made it their priority to innovate, and produce quality products that can fit today’s world. However, the company is not well there, and this is where it wishes to be, to reach a point where the brand speaks for not only the product but also the company and employees of the company in good light. It is clear that, for any brand to be successful in the market, there has to be a concept behind the brand, its development and management and how it performs according to the target set (Singapore prestige brand award 16). It seems that the change of the logo to Morbella has attracted a lot to be desired from the public, but the company is still at low to live it. As the only GPS that’brings you around the world’, the company seeks to substantiate the claims and make more cost effective than other brands, which are foreign and not customer based. Given the significance of a brand to any given company, a lot has to be done on the brand that will ensure that they tip the scales in the consumer decision (Singapore prestige brand award 6). Maka GPS Technologies has the potential to ensure a quality product differentiation by a factor of hundreds of percentages, and this is only if they can determine what has made the once productive employees sail to the deep end.

4. Profiles solutions

To achieve the targets of branding, the company has decided on a couple of things that could ensure the success. First of all, there should be an orientation of workers on the first day on the mission statement. This will ensure that everybody in the company works towards the solution. This is in addition to building a strong, relationship with the press and the marketing system so that there is the maximization of above the line and below the line marketing collaterals. All these efforts will be to ensure that the company achieves its marketing objective within the assigned budget. The company has also started investing in public relations, and this is where it offers to sponsor a considerable number of car related events with social media utilized as the interactive platform. The company is up to task to ease the acquisition of Morbella, and this is where there is provision of lifetime map updater support where a person can exchange within the warranty period at no extra cost.

5. Benefits of the solution

With the solutions in place, there will be an exceptional return on investment and improved productivity. This is because it will reduce rising costs and labor crunch that seems to be a challenging hurdle to tackle. A premium brand name for any company’s products will always attract good workers and talent which then translate into a competitive advantage for the company (Singapore prestige brand award 7). This is because any successful brand name projects an image of quality and value, and this will keep customers coming back for any other of the company’s products thus bringing profit to the company. It is notable that the establishment of such a brand requires passion, creativity, courage and conviction, therefore, a massive overhaul of the entire employee team are preferable. This is in addition to keeping the competent, ones as well as adopting new talented employees. This will require competent brand building, which may involve extra marketing activities ghat will be localized, and at the same time be collateral to ensure the marketing and promotion delivers a maximum branding value to the local consumers. This includes the magnitude of his contribution to the company, and what can be done to determine the targets for the entire team. At the moment, things are looking up for the company, and this is because the company has delivered some of the promises it made and still sees growth in the local market share combined with a convincing sales result. The company hopes that the customer will continue having the sense of value to their brand and with the image of quality the brand projects, the company is headed for great success.

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