Essay Sample on Business Ethics Program

Posted on November 1, 2011

Business Ethics essay:

The world is in the age of innovations, with an exponential free market growth in a world economy. Never than before, more and more people and countries are getting interwoven through technology, spreading freedom and democratic ideals, to enhance free markets; to protect personal property rights; and at the same time encouraging respect for human rights, conserving the environment and the respect for human rights.

Electronic businesses in the modern society are expected to adhere to standards of responsible business practices that are more than what has been in place traditionally. The need to maximize profits in virtual business where the traditional buyer-seller direct interaction is lost is in no way a license to go against society norms, standards, values and respect, quality and integrity.

Electronic business must set up ethics program that should be controlled by the host nation. A business ethics program should therefore not set up either its workers or its enterprise for failure. Rather a business ethics program, strives to put the correct people in correct position is an e-business enterprise to foster and address stakeholders expectations.

Ethical considerations in e-business will cut costs drastically. By empowering employees with clear working guidelines in their day to day business compliance with ethics and laws through using a well-defined business ethical program, restores the confidence of the business to its customers. A business ethics program provides means to detect and avoid any form of violation of ethics and law. It also provided employees with profound guidelines to run and manage such businesses.

A business ethics program enhances an e-business enterprise reputation for integrity. By giving employees and remote workers in e-commerce enterprise adequate guidelines, ensures that the business carries out responsible business. Such businesses that have integrity reputation and a physical location are therefore likely to survive in these competitive markets.

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